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They’re BACK! Some of my Many Detractors! Let’s cover the comments so far…

I can only warn Del. Peace – he may become more popular than sex like Bill Janis is!

I got many comments on the contested race in the 97th.  Now in the interest of disclosure, I felt I ought to say which camp I am in (I do admit I did not know about Erica Lawler at the time I advised Chris of my intentions.  I also will say that I already have committed to working hard for Del. Buddy Fowler in his rematch with Democrat Toni Radler.) and all of a sudden I got comments.  Tom White’s going take me off the UKIP beat and make me cover local races!

Lets take a few comments for analysis.

Bob S. accused me of not knowing enough about the other candidates.  He’s partly right.  But I had researched Nathan Cox.  And I did not know about (as I stated above) Erica Lawler at the time.  Of course I can keep an open mind but I also tend to vote and favor the Republicans (although not always – see Clement, Whitt and Sarvis, Robert) in general elections.

Now Chris Peace’s voting record is movement conservative for the most part.  (Peace had 80% in 2014, 89% in 2103 but 55% in 2012 from the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation and 100% from the Family Foundation.)  Any fault I could raise is that he might not seek out issues like I do to champion.  Maybe I can influence him toward that study of the statewide indigent defense system and maybe better divorce laws.  Also term limits and initiative and referendum in the Commonwealth.

Thanks for coming by Bob S. (not Robert Shannon by the way):

There was a supporter of Cox coming by and then we have the third rail in local politics – appointments to commissions in Hanover County.  Jordan W. criticizes Del. Peace for his wife, Ashley being also on the Hanover Planning Commission.  I think it is a point to bring out.  I would not encourage my spouse to serve on a board like this (and she wouldn’t) even if there was no smoke or fire.  And I have not seen/heard of any smoke or fire arising from that appointment made not by Chris but by Supervisor Elton Wade.  Now I still regard Wade as a paragon of integrity but some disagree based on the ill-fated and misleading “crossing guard” fiasco and Wade’s admission he made a promise to place Norm Sulser on the school board.  I do not believe there was a deal – what would the parties gain/lose?  It is true it could be the political version of an arranged marriage between European princes.  But again, where the proof?

It remains to be seen if the voters find this a compelling reason to vote against Peace or vote again [for] Peace.  Thanks for coming by, Jordan W.

But Jordan W. in his/her second post gets in MY LANE and nearly causes a fender bender with this:

Well that should get his attention- the man who wants to be a judge and is sucking up to his Delegate who unfortunately in Virginia appoints the judges.

Sandy – your moral compass is tilting as a result of your desire to be a judge.

Eddie Whitlock wants to be a judge and got in the state senate race as a spoiler for HIS DELEGATE BILL JANIS. The plan was for Whitlock to peel off just enough votes in a 3 way race to insure Janis would win the senate seat. Eddie would get his judgeship for being such a good establishment GOP Soldier. They never saw Dunnavant, her lobby money, and Stosch’s endorsement coming. The rest is history.

Don’t be a suck up to Chris Peace- you used to be above that.

Let me start with the Whitlock thing:  I am not aware of any judicial ambition concerning Whitlock.  Running against the ultimate winner is not usually a winning strategy to garner a judgeship.

Now I think if you asked Del. Peace he’d say I have been respectful but not always a wanton cheerleader for him every time.  How about this article that arose when Chris asked me to look into this issue (raised by a Tea Party sign) of whether the delegate voted to expand Medicaid in a prior budget.  Here’s the post – I said well, maybe yes and maybe no.  Both sides can argue they are right.

Now if I were to “suck up” to Chris, I’d written exactly what he wanted.  Now no one said I was wrong on my post.  Furthermore, I am sure in the matter of judges, most delegates and senators try to do their best on it.  (I am not unaware of politics in judicial or other appointments and to some extent it is true that it is by the grace of God we get good judges.  But most of the time they get it right.)

I think I would not want to endorse Robert Sarvis or give good ink at this blog to libertarians if I was just sucking up to legislators to become a judge.  Finally, there is presently no vacancy in Hanover nor statewide and may not be for years to come.


I am sure Chris wasn’t crazy about this in this very blog post:

It is good for the electoral system for there to be opposition (even if sometimes it is nice to see no opponent for a cycle or two for a candidate you like) and I hope these campaigns (including Delegate Peace) will bring forth new ideas and engage the electorate.  Have at it!

Let’s move on…

Sydney Moser says Del. Peace has an opponent because he did not do enough to fight sludge and is in effect a lobbyist for Smithfield.

Now I have heard this charge and I asked Chris about it and he said this was simply not true.  There is another side to the Q but it remains an open question – a respected environmental lawyer that I know versus the Attorney General of Virginia – until presented to the voters.

Finally, Supervisor Wayne Hazzard is encouraged by Mr. and Mrs. Green Jeans to get the county to sue DEQ to stop industrial sludge.  That is out of my lane!  Talk to your supervisor about that.

