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Tim Kaine’s Union Thugs Attack and Assault Fellow Blogger and FreedomWorks Activist

Tabitha Hale Assaulted by Union Thug

Tabitha Hale Assaulted by Union Thug

Well, that didn’t take long. As the media exposed Tim Kaine’s role in “organizing” protests around the country, the Kaine instigated violence has begun.

A friend has now fallen victim to the union thugs.

I have come to know Tabitha Hale over the past year or more in her capacity as a FreedomWorks employee who is charged with working with the New Media blogger types. This past August, Tabitha coordinated BlogCon, a 3 day conference in Washington D.C. and invited bloggers from all over the country. Most recently, she handled all of the details for the Bloggers Lounge at CPAC 2011. And there has been a lot of effort and work on her part on behalf of Freedom in between.

Tabitha is a petite young woman with a smile always at the ready. A fun loving, bubbly personality who obviously loves what she does. We all have her cell number and emails and this is one person that can always be counted on to help, no matter what.

Yesterday, a number of union thugs arrived at the FreedomWorks offices a few blocks from the White House. As we have all seen, these out of control mobs were everything that the left wingers accused the TEA Party if being – only there was absolutely no truth to the “fears” of violence and mayhem from the peaceful TEA Party protesters. But we all have had a big dose of the thuggery that Nancy Pelosi and the out of touch Progressives wished the TEA Party would become.

But it hits especially close to home when a friend, fellow blogger and peaceful believer in the Founding Father’s vision for America is viciously attacked by the violent union street thugs that former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine is organizing and inciting to this level of hatred in coordination with Obama’s “grassroots” shenanigans. (Note: This is the exact definition of AstroTurfing.)

Tabitha went outside to see what all of the commotion was about, whipped out her iPhone and began recording the mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, Tim Kaine / DNC instigated, hate-filled union thugs.

One look at the video tells you all you need to know.

Tabitha’s account on RedState:

We wandered around talking to people, and saw the buses lined up on the street. NEA, AFT, SEIU, and CWA signs dominated – a veritable “who’s who” of union thuggery, to be sure. They all had on matching tee shirts and printed signs, as is to be expected.

I was taking pictures and video with my phone, and I heard my coworker getting into a heated exchange with one of the protesters. I turned on my iPhone camera and headed over to film it. They were going back and forth, the protester called my colleague a “little sh*t” just as I walked up, which is where the video starts. Then he noticed I was filming.

The video documents what happened next.

Tabitha Hale is OK. So far, there is no word on if she will press charges or not.

Update: Word just in, Tabitha was just on Glenn Beck’s show.

Tim Kaine needs to condemn this violence and stop taking a part in this thuggery. And he owes Tabitha Hale an apology!

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

14 Responses to “Tim Kaine’s Union Thugs Attack and Assault Fellow Blogger and FreedomWorks Activist”

  1. Tom White says:

    This message was via email from Russell Rogers who was unable to post a comment for some reason.

    Mr. White,

    I tried to leave this as a comment on your site. It didn’t seem to go through. Maybe my comment was too long winded. Maybe there is a problem with your commenting systems.

    Here it is:

    I don’t see the connection between the Union organized protests at FreedomWorks headquarters and Tim Kaine. Was Tim Kaine there? Did he actually organize this event? Did Tim Kaine say, “Go! Knock down Tabitha Hale’s iPhone! I command thee”? Really? Or is it because Tim Kaine has some tangential connection to Union organizing, and he’s your chosen “Boogy-man or the Moment,” any misdeed by any Union worker anywhere in the World will currently get laid at Tim Kaine’s feet. He’s responsible? He needs to apologize? I’m not buying it.

    I’ve watched Tabitha Hale’s video. I’ve read her firsthand account about how she was rudely pushed, without injury to herself or her property. That’s what she said.

    Here’s what I got from Hale’s video and blog about the event: Union workers went to FreedomWorks HQ to protest. They were shouting slogans. Occasionally individuals said some silly and stupid things. Some crass. Some rude. Somebody got pushed. Nothing got broken. Nobody got hurt. Then they all went home. Nobody went to the hospital. Nobody went to jail.

