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It’ s simply not true.  The earthquake was not caused by the UKIP surge in the local elections.  Nor the tornado warning today!  Neither were caused by too much celebration at Sandy’s house due to the UKIP surge in the local elections!  But perhaps it should have.  The results are encouraging:  Liberty is on the march!

Since the EU results are not reported until Sunday evening to avoid any influence on the elections of other nations, the local results are an exit poll of sorts for the EU results.  And it is pretty devastating for all the parties, except UKIP.

Some highlights form the Guardian UK live blog:

The Farage Labourite is not an endangered species; he or she is real!

Exhibit A:  Steven Morris reporting from Swindon (emphasis Morris’):

Quite a lot of concern at the Oasis leisure centre, where the Swindon borough count is taking place, from the Tories and Labour over the Ukip effect. This is supposed to be a straight fight between the two parties but Ukip seems to be doing better than expected, especially in the Old Town ward, traditionally a Labour stronghold in the centre of Swindon.

Exhibit B:  Helen Pidd in Rotherham writes that UKIP won a seat from the Deputy local Labour party leader:

Labour’s Jahangir Akhtar, deputy leader of Rotherham council, has lost his seat to Ukip. Provisional results suggest he has lost to Maureen Vines by 39 votes, though there could yet be a recount.

(In fairness, this Labour incumbent was involved in a scandal but officially cleared.)

Exhibit C:  More Farage Labourites found by Patrick Wintour and Nicholas Watt:

Labour was confronting the first signs of the Ukip political earthquake as Nigel Farage’s surge prevented Labour from making its expected gains and weakened its grip in some of its northern heartlands.


Ukip polled more than a third of the vote in wards in northern cities such as Sunderland and Hull, where it had previously had little or no presence. In Labour target seats further south and east, such as Swindon and Portsmouth, a strong Ukip vote was destroying Labour hopes of making more than 400 council gains. The Labour group leader in Portsmouth admitted the Ukip performance was “causing mayhem”.


It was notable that Labour was being pushed back in Rotherham, where a local MP, John Healey, has long been pressing the party leadership to realise the threat that Ukip poses to a disillusioned former Labour working-class vote.

More proof:  More Pidd from Rotherham:

Ukip is celebrating after winning 10 seats in Rotherham, ousting several prominent Labour councillors including the deputy leader of the council.

The assertive victory was seized on by the anti-EU party has proof it appeals to working class Labour voters as well as disaffected Tories. The win far exceeded Ukip hopes and Labour’s worst fears.

I do not expect the MSM in the UK, or the Hope not Hate nor the Southern Poverty Law Center to thank UKIP for this but it appears they decimated the BNP in the tally from Rotherham!  SEVEN Labour councillors defeated!  Ten total seats – UKIP is the loyal opposition in Rothenham!

The front page of Friday’s Guardian is right here:

View image on Twitter

Perhaps that lightning bolt is the symbol of what UKIP is doing!  I love it!  Mayhem!  I prefer to call it Liberty and Sovereignty on the march!  I would have played up the Labour proposal to ban cheap beer!  The nanny state health proposal Miliband drafted!

Here is from Breitbart London (Thank the Lord for Breitbart London to give the British people some truth!) more evidence of the Farage Labourite:

In northern England, Labour felt the heat from UKIP in their traditional heartlands, with the party making headway in areas such as Rotherham, Doncaster and Hull, areas in which the Conservatives have traditionally failed to make any headway.

Nigel Farage’s party will no doubt be the big news of today, and of Sunday night when the European election results come in. But for now – UKIP is gaining over 63 council seats across the country, taking key areas for the working class vote: in Essex, and in the North of England.

More from Breitbart:

The comments came in the early hours of a night that left mainstream parties reeling from a UKIP surge in areas of Northern England. Pundits had predicted major UKIP gains in the European elections but believed that the party would remain fairly stagnant in the local elections.


In ultra-safe Labour Rotherham UKIP gained 10 seats, even though only one third of seats were being contesting. UKIP also beat both the leader and deputy leader of the Council, showing that they are strong enough to beat skilled and popular local leaders.

There were also gains in Hull and Doncaster, also widely believed to be no go areas for anyone other than Labour.

There’s more:  The LibDems have been crushed in most local elections.  Check out this one:

And here’s a very uncomfortable set of numbers for the Lib Dems, from that Pitsea North West result. The 33 is not a typo:

Ukip: 1156

Labour: 906.

