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Trump Playing 3D Chess While Washington and the Press are Playing Checkers

Don’t you just love all of the analysts and media experts who are ever at the ready to call whatever President Trump does as a flip flop, abandoning his base, going back on a campaign promise, reversing course, being influenced by this faction or that?

Trump fires 59 Tomahawk missiles at an airport in Syria and because Russian strongman Putin didn’t approve, bed-wetters like USA Today are declaring World War III has begun.

John Oliver said “Last week, President Trump, who cast himself on the campaign trail as a non-interventionist, pulled a complete 180, launching 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at the Shayrat air base outside of Homs, Syria.”

The Daily Beast criticizes Trump’s response to Syria’s WMD attacks of innocent civilians t screaming “Moscow Reacts to Syria Strikes With Furious Words“.

And even the #NeverTrump crowd at RedState (does anyone actually read that site any more?) declare that Putin refuses to meet with Secretary of State Tillerson because of the air strike in Syria.

And they joined their fellow Trump hating media colleagues as The Hill, The Daily Beast, Reuters, MSN, and the list goes on.

And it is all Trump’s fault they declare in lock step.

And then, once again with egg on their collective faces, Tillerson and Putin meet.

Vladimir Putin blinked.

So did the media that was so quick to pile on about Putin’s refusal to meet with the American Secretary of State admit they were wrong? Did they give Trump props for calling Russia’s bluff? For showing spine where none has existed for the past 8 years of the Obama “Lead from behind” folly?

Heck no! The “failing” New York Times completely ignored the significance of the fact that a meeting took place after all and focused on how “unproductive” the meeting was:

MOSCOW — Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson met with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia for nearly two hours Wednesday, but the two men appeared unable to agree on the facts involving the deadly chemical weapons assault on Syrian civilians or Russian interference in the American election — much less move toward an improvement in basic relations.

While the media and the political class were playing checkers, Trump out thought them all. The 59 missiles were answered by Syria switching to

checkers photo

Photo by Ayleen Dority

conventional bombs, launching planes from the same airport we just bombed and hitting the same innocent civilians again. The liberals, ever so critical of the US attack while completely ignoring the poison gas WMD attack gleefully report that Syria continues to bomb it’s people from the same airport. So the 59 Tomahawks were a failure.

Except that Syria is no longer using WMD’s. And Trump stood up to Putin. And Putin blinked. So while the liberals and Trump’s detractors are busy playing checkers, our President won a major battle with the Russians on the 3D chess board. And they are all too stupid to even understand the significance of what happened. Eight years of American fielty to Putin was wiped out with 59 missiles. Putin now understands that the weakness projected by the hapless Obama administration has ended.

Putin blinked.

And the press and the Trump haters continued their checker game yesterday as Trump dropped a MOAB – a massive bomb never before used by America – in Afghanistan.

And Elizabeth Warren is confused. She says she does not understand Trump’s foreign policy. The truth is, Warren doesn’t have the intelligence to even play checkers. Watch the video from the liberal Yahoo news here.

Lizzy, it is pretty simple to understand. Donald Trump is killing the enemy. They killed one of ours and so we killed a few dozen of theirs. That is how this works. Here’s a project you can understand. How about you start a campaign to rename Tomahawk missiles. It is bound to be offensive to your fake Native American heritage.

But for those not named Elizabeth Warren and who have positive IQ’s let’s look at who Trump actually bombed with this massive ordnance.

  • ISIS. Duh! They were the primary target. Their system of underground tunnels allows them to hide from our troops and sneak out and kill us. And escape. All this bomb did was move the tunnels above ground. Or ground them into the earth if you prefer. Our military “advisors” are much safer and it is harder for the bad guys to get away.
  • Pakistan. No, the bomb was close to the border but didn’t actually land in Pakistan. But I’m sure they heard it! Remember where Bin Laden was hiding? The Pakistani’s gave him refuge and they are giving refuge to the bad guys. Where do you think the tunnels went to? Can you hear us now?
  • North Korea. Yep, they are a long way from Afghanistan but they heard the Mother of All Bombs in Pyongyang, you can bet your bippy. It probably interrupted Kim Jong-Un’s breakfast. Or perhaps his second breakfast or maybe even elevenses. But he heard it.

And they heard this bomb in Russia and China too.

