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I wrote in my last blog about ICLEI, the UN agency that recruits cities to join its globalist and “global warming” agenda.  I cited Richmond, Alexandria and Abingdon as cities that have joined this agency.  My review of the revised list (from the ICLEI web site) is alarming:


This is outrageous; I recommend that Attorney General Cuccinelli immediately review this organization to determine if this is constitutional for Virginia cities and counties to join it.  it is also a waste of taxpayer dollars.  Let’s reprise my old blog as appropriate to show how pernicious this is:

There is indeed an effort by a United Nations agency (ICLEI, the former acronym for International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives now called ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability) that does involve the implementation of several environmental treaties by city governments.

Here are their goals from their own web site:

The pace of global environmental change, the degradation of ecosystem services globally and the overshoot of the human footprint on Earth require an acceleration of local efforts.

Not satisfied with this global warming nonsense?  Try this:

The UN is an enemy of personal freedom and for global government.  ICLEI also violates the US Constitution; cities cannot have a foreign policy or enter into treaties or alliances to “connect” with international bodies and to act as a fifth column within nations to accomplish UN foreign policy goals.  The text of the Constitution is clear:

“No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation…”  [Article 1, Section 10]

Still not convinced this is serious?  By the way, don’t take my word for it – try this incriminating item from ICLEI’s web site!

More than 1118 local governments and their associations, representing over 300 million people in 68 countries, constitute ICLEI’s membership. As a democratic, membership-driven association, every Member has a vote at council meetings where the priorities and direction of the organization are determined.

Governed by the ICLEI Charter put in place by its founding Members, our mandate is to build an active and committed membership of local governments and local government associations.

The Council is the general assembly of ICLEI Members which is composed of Full Members. ICLEI also offers Associate Membership to non-governmental organizations, research institutions, state governments and other entities. The Council meets every three years on the occasion of an ICLEI World Congress. After the founding congress in New York, USA (1990), Council meetings were held in Toronto, Canada (1993), Saitama, Japan (1995), Dessau, Germany (2000), Athens, Greece (2003) and Cape Town, South Africa (2006). The Council elects the Executive Committee, approves the six-year Strategic Plan, which is updated every three years, and receives the Triennial Report. The Council also adopts a Declaration of Commitment, in support of the Strategic Plan.

US cities ought not have a foreign policy.  Let’s see if I understand this:  It’s not legally okay for Arizona to enforce US immigration laws but it is acceptable for American cities to unite globally to fight global warming and support environmental extremism?  NEVER!  It is time for the attorney general to direct these Virginia cities and counties to withdraw from ICLEI.  If not, legislation should be passed forcing the issue.  If you live in one of these cities or counties, start now – ask your community leaders to simply get out of ICLEI.  Ask your delegate or senator to ask the Attorney General to look into this – issue a legal opinion.  Ask your local Tea Party to get involved.  We can deliver a blow to globalism that can spread to other states.  It must be done today; ICLEI is bad news.

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