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This Isn’t Populism. It’s Revolution. It’s Virginia.

Immediately after Congressman Dave Brat defeated House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in a 7th District Republican Primary, pundits gave credit to Brat’s populism. He ran against Wall Street and the Chamber of Commerce as an economist, which spoke volumes; and he ran against the Washington Establishment and their relative distance and disinclination toward their constituents back home in the States.

Rand Paul and Ted Cruz have also been accused of populism, campaigning against an inherently unjust system they feel does not adequately represent the general welfare of the American citizen.

populist-rageOutsiders are often treated as if they are ignorant of our political system and therefore are free to make wild claims and take impossible positions, that while popular with the people, have no chance of ever having an effect on our actual government. However, that’s not what’s happening here. These outsiders are not ignorant of the system, they oppose the system. Furthermore, the depressing nature of that premise is awful. Ideas that appeal to the vast majority of Americans are foolishly campaigned upon by “populists”, but are certain to fail once brought to Washington D.C.? Really? That is a strong admission to the corruption in our federal government?

Shaun Kenney of Bearing Drift published an article entitled On Agrarianism Contra Populism, where he writes that populism “can be summarized as “we don’t understand it, so we’re against it, and nothing will change our minds!” Politicians who run to this simply appeal to the people’s ignorance in order to effect political change knowing they will never truly fix the system. It is an appeal to democracy (lowercase-d, the sort the Founders warned against) and mob sentiment. The worse the economy is, the more populists you will find… which makes them primarily a materialist subset.  Bread and circuses were meant for the populists.”.

It’s the same sentiment we find in Brian Shoeneman’s article, “Tired of Being Lied to? Blame Yourself“. Essentially, the sentiment is this: if you are foolish enough to believe that these outsiders could ever accomplish a tenth of what they say they want to accomplish, then that’s a you problem, not a government problem.

However, the likelihood of an eventuality neither increases nor decreases its’ merit. Appealing to the will of the people wasn’t meant to inspire a pure Democracy in America, but it was aimed at granting the American People representation in government: a representative, Constitutional Republic. However, the vast majority of Americans disapprove of their government (both political parties), the media, and the special interests funding the whole damn circus.

I think what Shaun Kenney and Brian Shoeneman believe is that those of us furiously angry with our government and dedicated to changing it are deluding ourselves about our chances, and by fighting the system as opposed to working within it, are hurting the Republican Party. We want to do impossible things now and won’t be content until we get it.

They see three fundamental problems with the conservatives and libertarians who have dedicated their time and energy to changing this government. First, we can’t raise money. Here we are, lambasting every powerful special interest in the United States of America; screaming about Wall Street (lots of money), K Street (lots of money), and the Chamber of Commerce (lots of money) and excoriating everyone in Washington D.C. with any power at all. They must be thinking, how in the world do these people think they are going to accomplish anything, if they attack everyone in a position of actual power and every organization with enough money to fund a movement or a campaign? Furthermore, we are essentially representing a political philosophy which will deprive 90% of all special interests everything they are actually interested in.

Second, they don’t really believe things are that bad. In other words, these politicians who are out there to fight the system are actually lying to us about how dire and awful things really are. We’re not facing any real fiscal or economic collapse. These politicians are just playing on the fears of the less educated and less productive Republicans in the base, and using those fears to cement their position in politics.

Third, they don’t think we have any solutions. Why? Because all our solutions begin with the words “Stop”, “End”, and “Defund”. These are words that don’t work in this Congress of ours and, thus, they don’t believe they are valid approaches politically. Why run on something that will never happen?

The idea that we can’t change our government, if true, is a catastrophic concept, and I don’t believe it. To call it idealism or ignorance or populism, to fight for radically scaling back the corruption and the infringements of our liberty through taxation and regulation, is just flat out cynical.

It is not idealistic to demand strict adherence to the governments’ role as laid out in our Constitution, nor is it idealistic to demand strict protections of our States’ rights and our personal liberties. Just because this government has reached so far beyond its’ authority and just because we’ve already sacrificed so much of our liberty for some imagined security and stability, doesn’t make that status quo a necessary reality. More importantly, just because something is a reality today, doesn’t make it necessary tomorrow. Change can happen.