In sum, let’s keep it clean and I encourage the candidates and their supporters to apply the Other Whitlock Test:  Would Eddie say it and if not – don’t do it!





About Elwood Sanders

Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

19 Responses to “They’re BACK! Some of my Many Detractors! Let’s cover the comments so far…”

  1. Robert Shannon

    Is it a fair question to ask if Del Peace has ever been on retainer w/Smithfield or been paid as an Attorney representing Smithfield ? I think it is . Is it fair to ask Del Peace to point to his most significant legislative accomplishment in his tenure in the G.A ? I think it is.

    Get his answers and post them

    Bob Shannon

  2. Victoria Luck says:

    Ditto to Mr. Shannon’s comment. Also, please find out his position on term limits & post.

    Maybe you could get your readers to submit some questions that you could have Mr. Peace answer and you post?

    Thank you

  3. Skipper S. says:

    Sandy: You lost all credibility with Virginia Right Readers when you wrote this statement:

    “Now I still regard Wade as a paragon of integrity but some disagree based on the ill-fated and misleading “crossing guard” fiasco and Wade’s admission he made a promise to place Norm Sulser on the school board. ”

    Seriously? In addition to the fact that supervisor Wade has refused to use the County email system for years – a direct violation of FOIA- he was earning $25,500 a year salary as a County Supervisor while earning $40.25 an hour as a crossing guard to work 4 hours a day- which he wasn’t doing when he was sitting in a Board meeting on Wednesday afternoons for DECADES. Where was one to go to complain? The School Board? He appoints them. The Superintendent? The School Board he appointed in turn appointed her! See how incestuous his prosperous deal was?

    Did you forget the Summer Duck Farm Subdivision Mulligan vote he asked for because he voted against it before he voted for it. Remember: Charleston Ridge Apartments at King’s Acres and Sliding Hill Road?

    Ashley Peace ( Wife of Delegate Chris Peace) has been a disaster for the Hanover County citizens as the Cold Harbor Planning Commissioner appointed by Wade- she fought for 15 unit per acre housing as Multi-Use Zoning in the 20 year Comprehensive Plan for the developers- donors. She voted for the Charleston Ridge Apartments ( her husband’s donors were investors and asked Wade to vote for it.) She also voted for the Ill fated Mechanicsville Theater. She’s on that board to approve every development that comes before it for the Developer- Donor- class that runs this County. So don’t give us pious lectures on the purity of Wade’s integrity.

    You are really a low information blogger, Sandy. Especially on Hanover County politics- Stick to the UK.
    Nobody in Hanover County cares about that.

    • Sandy Sanders

      Glad to hear from you again, Skipper S. Maybe you are right. I do not have intimate knowledge of these land issues you have discussed here.

      I did not defend Ashley Peace but nor did I condemn her either. In fact I wrote that I would not encourage in any way my spouse to do that if I were a delegate or other elected official. I do not know about these land use issues although I would say – there is always tension between right to use your land as you see fit and the greater good of the county/city/town through zoning and comprehensive plan. Fair housing and other laws (including the Chesapeake Bay Act) must be considered. If the development fits in the zoning and comprehensive plan it is not easy to just say no. I think it would have been nice to have a movie theatre in Mechanicsville – hate to go to Henrico to go to first run movies. But I understand it might not have been in the right place. And the people seem to have won that one. We should be vigilant to keep the county out of the pockets of developers.

      The Wade thing was an pay anomaly caused by something like 50 years of service to the School Board as bus driver and crossing guard. Happens regularly in HR work. (I once taught – was asked to teach – a MASTER’S level HR course online for one of our Nazarene colleges and we discussed these sort of things and how to cure them.) I agree that the HR should have done something about it out or respect to the other crossing guards but there has been NO evidence that this was a favor sought by or given to Wade. I also agree that it is possible that HR people in the past might have been discouraged by Wade’s status from doing what they should have done. Wade asked for and received a legal opinion about serving on the Board and being a crossing guard at the same time. And the job is no desk job – it’s dangerous and must be done in all weather conditions short of the schools being closed. The BOCS does not meet every Wednesday but even if it did, seems there was coverage for the position and I am sure he did not get paid for hours he did not serve.

      Anyone could have complained to the SB, the Superintendent or the BOCS. In fact it was the bad publicity (unfair, too – and some at this blog) that led to Wade’s resignation as a crossing guard.

      I did not know about the email issue but it should not matter for FOIA requests. If a conflict of interest can be proven, it ought to be pursued. Some things are just bad politics but not illegal. Recommend you speak with the candidate of your choice running against Peace and show your hand to him/her. Maybe people will agree with you and vote against Peace.

      I have been derelict about the UK/EU/UKIP situation but maybe local stuff is better right now. But it is easier to blog about a guy 5000 miles away than a local leader you deal with regularly.

      Please come again.


  4. Molly B. says:

    You aren’t aware of any interest Eddie Whitlock has in becoming a judge? Seriously?

