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Entitlement programs such as Social Security, Medicare are driven by demographics and longevity factors, which we can do little about. All those babies born after WW II are now reaching retirement age. Some 10,000 turn 65 each day and this continues for the next 16-17 years. Means testing and significant structural changes to the programs are the only way to sustain them. Lifting the caps on income subject to the two taxes are long overdue.

There is another problem however costing American society billions each year that also needs addressed, namely the number of males living in female headed households. Policies in place today are at the core of destructive cultural problems that are not going  to go away by avoiding talking about them.

In a column by Michael Giere this week he noted the 1 in 3 males today living in female headed households. The sobering consequences of this are now clear. A male living in one of these households is…..

20 times more likely to end up in prison, 5 times more likely to commit suicide, 20 times more likely to have behavioral problems, 14 times more likely to commit rape, 9 times more likely to drop out of high school, and 10 times more likely to use drugs.

The proliferation of teacher’s aides in every classroom  , most often cited as a consequence of the aforementioned behavioral problems is buttressed by comments from educators who have spoken to me on the condition of anonymity. Kids can’t learn when you have other students constantly disrupting the classroom serenity necessary for a learning environment. The Catholic Nuns had a sure fire remedy and it was employed as needed and hung above their desks in full view of every student. Texas has just reintroduced spanking in schools and the value in instilling a level of discipline in boys who have no authority figure in their lives is long overdue.

One can argue the merits of the various social services that have in practical terms supplanted the “ daddy” in the household with a government daddy, and the ensuing results are crystal clear to anyone with their eyes open.  Conservatives , had they been advocates of this 60 year experiment today would be ridiculed if these results from this were owned by them. Instead we have in the English language a new term “ the babies Daddy”,  replacing what used to be father. The progressive philosophy that a father isn’t actually necessary has clear and damning evidence to the contrary. Throwing more resources at this would not change what nature has dictated as a requirement for a boy to grow up in a healthy environment…..Dad has to be around.

Over the years  I have advocated for ending taxpayer subsidies that led to the social acceptance of having children out of wedlock as  simply an alternate choice to the more conventional and  superior manner of a man and woman marrying, then having and raising children in a household where the daily presence of a father has produced better results. No one would advocate for punishing the children, who after all had no choice in the matter.

What can be done to reverse this social trend is to end to all subsidies that rewards or promote this behavior. America has subsidized illegitimacy as a policy for 60 years and we now have ample results with which to measure the outcomes. The financial costs are staggering, but it is the long term damage to these young males that is simply inexcusable to ignore any longer.  To the critics who constantly cite the disproportionate number of African American males in prison today, suggesting it is a reflection of America’s racist climate, I simply refute that on the grounds that the home life is more directly linked than any suggestion racism played a part.  60 years is ample time to weigh the results.

Community efforts, often led by churches to teach young men how to be fathers are to be commended. We do the best we can with the kids who are here, try and find a way to broaden their horizons so they can hope for the best possible outcome. It is however no longer a matter of hoping the policies that have led to these outcomes simply improve on their own, we must as a nation make a commitment to amending the very policies that have led us here.  It begins with having a frank and candid discussion of the failure.

Bob Shannon    Founder Mechanicsville  &  King  William T.E.A Party



  1. Gene Lefty says:

    So what does 10,000 people turning 65 have to do will the equation? You didn’t tell us how many people over 65 die each day? Why not? How many of those who turn 65 are not eligible for Medicare? How many stay on private or employer health insurance?

    1) How much does the net number of people on Medicare increase or decrease every day?
    2) Republicans have long promised to put competition into the healthcare industry. You never want to talk about how putting competition into the healthcare business would lower the cost of both Medicaid and Medicare. You never want to talk about how much having lobbyists with checkbooks buying congress is costing us. Hell, damn near $100 million a year in the defense budget is being used for erectile dysfunction drugs. Why in the hell am I supposed to be paying for that??????
    3) Yes, SS and Medicare are a large part of the Federal budget. But you never want to talk about how much of either is being financed by payroll deductions and other revenue streams. Why do you not talk about the other parts of the budget that are not paying their way?
    4) Why do you not want the laws changed that allowed the federal government to use the Social Security Trust and Medicare Trusts money for everything else? This has gone on for many years, and you have not lobbied to change the law to protect our Medicare and Social Security Trust money. Now you complain because all we have left is Trillions of dollars in IOU’s in those trust funds. Nothing but a promise. Just like the Trump promise of a wonderful, fantastic, affordable healthcare plan for everybody.

    Quit deceiving people by telling only half the story, Bob.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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