I have often been accused of not understanding how Congress works, because I want Congress to do what it is Constitutionally designed to do. I’ve been accused of not understanding how politics works, because I want politicians in the Republican Party to do what they promised their constituents they would do. I’m not idealistic.

We need revolution in this country. Not violence. Not war. Revolution. We need to completely change the way Washington DC and Richmond work.

All that said, and I understand this is cumbersome, the division between these two perspectives brings me to a middle ground. I’m going to get emails about what I say next, but I must put it in perspective, because I want the grassroots to understand what it takes to win.

Middle Resolution, a Virginia PAC, has worked tirelessly around the edges of the system. Every time they take too many steps into the system itself, there is a grassroots backlash. Now, I don’t agree with everything Middle Resolution has done or tried to do, but I very much agree with their approach: Raise money, gather information, and use that money and information to effect campaigns and policy. There is some, not a lot, but some, truth to the idea that the conservative grassroots does an awful lot of screaming and not a lot of politics. Sure, we write a lot of letters and we post a lot of blogs, and once in a while, we even get someone elected. But when it comes to Richmond and Washington D.C. we must not be naive about the system we despise and the power held by those we seek to unseat.

Middle Resolution, more than any other organization in Virginia, has tried to fight the fight and walk that tightrope, because they want to win. They don’t want to just fight for a cause, they want to win. I respect that and I think everyone else should respect that too.

We, the grassroots, are not populists. We are revolutionaries. We recognize that our liberty, our economy, and politics are under siege and we aren’t going to stand blithely by and watch as the system crumbles around us without a fight. We’re going to fight and we’re going to be passionate and we aren’t going to settle for non-victories from those who pretend to represent us. We need to learn to amass power and money and leverage. We don’t have to sell our souls to do so. That’s also a lie. We can work around the edges. We can win on legislation and we can win campaigns, but we’ve got to be willing to focus. I believe that if we were more strategic and more successful we would earn ourselves some respect from those very people we are trying to dethrone.

This isn’t populism. At least, not with me it’s not. I don’t accept that the majority of the American People should get used to being miserable about their government. I don’t believe that special interests should control the agenda. I don’t believe that the elite should rule, regulate, and tax the rest of us into some kind of dark, subservient subsistence. To that, I say no. That’s a future none of us should accept. So we have to fight John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and Barack Obama. We have to fight against the Hillary Clinton’s and the John Kerry’s of the world. We have to fight against the Republican Party and the leadership that runs it, because they have given us nothing! Not one thing we can be proud of. Can we do it smarter and more strategically? Sure. We must. But we must be clear about the nature of our pursuit. It’s not populism. It’s not Democracy. It’s a love for our Constitution and our Constitutional Republic, the rights and powers of our State Governments, and the sovereignties guaranteed to us, as individuals. That was the nature of our original revolution and that is the nature of our revolution today.


About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

28 Responses to “This Isn’t Populism. It’s Revolution. It’s Virginia.”

  1. Robert Shannon

    ” an awful lot of screaming and not a lot of politics”

    How many times have I heard this comment, and often times it is directly a result of us screamers getting under someone’s skin and exposing the fraud ,duplicity and questionable motives of the ruling class.

    The depth and severity of our problems at every level of government demands some screaming , maybe a lot more screaming. How else do you suggest those of us striving to rise above the controlled narrative, controlled by the interests that comprise the ruling class ? I can cite specific examples of the “screaming” actually having the positive effect of not just changing the narrative, but resulting in policy changes, tax code changes and upsets of popular incumbents.

    If not for the screaming I doubt land use tax exemptions would have been on the table in this years County budget negotiations, getting 2 of the classes, Open Space & Horticulture closed , or bloated school budgets finally coming under the scrutiny they so deserve ,nor the turning out of 3 fairly popular incumbents down here in King William in 2011. I doubt absent the “screaming” the Virginia Conflict of Interest charges being pursued , or the proposed elimination of the BPOL Tax to bring business into the County would be gaining steam.

