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First, I am embarrassed that I nearly missed another Waste Of Time, as I like to call UN Climate Conferences (Hey, where has YOUR mayor been lately?) and this one is in one of my favorite places I pray Jesus will allow me to go to:  Warsaw, Poland.  (I’d start first with the Ronald Reagan monument and then move to anything related to another boyhood hero of mine, Madame Curie [I told you I was a strange kid] park and statue and museum, this monument to those who died under communism, and Marshal Pilsudski (who may have saved the West from Soviet dominion in 1920) and Copernicus and maybe Pope John Paul II, well you get the idea!)

I thought I might have a real story:  Mass walkout from the Waste of Time!  But it was all fake.  It’s the United States that should walk out of UN climate conferences.  And of course you guessed it ICLEI is there, unconstitutionally conducting foreign policy for 450 US cities:

“National governments alone cannot tackle all corners of climate action, that’s why cities offer their ambitions, capacities and achievements as governmental stakeholders which should be tapped in the new climate regime. We can guarantee to deliver concrete actions as part of the global deal in Paris 2015. Warsaw is the place kick start this vision, thanks to the support from the Parties, the Polish Presidency, the UNFCCC Secretariat and the City of Warsaw ,” remarked ICLEI Secretary General Gino Van Begin.

At the upcoming UN Warsaw Climate Conference, cities will be at the heart of the negotiations, rather than at the periphery – a direct and positive response of the global climate community to years of advocacy where ICLEI played a pioneering role.

Your taxpayers’ money at work!  (I was amused by this name:  Official Side Event.  One of ICLEI’s “contributions” to the Waste of Time is called ICLEI UNFCCC Official Side Event.  I can’t make this up!  If a mayor gets caught with a pretty Polish girl at the Waste of Time he can tell his spouse it was an Official Side Event!)

As much as I would like to ignore the Waste of Time; however, with the present administration, ignorance can be dangerous.  For the Waste of Time could hit you in the wallet!

I guess Reason’s blog is as good a place as any to start.  It’s outrageous:

So what would “success” look like to Appadurai and other climate change activists here at the Warsaw conference? First, the rich countries would have to admit their historical responsibility for damaging the climate and commit to cutting their greenhouse emissions by 40 percent below what they emitted in 1990.

But private money is verboten:

The poor countries are also adamant that the billions “mobilized” by rich countries should not come from the private sector: that’s just way too uncertain. Poor country governments will accept only public funds in the form of grants.

And the funds are substantial:  100 (or is it 170) billion with a B dollars!

Second, it is not enough that the rich countries promised in 2009 at the Copenhagen climate change conference to “mobilize” $100 billion per year in climate change funding for poor countries beginning in 2020. Meena Raman, another representative of the Third World Network, cited the demands from the Like-Minded Developing Countries for $70 billion in climate change funding by 2015.

Here’s is the typical, expected Obama administration position:

The rich countries led by U.S. climate negotiator Todd Stern would count the conference a “success” if it achieved two things. First, negotiators would establish uniform greenhouse gas mitigation performance standards that could be compared directly across all countries. Second, the conference would adopt a timetable in which each country is expected to make its initial mitigation pledges public and available for criticism, preferably by late 2014 or early 2015. The rich countries also do not want to create a new loss and damage bureaucracy, but have those issues handled under the already existing adaptation provisions of the UNFCCC.

Climate conferences would be a lot more exciting if we had a constitutionalist President!  We could simply say NOT ONE DIME for so-called “loss and damage” from unproven science.  These climate conferences are actually in part an attempt to rob the rich nations to line the pockets of poor nations.  (Yes, they also are a way to diminish national sovereignty, too!)

Hence that is what I propose:  the NOT ONE DIME campaign.  Not one dime of taxpayer’s money for so-called climate damages.  We once nearly went to war (with France) over the XYZ Affair and our slogan was “Millions for defense and not one cent for tribute!”  I also know who to do it:  Senator Ted Cruz.  He understands sovereignty (here’s my endorsement of Cruz largely on sovereignty related grounds) and is not afraid of the globalist elites.

So I encourage Senator Cruz to introduce a bill to say:  No money for alleged climate change damages.  Maybe by 2020, President Cruz or Paul will be in office and he can do what Russia is doing right now:  Say NO to the UN meddlers!

We have no plans to participate in the process”, Sergey Ivanov, the head of the Russian Presidential administration told journalists in St. Petersburg on Saturday. According to a 1982 convention Russia can ignore the findings of the Tribunal on the Law for the Sea if it concerns Russia’s sovereign rights and jurisdiction.


Ivanov reaffirmed Russia’s dismissal of the ruling adding that the “question will be solved in a judicial, not political manner, [and] based on Russian legislation, not someone’s political wishes.”

I have an easier way to say it but it would neither be kind nor holy…

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