    FreedomWorks sent a man dressed in a Panda suit outside to mock the protesters. It was kind of funny. “Bear baiting.” At one point, (on another video) one of the Union guys actually hugs the bear. It’s a bizarre moment. Not quite funny. But very strange. Almost touching.

    As you can see from this video, one of Tabitha’s coworkers got into a very heated argument with an old, cold Union guy, about twice Tabitha’s age. You can tell from the video that the Union guy is VERY upset, VERY angry and agitated.

    So Tabitha Hale moves towards that and INTO the middle of that. I’m not saying that Tabitha Hale had no right to be outside of FreedomWorks HQ or filming the events. After all, it’s where she works. I’m not saying that Tabitha Hale didn’t have a right to poke her cell phone in that guy’s face. But use common sense. Tabitha Hale is only 5’1″ tall. Why would she put herself in between two much larger men who were already fighting, no matter where it was? She could have gotten hurt, if those men were dangerous. It’s a good thing they weren’t dangerous.

    The Union guy pushes at the camera. It falls to the ground and so does Tabitha. Did the Union guy have a right to push at Tabitha’s phone? No. It was rude and wrong. Tabitha deserves an apology from him.

    But Tabitha was pushed without injury or damage to her property. No harm. None. Was that rude? Yes. But was it the outrageous, unprovoked “assault of a thug”? Only if you have the most anemic definitions of “assault” and “thuggery.” And only if you completely ignore FreedomWorks attempts to ratchet up the confrontation between themselves and the protesters.

    That man was not armed with a gun, knife, rock or even with a sign with a stick. He did not chase down Tabitha. She approached him while he was already in very heated argument with her coworker and stuck her cell phone in his face.

    When Tabitha falls down, her coworkers make no attempt to defend her, help her up or get her to safety. They don’t try to restrain the old Union man or call for help. Why? Because he was never a danger to Tabitha. Nope. Her coworker’s reaction is to immediately taunt the man with, “That was an ASSAULT!” Meanwhile, Tabitha Hale has already stood up and is blithely filming the man’s reaction. The Union worker did not chase her down. The Union worker did not kick her or punch her. After he slapped at her camera and she fell down, neither Tabitha nor her coworker were eager to get her to a safer location. Why? Because the man WASN’T dangerous! He wasn’t a THUG!

    Did FreedomWorks have a plan to taunt the Union protesters and provoke them into doing something rash? First by sending out a guy in a Panda Suit to mock them? Then by getting in heated, verbal fights with them, where demeaning insults were exchanged? That seems plausible.

    Was the old Union guy angry? That’s obvious from the video. He was livid! Why would a small woman move toward that? That seems foolhardy. Did the Union guy slap at Tabitha Hale’s camera? Yes. Was that rude? Yes. But, Tabitha Hale was NOT hurt! I’m not saying Tabitha Hale intentionally flopped, but I’ve seen harder fouls in my daughter’s 5th grade basketball games. And I don’t see how you can define a push (that results in no injury or damage) as the outrageous and unrestrained act of a mouth breathing, knuckle dragging thug! Not in BZILLION YEARS!

    If everyone who was ever pushed (without injury or damage) thought that they had been “assaulted by a thug,” our courts would be jammed with frivolous cases of assault and thuggery. If that old Union worker was a thug, he was one of the lamest thugs in the history of thuggery.

    The phrase, “mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, Tim Kaine / DNC instigated, hate-filled union thugs,’ seems to be grossly disconnected from the actual facts of the event. Tim Kaine wasn’t there. There was no “thuggery” there. That is just plain hype, spin, fantasy and a WILD exaggeration. You have no evidence that Tim Kaine or any member of the DNC was there or organized that event. Do you? That’s just your speculation. That’s just plain made up. Why are you muddying this story with your paranoia, fantasies and allegations? That’s not News.

    Why must every small incident be exaggerated to seem like a BIG thing? Why must we find a villain for every story? Can’t the vilification stop? At least turn down the volume in this echo chamber.

    Was that Union guy wrong? Yes. Did Tabitha Hale deserve an apology from that old Union guy? Yes. But how is a push that results in no damages and no injury an assault? If FreedomWorks can find a criminal or civil court to treat this as an “assault,” I will be very, very surprised. It’s a non-issue. A non-story. Not News. This is NOT worthy of national attention by even someone as credible as Glenn Beck.