    The Media and those interested in maintaining the status quo have honed the tactic of name calling , using these type terms whenever any legitimate actions result in actual movement on an issue. Locally , people love us or hate us, but they know we are here. That contrasts quite starkly with the milquetoast approach and level of effectiveness when one actually examines the progress the KWTP has had in King William and the two groups in Hanover as examples. What specifically can anyone point to as accomplishments in Hanover with their MEASURED approach ? Elected officials must be pressured relentlessly, hence the progress I cited above otherwise would not have taken place. Absent the screaming even solid candidates once elected often succumb to the temptations of power. Once in office they must know they will face the angry and certain wrath of their constituents should they deviate from principles they promised to abide by. We let them off the hook too easily—-Cantor is just such a concrete example as evidence. The screaming about Cantor began in 2010 and Floyd Bayne shown how vulnerable he was, resulting in elevated levels of screaming, which brought forth a much more formidable opponent in Brat.

    The suggestion in recent weeks that Brat would be challenged in a Primary by the establishment is yet another example of the nonsense that gets circulated as political reality. The only “danger” Congressman Brat will ever face is one of his own making. Should he deviate from his principles, or abandon his pledge to listen to his constituents then the thunder will erupt. So long as he abides by his word he has no danger of being challenged because the “screaming” that led to Cantors ouster ( for those of us who were at his Innsbrook protest know )is something we need a lot more of , not less. Leaders in the Patriot movement should stop cowering to the folks who hide under a cloak of respectability , but are merely attempting to silence anyone who begins to dismantle their little kingdoms. I would be wary of singing the praises of anyone who in 2010 slammed me repeatedly for bringing up the bloated salaries of a school superintendent, the clear and obvious waste ( 4 Vice Principals at Lee-Davis HS ) in a system that is eating up huge sums of taxpayer money on questionable expenses These same folks publically challenged me for openly discussing a sheriffs department large enough to invade another country . Hanover government is sacrosanct to many of these folks who decry any efforts to rein in what has become the largest employer in Hanover County. No County government is void of easily identified examples of waste and crony capitalist practices. Sadly after my departure the “screaming ” stopped.

    Those labelling the folks who are effective are more often than not troubled by the screamers who are actually getting something done besides holding classes or posting Jefferson quotes on roadsides.

    Bob Shannon King William

  2. Disgusted Tax Payer in Hanover County says:


    When you finish with land use boondoggle in King William County- come over to Hanover County and clean up the mess where people put their front yards in Land Use to avoid taxes and the rest of us subsidize them by paying exorbitant tax assessments on our homes on quarter acre lots.

    Subdivisions are subsidizing the “gentry” in Hanover County so they can live on their homesteads practically tax free. Don’t even get me started on the Timber issue. It’s a valuable renewable resource- of course they should pay taxes on that land. The very people who keep the Board of Supervisors elected and in office as Land Use Advocates are the ones reaping that tax benefit.

    Time spent on the county website demonstrates the graft and inequality in tax assessments for the properties of the “in crowd.” You know- the people who got appointed to the Equalization Board and then “fixed” the taxes for their “Friends and Family.” Even elected officials get “special exemptions” from taxes on their homes in the county. If only this could be exposed – it would end. Tax assessments are going up for the average homeowner and the developers with large tracts of land are in the “land use program.” It’s millions of dollars.

    One citizen went to the county offices to claim property tax fraud by his neighbor- a County employee- who WAS NOT DISABLED and was told to mind his own business.

    Disgusted Tax Payer in Hanover

  3. Graham P. says:

    The Unelected Hanover County School Board is “searching” for a new school superintendent.
    They will spend up to $25,000 on a “search committee” because according to the county lawyer the Federal Procurement Act” requires they do this.

    Here’s the deal. Internal Candidate Hanover County Instruction Superintendent Dr. Michael Gil is going to be the next superintendent. IT’s a done deal. But they are going to waste $25,000 of tax payers money to show they “looked under a rock to find someone.”

    Watch – they will pay him $200,000- $250,000 – more than the Governor of the State of Virginia earns.

    The two previous Hanover County superintendents earned $250,000 ( Roberson) and $200,000
    ( Wilson) respectively.

    and they give the superintendent a “Car Allowance” on top of that exorbitant salary.

  4. Clive Serracone says:

    Mr. Tucker-

    Your naive understanding of the Middle Resolution’s real agenda is a disservice to your readers when you praise them in the way you have done here.

    The Middle Resolution PAC is a Federal and State Pac dedicated to Controlling the state legislatures for the sole purpose of an Article 5 Convention of States which you advocate for as well.