Conservatives: 427

Liberal Democrats: 33

OUCH!  I think I lost a student government election like this once at Wright State!  But this result nearly caused the tornado warning in Mechanicsville.  Thank the Lord – no twister!  Just a victory lap or two.

Anushka Asthana tells this result – disastrous for the LibDems:

First Birmingham result. Longbridge – Lab hold but Tory incredibly close 2nd and UKIP v close 3rd. Lib Dems from 1600 to 157 behind greens.

And the Tories have lost overall control of three local councils with much of the blame due to UKIP:

Ukip gains caused the first change of council control of the night – it didn’t win Castle Point but it took the council out of Conservative hands and into no overall control, reports PA:

emily m tweets:  Basildon falls into NO overall control. no longer tory

That is cited as due to UKIP gains!

In Portsmouth, UKIP may hold the balance of power according to Peter Henley!

I would comment – each and every one of these ELECTED councillors are potential MPs – with a record of accomplishments!  But the City of London (where the EU is trying to choke through its attempt to control the financial markets – I would make sure they knew this in 2015 if I were advising Farage!) seems to be somewhat immune to the UKIP tsumani:

Ross Hawkins tweets:  UKIP appears less strong in London, polling at 6pc

Here is a tweet from BBC Politics:

Labour 240 (+13) Conservatives 174 (-51) UKIP 56 (+56) Lib Dems 32 (-19) Green 0 (0)

56 new councillors!  That calls for a quiet victory lap but it might cause another earthquake here in Virginia!

Basilon is not out of Tory control with 11 UKIP wins (The Guardian reports BOTH Labour and the Tories lost seats in this council)!  Liberty is on the march…

UPDATE:  More on Labour’s losses to UKIP from a Labour leader:

Labour former minister David Lammy told Sky News: “There’s no doubt about it, Ukip are biting into parts of Labour’s working-class vote.

But Lammy doesn’t get it:

“Ukip have a very simple message, which is if you’re worried about your son’s unemployment, if you’re renting, if you can’t get a council house, if your wages are stagnating, that the problem is immigration and the solution is we’re going to pull out of Europe.

“The truth of that is something quite different but people are believing that message, they are swallowing that message, and I think that mainstream parties have to look very clearly now over the next short while at how they penetrate the protest that’s been demonstrated tonight.”

There is more to this vote than a protest.  The protest vote was supposed to be in the EU voting not the local returns.  Labour has left many of its members and supporters behind when it became Tweedledum.  Wait until UKIP attempts to show what a nanny-state regime Labour would be.

UPDATE:  The UKIP seats are up to 78, up 63 according to the Guardian live blog.  Time for another victory lap!  Watch the Richter scale!

UPDATE:  Remember the debates between Deputy PM Clegg (LibDem) and Farage?  How Clegg and the LDs were going to make Europe the issue and fight UKIP?

At this hour (about 430 am in the UK) the count is minus 20 for the LibDems.

As Dr. Phil would say:  How that’s working for you?  Not too late to switch to anti-EU…

FINAL UPDATE until AM in Virginia:  The Farage Labourite is going to be the story (Who outside this blog will use it first and will the blog get credited!) of the night:

The Tories and Labour suffered today as voters turned to Ukip in the local elections, with the two largest parties in Westminster losing control of councils as a result of gains for Nigel Farage’s “people’s army”.

Stunning results in southern councils appeared to indicate that Essex Man was increasingly voting Ukip and, in a worrying sign for Ed Miliband, the party also made inroads in Labour’s northern heartlands.


In the north, Ukip showed it could pose a threat to Labour in its strongholds, taking 10 of the 21 council seats up for election in Rotherham, including nine gains, and polling an average of 47% where its candidates stood.

And UKIP is up to 95 new seats, a gain of 88.  Can I stay up to see 100?  The victory lap right now looks like a calm breeze not a tornado warning…

Let’s give credit to the writer at the Guardian who had had a long night:  Claire Phipps.  Way to go, Claire!

Time for a victory lap to bed!  I should have more news in AM – the Sky news calling for the first time for a hung parliament (where no one party has a overall majority as it is now) might be interesting.  We’ll see.  Good night to my readers in the USA and good morning and it is a GOOD morning for my UK readers!






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