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There is a Big News Story Coming out of the 97th District! Del. Chris Peace has not One but TWO Challengers! First Contested Race since 2005!

With all the getting out of my lane in various primaries and my daughter’s graduation, I had not been a very good blogger lately.  But there is a story BIGGER than the woman on the ten dollar bill story (which I plan to cover today as well:  Hint:  Wrong bill but right idea.) there are TWO independent challengers seeking the seat held by incumbent Christopher K. Peace.

Nathan R. Cox and Erica M. Lawler are actually running in the 97th as independents.  Yes, TWO challengers to Delegate Peace!  First time since 2005 that Peace has been contested.

From the Virginia Board of Elections:

Office Jurisdiction Ballot Name Party Web Site
Member House of Delegates – 097 097 Nathan R. Cox Independent
Member House of Delegates – 097 097 Erica M. Lawler Independent
Member House of Delegates – 097 097 Christopher K. Peace Republican

Should be very interesting.

I do not know Erica Lawler.  I do know Nathan Cox, although not well.  Cox was for Ron Paul (Can’t be all bad then!) in 2012 and maybe 2008.

In the interest of disclosure, I plan to help Del. Peace.  But I plan to cover this race with great interest and as impartial as I can.  It is good for the electoral system for there to be opposition (even if sometimes it is nice to see no opponent for a cycle or two for a candidate you like) and I hope these campaigns (including Delegate Peace) will bring forth new ideas and engage the electorate.  Have at it!

About Elwood Sanders

Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

14 Responses to “There is a Big News Story Coming out of the 97th District! Del. Chris Peace has not One but TWO Challengers! First Contested Race since 2005!”

  1. Janine Woods

    Wow! That IS big news!

  2. Bob S. says:

    Once Again Sandy-

    Without knowing any of the other candidates- your own admission- you are going to endorse Chris Peace?

    When will you learn? Did your endorsement of Bill Janis for the 12th State Senate primary – his record and his Ray Allen smear campaign- teach you nothing?

    Without investigating the platforms of the three challengers, you ENDORSED Janis because of a John Fredericks radio interview.

    Stay in your lane, once again Sandy. Good grief.


    Ditto Bob S.

    Count me & my Liberty lovers IN for Mr. NATHAN COX!

  4. Jordan W. says:

    Mr. Sanders:

    One reason Delegate Peace has challengers is that the Biggest Conflict of Interest in Hanover County is his wife Ashley Peace serving as Cold Harbor Planning Commissioner for Hanover County- voting on rezoning issues for his wealthy developer donors.

    People in Hanover County are sick and tired of the Hanover Mafia and the developers who run this county.

  5. Jordan W. says:

    Well that should get his attention- the man who wants to be a judge and is sucking up to his Delegate who unfortunately in Virginia appoints the judges.

    Sandy – your moral compass is tilting as a result of your desire to be a judge.

    Eddie Whitlock wants to be a judge and got in the state senate race as a spoiler for HIS DELEGATE BILL JANIS. The plan was for Whitlock to peel off just enough votes in a 3 way race to insure Janis would win the senate seat. Eddie would get his judgeship for being such a good establishment GOP Soldier. They never saw Dunnavant, her lobby money, and Stosch’s endorsement coming. The rest is history.

    Don’t be a suck up to Chris Peace- you used to be above that.

  6. Sydney Moser says:

    One reason Delegate Peace has challengers? Ha Ha—-Let me count the ways.

    He sat in a cubicle at McGuire Woods Consulting for years as an Unregistered Lobbyist. He was the treasurer of the Smithfield Food Pac- one of the largest polluters in Virginia, along with Tyson Chicken and Rock Tenn Paper.

    Now Synagro- the lobbyist for the Polluters- is filing to apply Smithfield Food’s sludge on over 700 acres along the South Anna River on forested land in South Anna in Hanover County. That industrial Sludge is NOT BIOSOLIDS- it is waste laden with toxic heavy metals like mercury.

    Delegate Peace was AWOL in the General Assembly when he had the chance to man up and fight sludge application earlier this year.

    That’s why he has a challenger.

  7. Mr. and Mrs. Green Jeans says:

    Well where is Mr. Wayne Hazzard on this issue of applying sludge to hundreds of acres of land on the South Anna River in his district? Another absentee land owner who wants to make a buck and screw the people who care about the water quality of the South Anna River.

    Where is the Republican Board of Supervisors with their County Attorney- a Democrat- Sterling Rives?
    Mr. Rives is the highest paid employee in Hanover County coming in at a whopping $250,000 plus salary a year- HE NEEDS TO STEP UP AND SUE DEQ TO STOP THIS SLUDGE.

    Mr. and Mrs. Green Jeans
    Old Church, Virginia

  8. Victoria Luck says:

    Sandy, what say you?


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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