    In Virginia, the Middle Resolution State Pac is striving for control of the state senate for this purpose.
    Their litmus test for their PAC’s endorsement and donations to a candidate? ” Will you support a COS?” Look at Glenn Sturdivant’s state senate race. follow the money.

    The Website Blue Virginia calls the Founder of Middle Resolution Pac “the most dangerous Man in Virginia.”

    It isn’t a democrat or republican issue. It’s the fact that one man and his board should not have that much control over a state legislature and the elections in Virginia.

    In 2012 Middle Resolution Pac backed and funded Jamie Radtke’s US Senate run against establishment candidate George Allen- who lost to Tim Kaine in November.
    The double play of that campaign was the launch of Middle Resolution’s Rvotes- a voter information data system which needed a state wide campaign to lay the groundwork for a data base of Republican voters from which they could run future campaigns in Virginia for their “purposes and agendas.”

    Not all of which are conservative. Jamie Radtke’s campaign used her voters and volunteers and supporters for this purpose, too. Her campaign created a voter base for Rvotes to sell to future MR backed candidates. Many Patriots in Virginia now realize that Middle Resolution is the force in the VA Legislature for a COS and they don’t support it.

    Tyranny? You bet it is.

  5. Research tech head says:

    Dear Disgusted Taxayer in Hanover County-

    Riley Lowe. HHHunt.

    Look up the land he owns in Hanover County- that’s why there’s land use tax exemptions in Hanover County.


  6. Retired School Employee says:

    Graham P ——–

    Where was the Hanover County attorney and his “Procurement Act” argument to the school board when the school contracts were being given out as political favors? Hmmm?

    Just wondering why Mr. Carper, Mr. Sorenson, Mr. Thornton, and Mr. Casey all exited the county at the same time??????? over the school contracts?

  7. King William County Patriot says:

    I was in attendance at the King William County Board of Supervisors meeting recently when a board member actually pointed a comment to a citizen sitting in the audience opposing Land Use taxes in King William. The Board member stated:

    “Why don’t you go to Hanover and look into the school contracts?”

    Now when the Board of Supervisors in King William County are making fun of the school contracts in Hanover County PUBLICLY and on the record at their meetings, you know Hanover County has a problem with the schools. Maybe that’s why Dr. Wilson exited. That was left over from Roberson’s reign and she wasn’t going to take the fall for it.

  8. Jed Cline says:

    School Contract?

    Look into the courthouse bids and contract- Stuart Roberson went to work for Mosely Architects when he left his $250,000 Hanover County Superintendent of Schools lottery ticket position and Mosely got a piece of the courthouse contract.

    It is as if every 5 years or so when the contractors in Hanover County need some work, the county is there to keep them rolling in millions. The Roanoke Company that bid on the new courthouse and lost to a “HANOVER COUNTY” contractor didn’t realize he was wasting his time. Those contracts never go outside the county.

    Just look up “Yes Hanover Bonds” on to see who is always benefitting.
    Mr. Tucker may be surprised what he finds there. Those Bonds now equal $161.5 million dollars in municipal county debt.

    And the HABCC isn’t so innocent either. They had Dan Johnson- their Western Hanover representative on their Board of Directors- write a letter to the editor earlier this year endorsing APPOINTED HANOVER SCHOOL BOARDS AND OPPOSING ELECTED SCHOOL BOARDS.

    The same people who control the Board of Supervisors’ elections who appoint the school board.

  9. Paula Kramers says:


    We fought a Revolution in 1776 to overthrow a King and his Tyranny. You’ve just exposed the 21st Century King George.

    Mr. Tucker is correct- we do need another Revolution to purge the money from politics.

  10. Venus Fly Trap says:

    Mr. Shannon- I enjoy your comments. They are often as good as the article accompanying them.

    In June a straw man election was held in Hanover County for Commonwealth’s Attorney.

    A Republican Former Commonwealth’s Attorney challenged the incumbent. A Middle Resolution PAC member told the challenger he would spend $30,000 of his own money to defeat him to keep his “candidate” in office. Ask yourself, why does a developer need to control the CA’s office in a County?
    And so the race was on to see just how much money and effort the political Republican “insiders” of Hanover County who control the Supervisors, the Planning Commission, and the School Board and the HABCC could and would spend to keep their “candidate” in office. They won of course but They fell right into the Venus Fly Trap. They were all exposed.

