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Throw David Stern Out of America and Out of the NBA !

David Stern, the Commissioner of the National Basketball Association (NBA), represents all that is wrong with the globalist mindset and should be kicked out of America and the NBA. When a guest on Colbert’s show Stern referred to US citizens as “you Americans.” He then declared that he is not an American, but an “internationalist.” When asked if he were an American, Colbert noted that he, “had to think about it.” Stern, an “internationalist” running the “national” basketball league is symptomatic of the globalist mindset of the ruling class that plagues us all.

A globalist rather than a culturist, I suppose Stern takes no sides in the world. When the Taliban blow up girl’s schools, he is for both sides! When 9 – 11 happened, he did not see a clash of civilizations, merely a plane from nowhere hitting a building that could have been anywhere! As China buries us in debt and suppresses speech, as the Egyptians slaughter Christian Copts, he expresses no affiliation. He doesn’t identify with any culture in particular. The Olympics must have been boring for him.

We can see Stern’s contempt for culture in his new technical foul rule. Starting this season, players can get penalized for expressing emotion or complaining. And so in his perfect world corporate office sterility and decorum control all actions. Stern does not desire to see or understand cultural expression. Stern is “notorious for being a ruthless capitalist.” Profit does not come from inefficiency. Money has no loyalty. It notices nothing, not Jihad, not criminal Mexican gangs terrorizing Americans, nothing that does not impact on the bottom line.

Colbert mentioned that the sport has gone international with the Chinese player Yao Ming. Yao’s contract was negotiated by the government of China. China engages in unfair and illegal trade policies. It kills protesters and suppresses Christianity. China doesn’t have free speech or Democracy. But Stern is not a culturist. He has no allegiance to western culture. Rather would be just as happy in China. He would be just as happy to see American companies go there as stay here. It is all the same to him.

Typical of the globalist elite, Stern seems to have no connection to his product either. He has never played in a basketball league at any level. He has no connection to the sport other than being its legal counsel on drug testing and salary cap negotiations. Yet, through the logic of modern money’s dominance over all other considerations, he ends up being in control of the basketball and its rules.

Stern and his class have no allegiance to America. When the Phoenix Suns’ management made their team wear jerseys protesting their State’s immigration laws, Stern backed the protest. Top-down, the players became forced to mouth the company’s political line. And the team badmouthed the very population it represents in favor of an international perspective.

For having no allegiance to America and for shipping our jobs overseas, capitalists of Stern’s ilk should be forced to live outside of the western world. Shy of that, for his lack of allegiance to the fans, players or basketball, Stern should be kept away from the American basketball courts in our National Basketball League.

John Press, Ph.D. is the President of the Brooklyn TEA Party and the author of Culturism: A Word, A Value, Our Future. has more information about culturism.

About Dr. John Press

Dr. John Kenneth Press is the author of "Culturism: A Word, A Value, Our Future." He most recently designed curriculum for Empire State in the area of the History of Education. Dr. Press spent 8 years teaching history, psychology, and philosophy at the high school level. He has written four book-length manuscripts including culturism, and studied furiously his entire life.

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  1. Jcgahi says:

    He’s a zionist jew whose FIRST and FOREMOST loyalty is to israel. As are a LOT of jews who live in America but consider it to be a “:foreign” country!


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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