    And I don’t see how you can be demanding an apology from your boogy-man of the hour, Tim Kaine, who can only be connected to this incident by the most twisted, round-about, Gordian half-logic. I have as much to do with this story as Tim Kaine, since I’ve benn corresponding with Tabitha about it. Tom, if you know Tabitha Hale, I’m guessing YOU have MORE connection with this story than Tim Kaine.

    Seriously Tom, this is what you consider a “News Story”? This is how you objectively present facts of meaning, interest and import? Wow.

    -Russ Rogers

    • Tom White says:


      Tim Kaine, as the Washington Post link states, is organizing Unions for these events. Kaine’s office is a few blocks away from FreedomWorks. He is responsible.

      Is that news?

      You bet it is. And it will become even larger news should more people be hurt or worse by Kaine’s actions. And I promise we will remember should Kaine decide to run for Senate in Virginia.

      • Russ Rogers says:

        Tom, Thanks for posting my overly verbose response.

        Like I said, I think your piece is mostly hype. And upon rereading it now, a couple phrases really struck me.

        “A friend has now fallen victim to the union thugs.” That phrase makes it sound like Tabitha Hale died or suffered grievous bodily injury. Tabitha Hale was pushed (without injury) by ONE man. That man wasn’t Tim Kaine. She was not hospitalized. She fell. So, “A friend has fallen and got right back up,” seems more appropriate to me. I don’t want to belittle Tabitha Hale’s sufferings. I just don’t think they should be exaggerated either.

        I also have a problem with your use of the plural, “thugs.” A group of men didn’t gang up on Tabitha Hale. She wasn’t hounded or surrounded. She was rudely pushed by ONE man. And I seriously doubt that ONE man was under any direct instructions from Tim Kaine (or anyone else) to push anyone. My guess is, the protesters were specifically instructed to avoid this kind of confrontation. If they weren’t, they should be. They should all watch this video as an instruction in how NOT to behave at a protest rally.

        Finally, the term “Union Thug” is already insulting and dismissive. But you go farther. You say, “mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, Tim Kaine / DNC instigated, hate-filled union thugs.” What you are saying is that by associating in a Union or with the DNC or Tim Kaine, people are “mouth breathing, knuckle dragging thugs.” You are saying that they are less fully evolved or developed. Maybe even inherently evil. That they are somehow sub-human.

        You might have just been looking for a witty insult. But I think that by trying to degrade whole classes of people (Blacks, Irish, Jews, Gays, Union Members, whoever) as somehow less than what we are, less than human, you start down a crude and very dangerous path. It’s an escalation of the violence and conflict, not a reasoned response.

        You might have been trying to be funny. It’s not. Seriously…it’s not. When you start dehumanizing your rivals, that’s only offensive. Nothing good comes from it.

        Maybe, like Mike Capuano, you just let your passion get away from you in the moment. I can see how that can happen. People can get so worked up over something, that they can do or say things they generally wouldn’t. That’s understandable. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad man. But that’s a poor rhetorical gambit to play. Insults like that are simply out of line. Please consider this with your insults in the future. Consider even editing this article now. Please?

        Russ Rogers

        • Tom White says:


          Actually, my writing style for this post is an imitation of the left wing coverage of the Tea Party events. I am simply using the same rhetoric as Olbermann and Maddow et. al. used.

          And if you recall the antagonistic strut through the protesters taken by the Congressional Black Caucus prior to passing health care and the restraint shown by the TEA party, I am sure you will also recall the false accusations of spitting, racial epithets and various false accusations used.

          I am simply echoing the same tone. That’s all. And wondering where those who spoke so flatteringly about the TEA Party are now. They seem to have gone quiet.


          • Russ Rogers says:

            So you feel no responsibility to elevate the tone? You recognize the muck, but you are willing to wallow in the same mire? How does that make you any better?

            What does the Congressional Black Caucus have to do with this story? Remember when John Wilkes Booth bowed on the stage of the Ford theater after assassinating President Lincoln? See? It’s a complete non-sequitur.