  11. Miles says:

    Is it a coicidence that in an election year the 2015 president of the Hanover Association of Business and Chamber of Commerce is Emma Lee Mitchell, a Hanover County realtor and developer?

    She was also Trip Chalkley’s campaign advisor/Manager. They go way back- of course.

    She was also an advisor to the elections of Hanover County Supervisors Buckey Stanley, Canova Peterson, Wayne Hazzard and Ed Via.

    She was appointed to head up the Proffers Committee in Hanover County. Oddly enough, she owed proffers. Nearly $400,000 in proffers taxes. They were eliminated, of course by the board members she worked to elect who appointed her to head up the committee.

    Now do you see why the HABCC wants to control the CA’s office? and the School Board and the Planning Commission? Hell they run the whole damn county- every aspect of it from the Commissioner of Revenue to the Clerk of the Circuit Court where the divorces, the tax liens, and the tax auctions originate. When the Clerk’s sister lists her occupation as “Real Estate Investor” in Hanover County on her political forms voters have to be STUPID TO CONTINUE TO VOTE FOR HIM.

    That money funding the Middle Resolution PAC is coming from the Development and Contracts in Hanover County- hidden in their LLCs. Mr. Tucker.

    Look it up.

  12. wife of Miles says:

    Is it also a coincidence that the VEEP of HABCC is Jay Smith, President of Cox Trucking?

    Emma Lee Mitchell was John Cox’s campaign manager when he ran against Rusty McGuire for Delegate for the 55th- and Won.

    The people eating their way up the food chain is very interesting in Hanover County.

  13. Retired Law Enforcement says:

    Dear Venus Fly Trap-

    Former Hanover County Sheriff Stuart Cook was with the Middle Resolution from its inception. He resigned and appointed Dave Hines Sheriff to succeed him so David could run for election from a position of power.

    Dave Hines worked very hard campaigning to elect Trip Chalkley in this recent election.

    Interesting Alliances.

  14. Retired Law Enforcement says:

    Retired Law Enforcement:

    Look who funds Sheriff Hines’ annual Awards Ceremony for Deputies and Volunteers held at the Hanover Tavern each year…….

    Emma Lee Mitchell, the HABCC, and the Middle Resolution gang.

    Enough said. Draw your own conclusions about alliances.
    All the constitutional officers are controlled by the “Operators.”


  15. Legal Beagle says:

    Check it out—

    John Cox is Chalkley’s largest donor? Emma Lee Mitchell was Cox’s campaign manager AND Trip Chalkley’s campaign manager. Then Cox donates bulk of his Campaign funds to Chalkley? MIddle Resolution- that name keeps coming up. They backed Cox for Delegate and Chalkley for CA.

    What did the CA do for Cox? Too bad all the people who could answer that question exited the building. Literally- GONE.

  16. Accountant says:

    Here’s how it happens in Hanover County, Mr. Tucker. A lesson for you on Money in Politics.

    “The Man” at your favorite PAC also runs a group of business leaders in the county. Look up Ed Via’s first Supervisor race and Yes Hanover Bonds for ID. They decide who they are going to back for an election- in the case of Hanover County- all of the elections.

    Then “The Man” collects the donation checks from the businessmen and delivers them to the candidate so the “The Man” appears to be the King Maker to the candidate and said candidate will answer the phone at 2:00 am when “The Man” calls. DUI in Hanover County? you call “The Man.”

    But that explains for all you little people who think their vote counts in Hanover County on election day at the ballot box why John Cox’s campaign appeared to donate so much money to the CA race. It was collected on his campaign’s behalf by someone else. Understand? The money was parked there. To be used later.

  17. Accountant says:

    Click on the link below for Yes Hanover Bonds- A ‘Who’s Who’ of Hanover Builders and contractors and developers.”

  18. Accountant says:

    So Roberson retires from Hanover County Schools earning $250,000 as School Superintendent and goes to work for Moseley Architects. See what happens next…..