And while the media in full checker mode is trying to convince Trump supporters that our president has back tracked on his campaign promise to end China’s currency manipulation, China turned back ships loaded with North Korean coal in a slap to Kim Jung-Un’s money supply. And China also warned North Korea that Trump is a man that keeps his promises and his threats, so think long and hard about a threatened nuclear test. And China sent 150,000 troops to their border with North Korea.

Apparently CNBC was too busy playing checkers to read Trump’s “Art of the Deal”. If they had read the book they would understand that everything with Donald Trump is a negotiation. After meeting with Chinese president Xi Jinping, the currency manipulation rhetoric Trump used during his campaign has softened. So instead of the trade war the checker players wrung their hands about every time Trump mentioned currency manipulation, China has actually taken measures to control North Korea, something Obama failed miserably to do for 8 years. All in exchange for taking the currency manipulation bargaining chip off the chess board.

America wins. China wins and Putin becomes a third wheel. Don’t think Vlad didn’t notice!

Politicians and pundits that play checkers simply cannot understand the art of the deal. Or winning. And only time will tell, but I would bet a level 3 Knight against a level 4 Pawn that China backs off on the currency manipulation, and saves face at the same time, never admitting that they were not playing fair.

God I love to see America winning again. Chess anyone?


About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

6 Responses to “Trump Playing 3D Chess While Washington and the Press are Playing Checkers”

  1. Robert Shannon

    Decisiveness is a quality that any leader must possess if said leader is to have any chance of being a successful leader.

    The idiots on the left constantly criticized candidate Trump for his inflexibility relative to his positions. At some point we can hope they come to understand what Trump meant when he said” we will keep them guessing”

    What they fail to understand is how important the characteristic is to successfully leading. As you noted they apparently never read The Art of the Deal. Shame on them.

    Bob Shannon

    • Trump Watcher says:

      Funny how Trump can change his mind as the wind blows, but when Obama or Clinton did as Trump has, they became the worlds biggest liars. Trump hasn’t kept me guessing, it’s you people who are kept guessing. Trump is the typical CEO. Say the opposite of what they will actually do. Trump is far to predictable.

      You people have zero credibility. Trying to defend another failed administration will become a full time job. It’s not about the right or the left with people like me, it’s about results.

  2. Karl Lembke says:

    “Eight years of American fielty to Putin was wiped out with 59 missiles”

    Did you by any chance mean “fealty”?

    • Tom White says:

      No. Fealty has a connotation of being an honorable allegiance to someone or something. Fielty is more of an obligation or forced situation. A nice way of saying Obama was Putin’s bitch. I didn’t know if anyone would notice the subtle difference in the two words. You were awake to notice.
      Tom White recently posted…Do US Bombs and Missiles Have a ‘Use By’ Date?My Profile

      • Karl Lembke says:

        OK, new word.
        I was thrown by the fact that it didn’t show up in or

        OK, it does show up in Wiktionary. Very brief definition, and no etymology.

        On a tangent, nowadays relatively few people are award that “sirrah” is not a respectful form of address. And of course, there’s the famous slipping past the censors of the word “gunsel”.

  3. Trump Watcher says:

    I agree with Bob about those “idiots on the left”. But, lets not forget that for every “idiot on the left”, there is at least one or more “idiots on the right”. N. Korea gave it’s reply to Trump’s bullshit Saturday evening. I refuse to believe that Assad or Russia used gas after SOS Tillerson said Assad could stay, and Assad apparently is winning their civil war.You and Bob can drink the Limbaugh kook-aid, I’ll pass. We need to investigate.

    Trump is nothing but a lie. He is set to spend more in one year on travel costs than Obama did in 8 years. He is set to play more golf than Obama did in 8 years in one year. The real question that needs to be asked is if Trump is traveling to Florida where he can run his business empire away from the WH press corps.

    I don’t believe one word that Trump says. The truth will come out about the more that likely faux gas attack in Syria, and the pissing away of $60 million in bombs on a mostly abandoned field AFTER Trump telling everybody to get the hell out.

    Trump ain’t going to do jack shit to N. Korea. His BS isn’t working with the Chicom’s anymore than it is with me. Problem is the Dems are just as bad as Trump.

    Face it, you guys put a “down on the pike” used car salesman in the White House. And, the alternative was just as bad. But, at least Putin hated Clinton.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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