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I admire third parties – even those I disagree with.  They should have a fair way to get their message out and their candidates elected if the people choose to.

But this statement from the Green Shadow Cabinet shows a sinister side to this party:  Anti-Israel bias.

Here it is thanks to the Independent Political Report – a great place to go for third party info – draw your own conclusion:

From the Green Party Shadow Cabinet:

What the U.S. State Department would do…

…if it believed in peace and justice for Israelis and Palestinians.

The U.S. Government policy to aid and abet the terrible violence in Gaza not only kills and dehumanizes Palestinians, but it also runs counter to U.S. law, wrecks our diplomatic reputation, and further endangers Israelis. We do not accept the excuses or blame shifting by any group for civilian deaths.

The diplomatic disaster has perhaps one silver lining: a change in U.S. policy can rapidly end the bulk of the violence. This should start with an announcement:

-Calling on Israel to end military operations in the West Bank and Gaza with the threat of cutting off diplomatic ties if operations do not cease.
-Calling on all groups in Palestine to respect and match the cessation of Israeli military operations.
-That the U.S. will cease using its United Nations veto to provide immunity for Israeli breaches of international war crimes.
-Support for Palestinian membership of international institutions, including the International Criminal Court (The U.S. also must recognize and join the ICC).
-An end to all U.S. military aid to Israel in compliance with the 1961 Foreign Assistance Act prohibiting aid to nations which have acquired or transferred nuclear materials outside of the non-proliferation treaty.
-Demand Egypt to open the Gaza border to humanitarian supplies and trade.
-Request the Office of Foreign Assets Control to identify effective economic sanctions to be leveled if Israel does not end its military occupation.

These are first steps, and will not achieve an end to the occupation, nor will it end all violence. However, it is vital first step for the U.S. end its policy of backing the occupation, and obstructing peace efforts, and immediately stop the Israeli attack on Gaza.

So where’s the condemnation of the rocket attacks and the use of civilians as human shields by the Hamas in Gaza?  Don’t look for it from the Green Shadow Cabinet.  Here is the Public Intervenor for Human Rights, a member of the aforesaid Green Shadow Cabinet, Ajamu Baraka, stating traditional Palestinian propaganda:

Similar to the inverted reality in the U.S., where the myth of the innocent settler was created to justify the systematic slaughter of Indigenous peoples, the genocidal policies of Israel are camouflaged by the transformation of its position from an armed colonial invader to one of victim.

Want more:

The position for most of the world is that the latest assault on the Palestinian people is a war crime and an ongoing crime against humanity.


The assault on the people and the institutions of Gaza has as its objective the eradication of the people of Gaza – not necessarily in the physical sense, only because at this stage in global consciousness any such attempt would galvanize universal opposition, but to erase Gaza as a functioning society, to destroy it politically, culturally, spiritually and psychologically. A process that IIan Pappe refers to as “incremental genocide, that whatever the label is terroristic in its’ most naked, brutal and devastating effect.  [footnote omitted]


And when it comes to Israel, humanitarian intervention and the responsibility to protect is exposed as the imperialist ideological construct that it is.


Frantz Fanon argues that:

“One world, either that of the settler or that of the native, must be destroyed to bring the colonial system to an end. Not simply a military defeat or a political deal – the total destruction of the other mode of living.”

As the Israelis continue to steal Palestinian land, murder, degrade and humiliate Palestinian people, and create “facts on the ground” that make it impossible to establish a viable, independent Palestinian state, it is becoming clear that the only solution to the original sin of the Zionist project is authentic decolonization where the presence, humanity and sovereignty of the colonized is restored.

So there you have it:  The Green Shadow Cabinet, though one of its official voices, has called for the destruction of Israel.  Now they and their apologists will sugarcoat it or cover it up.  The US Green Party may well say:  Not us and they are technically right:

The Green Shadow Cabinet includes nearly 100 prominent scientists, community and labor leaders, physicians, cultural workers, veterans, and more, and provides an ongoing opposition and alternative voice to the dysfunctional government in Washington D.C.. As with shadow cabinets in other countries, the Green Shadow Cabinet of the United States responds to actions of the government in office and demonstrates that another government is possible. This cabinet is led by the 2012 Green Party presidential nominees of Dr. Jill Stein and Ms. Cheri Honkala and supports independent politics and policies. However, it is not a project of any political party.

However, the US Green Party might well want to reconsider this idea or distance themselves from it:  Start with Dr. Stein and Ms. Honkala resigning from it or repudiating this position.  If the Greens want to play house, they ought to know the rules:  When a real Cabinet official says something outrageous, he or she is usually fired or given an chance to honorably resign.  Therefore, this Public Intervenor for Human Rights, who is in the Green Shadow Cabinet, ought to be sacked immediately and an apology to Israel given by the party.

But they won’t.  The real party, not the pretend cabinet, said this:

The Green Party supports suspension of U.S. military and foreign aid to Israel and a U.S. foreign policy that promotes the creation of one secular democratic state for Palestinians and Israelis on the land between the Mediterranean Sea and River Jordan as the national home of both peoples with Jerusalem as its capital. The party encourages a new U.S. diplomatic initiative to begin the process of negotiation, laying the groundwork for such a single-state constitution.

That is the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel.  No way around it.  Never forget that the UN in 1948 established the State of Israel and almost immediately, it was its new neighbors that declared war and tried to destroy it.  By a miracle, Israel won that war and all the other wars, too.

In the meantime, no Jew nor follower of Christ ought to give a dime or any other support to the Green Party of the United States until they repudiate this destruction of Israel position of their party and their unofficial but closely held subsidiary: the Green Shadow Cabinet.

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