            I am talking about YOU intentionally demeaning those people you see as your political opponents as sub-human. It’s wrong. You can’t justify it by saying you are imitating other people. If other people have done it, they were wrong too! Man up! Take some responsibility for your own tastelessness. You can’t say, “I’ll stop when they stop first.” Own what YOU say. Take the high road, so that you HAVE the moral high ground when you do criticize what others say.

            If you hype and vilify, you are creating more heat than light. It becomes just sound and fury. Don’t give people like me a silly excuse to dismiss everything you are saying outright before you even have a chance to make your point.

          • Tom White says:

            Russ, I think the part you are missing is the mission of this blog. When I started this blog, the voices on the right were vastly outnumbered. All of the MainStream Media was biased towards the left, except FoxNews, which is as close to the center as you can get (the News portion, not the commentary). Of course, the liberal media sees FoxNews as right wing, but they are so far left that anything in the true center seems far right to them.

            The far left media pretends to be centrist, but an honest evaluation shows otherwise. The choice of stories, the slant on the news, the people they interview all show a bias which they deny.

            This site was started to balance out the number of websites that proudly proclaim they are Blue, or left leaning as well as those who pretend they are unbiased, but are left leaning (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, PBS, NBC, etc).

            The points of view you find on here are decidedly from the right. The point is not to present an unbiased viewpoint, but to give the reader a perspective view of stories and incidents from the right.

            When readers visit, they should understand that.

            We have become a polarized nation. As such, there are three points of view to every issue. Left, right, and neutral. Neutral had become rare, save for FoxNews, who is closer than any, and they do try, but the meter at Fox is still a bit north of center.

            So these days, to truly understand an issue, one must see how those on the left view an issue, and how those on the right view an issue, and the center, if you can find it.

            The far left sees the TEA Party as racists, hatemongers, thugs, and the list goes on. The right sees something entirely different. They see freedom fighters who want to put the runaway Federal government into a much smaller box.

            Places like RedState and Daily Caller are polar opposites to sites like DailyKOS and HuffPo. The Washington Times and Wall Street Journal are the balance for the WaPo and the NY Times.

            And there are thousands of sites in between.

            So, my tone, my point of view, my choice of stories are all chosen to present the issue or event from the perspective of the right. My choice of adjectives and descriptions are no more harsh than the counterpoint voices on the left.

            Do I feel a responsibility to “elevate the tone”? Absolutely not. That is neither my mission nor my desire. I relay the tone and often act as a reflective voice equal and opposite in fervor to my counterparts on the left.

            It always amuses me to hear from those like yourself that feel the need to point out the bias in a right wing publication and challenge me tone down the harsh rhetoric I sometimes use to make my point. If I do that, I might as well rename the Blog to Virginia Milquetoast. Yet, when the left uses similarly harsh words, there are no voices on the left admonishing them and any from the right are summarily dismissed as biased.

            One mistake many on the right often make is to always take the high road, especially when challenged. Politicians back down and retract, yet the left plays by totally different rules. Since they have created a reputation for poor behavior and don’t even pretend to desire the high road, they are indulged when the act out.

            I don’t pretend to be unbiased. You always know the point of view from which I write. Those of us on the right see the hatred in the face of that union thug and hear the filthy and unnecessary language of a thug attacking a Panda.

            All I do is hold the Unions and Democrats to the same standards they expect of the right. TEA Party folks were called thugs (and never committed battery or assault) and I believe it totally fair to use the same language when the unions actually do the things that TEA Party folks were falsely accused of doing. Lord knows Nancy Pelosi will never point out swastikas and Hitler posters in Madison. And if even one person at a TEA Party rally had knocked a camera out of someone’s hands or hit a FoxNews cameraman, I promise you Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews wouldn’t point out that the TEA Party person didn’t inflict serious harm. They would be demanding the death penalty.

            Balance is what I seek, my friend. Balance.

  2. Russ Rogers says:

    Speaking from the Left, I resent you telling me what my views of the Tea Party are, or what my choice of adjectives has been.

    Without calling you names, I’ve given you reasonable and redundantly reasoned reasons for finding the words and phrases that fundamentally debase whole groups of their humanity tasteless and wrong. Tom, it’s evil. I don’t think you are a bad man. But I find the propagation of that notion, that our political opponents must be vilified, disrespected and especially DE-HUMANIZED by definition an anathema to civil dialog.