    You state that as if the writer was hallucinating and you know Eddie Whitlock intimately. Whitlock’s legal dream is to become a judge- that’s why the love fest he and Janis had at John Frederick’s forum in Henrico was laughable. Fredericks was laughing at the two of them at the end of the table. You had to be stupid not to see that Eddie, an Establishment Cantor Republican like Janis, was just a spoiler to help Janis to win. Raise a little money- like $40,000 from his clients, peel off 10% of the votes, and Janis wins in a 3 way race. Janis even bragged he had been sending clients to Eddie for years- ( Eddie is a collections lawyer) The Quid Pro Quo exposed.

    • Sandy Sanders

      I had not heard one word about the Whitlock for judge scenario until it came up in my blog comments. I did know Eddie, he collects debts for the company I work for. He seems very knowledgeable about business debts. Thanks for coming by Molly but you’ll do better if you do not call people stupid in posts!


  5. Mr. Green Jeans says:

    Mr. Sanders:

    According to Rvotes data, Erica Lawler’s Voting record demonstrates that she votes Republican.
    There you go- She’s a conservative Republican.

    Perhaps she missed the filing date to run as a republican in the primary? Perhaps she wanted more time to campaign and chose to run as an Independent to have a longer campaign cycle. Perhaps she wanted to run to represent all the people of the 97th- not just the RINO Republicans, donors, and developers who vote for Mr. Peace and his Conflict of Interest WIFE who serves as the collection plate for his donors as Cold Harbor Planning Commissioner with her VOTES.

    I find your lack of research into candidates, AGAIN- unworthy of VA Right. You ASSume too much and we all know what happens when you ASSume. You think we should go UNINFORMED to the ballot box in November and vote for Mr. Peace because he has an R next to his name?

    Well Mrs. Lawler may not have an R next to her name but she’s not an incumbent in the General Assembly and that’s more reason to vote for her than you have given us.

    You are like Lemmings to the sea- You would follow a Republican right over the proverbial cliff to your death.

    • Sandy Sanders

      My interview does not bear out conservative views. I think Erica ran because she wanted people to have a choice. I admire that. I do generally vote and support Republicans BUT NOT ALWAYS – ask Robert Sarvis.

      See my comments to Skipper S. I need to see evidence that this Ashley Peace developer connection has any fruit behind it.

      Thanks for your posts, Mr. Green Jeans.


  6. Sherman T. says:

    Before any one goes off half cocked and votes for Mrs. Lawler as an Independent- investigate her and make certain she is not a 3rd party plant by Chris Peace to get re-elected in a 3 way race. The timing of her entry into the race is suspicious. She’s not conducting any campaign that anyone can identify and her family ties to New Kent County government offices is also suspicious. It would be just like Julie Coggsdale and Chris Peace to find someone and fund a luke warm candidate in a 3 way race. That’s just how they operate- the Hanover Way.

    Mr. Cox filed to run as an independent and anyone who knows Mr. Cox ( a LIBERTARIAN) knows he is not electable in Hanover County- he pretty much stalks and films the Hanover County Sheriff’s Deputies and posts his videos on the internet. He’s sort of labelled anti- law enforcement which doesn’t play well with Hanover County voters.

  7. Dillon says:

    Mr. Sanders endorsements on Virginia Right are meaningless-

    Just ask Bill Janis and the NRA.

  8. Junior says:

    Julie Coggdale is applying Hemorrhoid Creme right about now because of the truth pouring out on this blog THANKS TO SANDY AND HIS ENDORSEMENT about what goes on in Cold Harbor District in Hanover County Va- Ground Zero for the Hanover County Mafia.

  9. Peace fan says:

    If you want to check out candidate Nathan Cox’s anti- law enforcement positions go to cop
    Vote Chris Peace—–

  10. Victoria Luck says:

    What say you, Mr. Sanders?

  11. Benny says:

    Mr. Shannon-

    Delegate Peace’s most significant legislation serving the 97th was patroning a bill titled “The Day of The Girl” a few years back.

    He had every opportunity this session to stop land application of Sludge ( Synagro’s industrial waste from Smithfield Food, Tyson Chicken, and Rock Tenn) in Hanovover County but actually working to garner support in the GA from other legislators was just too much effort from this guy in his Pastel bow ties, Seer Sucker Suits and white buck shoes. He invests more time in his haircuts and looking like a Lolly PoP at Disney Land than actually working hard on meaningful legislation. It proves he has no real leadership skills in the GA to get bills passed other than “Day of the Girl.” And this clown thinks he is going to be governor one day- he actually tells people this- he’s a future Governor and I’m a future King of England.

  12. Jack Lee


    As a strong supporter of Peace, do u know the answers to the questions posed above by your readers? If so, would u plz inform your multitude of readers w/ the answers?

    If u dont know the answers, do u plan to pose them to Peace (& then publicly post his answers) in an effort to help create a more informed electorate?


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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