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Time to Thank Ron Paul

President Trump Ought to Give Paul the Medal of Freedom

I was listening half-heartily to President Trump’s rally in Minneapolis. I was of course entertained and I generally agree with his ideas but not always how he says them (Presidents ought not use words like “ass” in public) and sometimes he’s a bit tough on others, like Rep. Omar (although she is a disaster).

But then the President got quiet and started speaking to how he went to Dover, DE to meet coffins of US soldiers coming home for the last time. Grieving parents, spouses and others. Some were visibly distraught. One mother claimed on the coffin or her son or daughter. You could hear a pin drop as Trump tells this. I went to listen closely.

When I heard the speech again, I found out this was preceded by a plea (quotes are approximate): Ending the endless wars – we have to do it!

From now on [we fight] where it is the benefit of the United States of America – not the benefit of other countries.

This testimony about greeting the soldiers in Dover (I use this in a spiritual sense) was to support the President’s thesis: Bring our troops home!

All these people who want to stay – I [Trump] don’t want to stay!

Syria was supposed to be only 30 days – been there for ten years!

Afghanistan – short period of time – now it is 19 years!

It’s time to bring them home!

Now in the Sanders home I am starting to say out loud: It is was not for Ron Paul (Ronulus Magnus II) Donald Trump would not be President to say these words. He won the election! No Paul did not hold the office, but he changed the debate in so many areas. Not just wars. The Federal Reserve actually came up in 2016 (Secretary Clinton thought Trump was reckless even to discuss the Fed!); But wait, there’s more:

When President Trump pleaded with the crowd: It’s time to bring them home! He got cheering and applause – it was muted compared to other times in the rally – but was clear supportive cheering.

Compare what the response of the GOP faithful to Cong. Paul’s pleas to bring the troops home: Jeering and booing. But Paul had to endure with the message of peace (and liberty) and it made President Donald Trump possible.

There’s more (if you rooted hard and cried for Paul’s defeat and how Romney refused to even allow Paul’s name to be put into nomination, get ready to cry again!):

We’re not fighting, just policing!

We are artificially put there [between the Turks and the Kurds] by President Obama!

We’ve spent EIGHT TRILLION DOLLARS in the Middle East

Lost thousands of our brave solders (The President even mentioned how millions in the ME lost their lives, too) and tens of thousands have been terribly wounded. Great people!

Only chaos and bloodshed is the result

All of the blood and treasure-

STOP here! Do you remember the debate where Ron Paul was asked if the interventions in Iraq were worth the blood and treasure and he said it was not worth it! As I prepared for the blog post, my eyes started to tear up.

All of the blood and treasure [of the USA] has made the ME less safe, less stable, less secure…we’re going to pull them out.

The single greatest mistake in its history is for us to get in the “quicksand” of the ME.

We’re going to bring our good soldiers back home!

Previous administrations (PLURAL!) LUST (Trump’s word) for regime change.

Ron Paul could hardly say it better! But finally this was said:

Historic Christian communities have been placed in vastly more danger than they were before we started!

I was so excited I shouted too loud for the house that late!

[The Christian communities] some of the biggest of the power vacuums and reckless foreign adventures! The Christians! The Christians!

I am about to cry tears of joy over this. I never thought a President of the United States would EVER say that.

The goal of the Trump administration is to get the troops out of the Middle East. Has to be done carefully. But this is President Trump’s goal; get out of Middle East conflicts.

If I had ten minutes with the President (I would not call him Donald!) I’d say today: Give former Congressman Ronald Ernest Paul the Presidential Medal of Freedom. If it wasn’t for Ronulus Magnus II, you might not be President today. He was Goldwater and you are Reagan. That award would send a clear message to the neo-cons and those who lusted for foreign adventures so mothers could grieve inconsolably over the coffin of their son or daughter: No more foreign adventures. Not on my watch.

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Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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