    Are you more of a journalist or a propagandist? Are you trying to present your own ideas or just provide one more reflecting surface for the Right-Wing Echo-chamber of ideas?

    Nobody can compromise with a “thug.” So as soon as you define a whole group of people as “thugs,” you take all possibility of compromise and understanding off the table. That’s wrong. You’ve vilified your opponents instead of trying to find a place for dialog.

    Feel free to take comfort in feeling like you’re some kind of karmic blogosphere balance to other sites. That’s a false comfort.

    Because, you can’t take comfort in the “They called us names first” excuse any more. It has to stop somewhere, sometime. Now is the time. This is the place. From the Left AND the Right, it has to stop. And I’m going to stand up and say, “THIS IS FUNDAMENTALLY WRONG! It’s poisoning our society. And I won’t do it any more!” Tom, I’m sorry to see that won’t be you too. I guessed I misjudged you. I thought you had more pride than just being a Right-Wing Claquer. (Yeah. I called you a name. But it doesn’t diminish your humanity.) I thought you had more humility and capability to admit where you might have gone a step too far.

    I expect more from myself than stooping to the basest levels of my rivals. I’m sorry you don’t. For a counter-example of a Tea Partier who DID commit an assault, I offer up Tim Profitt and Lauren Valle. He put her in the hospital with a concussion. He was actually charged with assault. He was on Rand Paul’s campaign staff and was rightly, immediately dropped. It was on VIDEO, Tom. He stomped her head into the ground while his friends, shouted, “No! No! No!” She was already on the ground, submissive and subdued and he stomped on her head twice, just for fun. I’m not saying this to claim that the Tea Party is violent. But to rebut your claims that NO Tea Partier has EVER committed an assault at an official political event. That’s a gross exaggeration. Propaganda, without connection to objective reality. It’s a lie. I could come up with other examples. But since you’ve said it NEVER happens, I only need to provide ONE! You can either try to defend Profitt’s indefensible assault on a subdued woman or somehow deny him his credentials as being part of the Tea Party, or you can admit that you were wrong. It’s up to you. I’ve already questioned your ability to admit that you are wrong.

    I have never seen Rachel Maddow or Chris Mathews demanding the death penalty for any Tea Partier. Not saying that it hasn’t happened, just that I haven’t seen it. You justify your own bad behavior by imagining what your rivals might say if given the chance, and you consistently imagine the worst. So that is all you expect from yourself, the worst. You show me where Rachel Maddow or Chris Mathews has de-humanized Tea Partiers and you will see me giving them this SAME argument. Because my values don’t shift depending upon who is doing the talking. Do yours?

    • Tom White says:

      Russ, the great thing about having a blog is I am free to write and say what I want to. I really don’t care “who started it” or that “the other side does it”. I am sure there are plenty of blogs on the left you could say the same things to, yet you prefer to try to “reason” with those on the right. Perhaps we ARE more reasonable.

      But I plan to hit the left as often as I can for their thuggery and wrongheadedness. It is what I do, it is the reason this blog exists. We can (and will) disagree on this, but people are interested in the opinions expressed here. Otherwise, what’s the point? Yes, I hit pretty hard sometimes. That’s what I am here to do.

      So, when I call these union parasites thugs, mouth-breathers or knuckle-draggers, please understand that I am being kind.

      I couldn’t print what I REALLY think about them.

      These people are the “hired muscle” that the Democrats pull out when they lose the argument on merits (which is the norm).

      Our country is in real trouble and Tim Kaine’s Democrats are inciting violent union thugs by appealing to their greed. You understand that these union protests are all about personal greed, right? The TEA Party and Vietnam War protesters were not there for personal gain. That is the only reason Unions exist – personal enrichment.

      So in reality, there is no way I could be too harsh on these extortionists, which is a synonym for collective bargaining.

      Don’t get me wrong, unions did a lot of good back when they were still making buggy whips. But their usefulness went out about the same time buggy whips did. The last accomplishment of the union was the 2 day weekend. America has become lazy and counterproductive because of unionization.

      It is time for unions to go!

  3. belanja says:

    Nasty people, they need to be put behind bars!


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