    Check bottom of first page – Yes, Hanover Bonds got $6500 from Bob Bailie- a founder of Middle Resolution Pac. This was during the 2005 bond referendum for fire stations, parks, new Mechanicsville Library. Click on the $6500 and it takes you to Yes Hanover Bonds. Click on Yes Hanover Bonds and you see the donors: Moseley Architects gets the architectural design work.

    This is EXACTLY WHY HANOVER COUNTY NEEDS ELECTED SCHOOL BOARDS BECAUSE The Supervisors and their appointed school boards NEED OVERSIGHT.

  19. Accountant says:

    Hanover’s $161.5 million dollar bond debt brought to you by the Developers of Hanover County

    Hanover Tax Payers Alliance

  20. Accountant says:

    … and so “The Man” single handedly funded Ashland Supervisor Ed Via’s election for Supervisor.

    $8,900 Via for Hanover County Board of Supervisors – George

    And of course Ashland Supervisor Mr. Ed Via supported the new $44 million dollar courthouse in Hanover County stating “We’ve needed a new courthouse for a while”
    meanwhile the children of Hanover County attend dilapidated mold ridden schools with leaking roofs.
    Bonds need to be issued for capital improvements to pay for new HVAC systems in the schools. Mr. Via voted to eliminate $52 million in proffers that could have been used to pay for those badly needed capital improvements in the schools.

    Mr. Via is a fence builder what does he understand about Finance? His daddy was a Hanover County developer.

  21. Cami Hartmann says:

    Mr. Tucker-

    You have apparently been “Schooled” today.

    Tea Party – good.
    PACS – BAD.

  22. Steven Tucker

    Cami, I love the TEA Party and I wasn’t criticizing them. The raising of money and the gathering of data is important. Ask your TEA Party leaders how happy they are with what they’ve accomplished. They will be honest. I should also point out that in the last round Middle Resolution also met with failure. But we keep fighting. I’m happy to support Middle Resolution, and I’m happy to support our TEA Party’s. I understand the contention and suspicion, but it doesn’t faze me. I want to win and I want my liberties. I’m not going to give into absolutism.

  23. Steven Tucker

    Money rules the world. In politics it’s all dirty. Trump buys politicians all the time and still the Republicans are googoo gaa gaa for him. Idealism is naive and dangerous. I’m suspicious of PACs and of people buying votes. But the fundamental principle regarding the importance of money should not be ignored. Money buys power and power corrupts, but we need many, many people and organizations to win the fight we’re in and I’m not going to hate on everyone who isn’t as pure as myself. Plus, I’m a libertarian. I could write article after article detailing how conservatives threaten essential liberties and stray from the Constitution when it serves them. But that’s for a different time. Right now we have Democrat and Republican establishments destroying this country. I think that warrants a bit of focus.

  24. Camilla Harris says:

    Mr. Tucker-

    Developers use Taxpayer funded “economic development” authorities at the State, City, and County levels to pay for infrastructure and services while they privatize the profits and publicize the losses- look no further than the defaulted Lewistown CDA ( community development authority bonds) in Hanover County.

    All of this “profit” being earned in the millions by Republican Developers and Contractors is then used to donate to the Republican politicians to keep their wheels greased for more money and approval in the General Assembly and local county governments.

    The PAC you praise in this article is as guilty as any.

    Hanover County residents don’t share your love of asphalt.

  25. Dan Rutter says:

    Dave Brat won his congressional seat on principles, NOT MONEY-

    But let’s see if he can stay in office on his conservative voting record in 2016.

  26. Gene Lefty says:

    You are getting better everyday at this Mr. Tucker!

    It would seem that with a 94 cents tax rate in KW, well, let’s just leave it at that, “it would seem”.

    Oh, looks like Trump may have went up in the polls while Bush went home, I mean down. I am not fooled, I know who they are that support Trump. Do I need to say it?

    I still do not like any from either Party.

  27. Old Goat says:

    I’ve been watching Hanover developers for years and someone needs to investigate that $44 million Courthouse bid.

    contractor Gulf Seaboard located in Ashland next door to Tom Evans and Southwood Builders of the Proffers Committee fame has been building with Architect and Mechanicsville Supervisor Canova Peterson for 20 years- that is just too fishy.

    Did anyone investigate if they are partners in any way on this deal? Was it disclosed if they are partners or investors?

    Is there anyone? home? anyone?


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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