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Trump Points Trannny’s to Bathroom of their Gender

After 8 years of Obama it is hard to imagine a mental illness or perversion the left doesn’t like. And try as they may, a male deciding they are a woman or the other way around is a mental illness. Clearly. I am not a shrink but it is not difficult tell that a guy that thinks he is a chick is sick. Now before the liberals try to brand me an intolerant bigot, a term I embrace for myself, let me just say that I really don’t give a rat’s butt what or who you do in private. What two (or more) consenting adults do in private are not my concern. And as long as you leave children and animals alone, I say “go for it”.

Where I become intolerant (or a bigot depending on your perversion) is when I am forced to pretend that a mental illness or delusion is OK by me. Or when people of obviously higher moral standing than I object to participating in a business transaction that runs contrary to their religious beliefs.

chester the molester photo

Photo by CocteauBoy

That is where I turn from ambivalence and  become intolerant.

You see, if a baker does not want to bake a wedding cake for a gay wedding, they should be allowed to refuse service. After all, it is no different from the left, who support all stripes of perversion, refusing to sell Trump Wine or Ivanka clothes. Tolerance is what the right exhibits when Trump Wine flies off the shelves after the left issues a boycott fatwa against it. Or when Ivanka’s shoes and clothes climb to #1 on Amazon after the left declares a hissy fit.

If you do not like something or someone, you are free to shop elsewhere. Gays can go to a pizza shop that welcomes the business. Or have your cake baked by a gay baker. Because God knows I wouldn’t eat anything that I forced someone to cook against their religious beliefs. I don’t even send food back if it is cooked wrong because there is a pretty good chance the re-fired rare steak that I ordered medium will contain a special saliva sauce. Or worse. No, when it comes to food, I believe whatever the chef believes.

And the same thing applies to forcing me to pee with some “questioning” asshole that doesn’t know if they are male of female. Dude (or Dudette), you are sick in the head. Do this. Go in a locked room by yourself – preferably at home – and drop your drawers. If you have an “innie” you pee in the Ladie’s room. If you see an “outie” you are good for the Gentleman’s room. (And for those of you still questioning, I am not talking about your belly button.)

I can’t pretend that the female at the urinal beside me is a man any more than I can pretend that the omni-directional spray she is getting all over the men’s room isn’t wet. Or gross. Go to the bathroom that matches your plumbing. “Don’t Tred (or Pee) On Me.”

And then there is the thought of “Chester the Molester” with his 5 O’clock shadow and hairy back sauntering into the little girl’s room in a pink strapless sundress for a cheap thrill. Let me just say that should this happen while my granddaughter is the girl’s room, I am highly likely to give you a free gender reassignment surgery that will clear up your mental condition once and for all and remove all doubt.

Calling a mental illness a “sexual orientation” is absurd. Sexual Orientation is plumbing based. Anything else is either a personal preference, a mental illness or abject stupidity.

But remember, I am only a full on intolerant bigot when you force me to accept mental illness as normal. If you think you are a bird, should we let them “fly” off a roof? No! But if it comes down to making me pretend that “Chester the Molester” with his 5 O’clock shadow and hairy back sauntering into the little girl’s room in a pink strapless sundress is normal, that’s not gonna happen.

So thank you President Trump for bringing back sanity to America and tossing Obama’s pervert inspired Executive Order.


About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

11 Responses to “Trump Points Trannny’s to Bathroom of their Gender”

  1. #MAGA in Lynchburg says:

    Waiting for the FEDS to rescind Title IX funding so all the “Nasty Women” in the feminist movement can experience their awakening that they’ve been duped by Soros on this issue and stop PROTESTING for the 0.005% of the population.

    They are too stupid to see that the TRANNY Agenda under the LGBTQ UMBRELLA will destroy decades of the feminists’ gains towards equality in sports.

    And do you know who the greatest victims of this Tranny Agenda will be? POOR African American Women who received free college scholarships to play sports under Title IX. That’s who.

    But the Liberals get their claws in the unknowing Black teachers through the unions.. Dumbed Down.

  2. Calliou says:

    Hey MAGA:

    video link proves your point. Title IX can unite the Conservative Right and the Feminists AGAINST TRANSGENDERS.

  3. Real Men Support Real Women says:


  4. Trump Watcher says:

    This whole BS bathroom deal ain’t nothing more than another product of the very crooked media. Once again, they’re the ones putting it in the spotlight and who will just not let go of it. A media owned by Wall Street is anything but a “free” media.

    Only hope is that possibly SCOTUS will lay down the law.

    You graduate all these people from college with over the top student loan debt, unaffordable Trumpcare, jobs sold to Communist China, and a out of sight trade imbalance, and one of the products you get is a very corrupt society struggling for survival. Hollywood and a crooked media, and more crooked politicians.

    Hell, just build some more tattoo parlors to help keep unemployment down.

    • North Carolina Tarheels says:

      Sorry Trump Watcher YOU ARE WRONG. The TRANS Agenda is NOT A MEDIA FOCUS. It’s a Communist Focus to destroy America assisted by YOUR DEMOCRATIC Party soon to be under the leadership of Nation of Islam Radical Muslim America Hater in Chief Congressman Keith Ellison ( D) MN. Who calls repeatedly for the Impeachment of our President Donald J. Trump. Where was he when Barack Hussein Obama was bringing in hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers into the Government Agencies? Hmmm?

      A MILLION NASTY WOMEN wearing PUSSY HATs marching on WASHINGTON after the Inauguration carrying their LGBT Signs organized by the Muslim Brotherhood and funded by Anarchist George Soros is behind the Tranny Agenda. And YOU LIBTARD Democratic Voters who go each election and VOTE for that over the national interests of America are responsible for Chuck YOU Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Elijah Cummings, Sheila Jackson Lee, Elizabeth Warren and my favorite SNL comedian Al Franken being elected to Washington to push Transgendered Bathrooms in Schools and lockerrooms.

      Nice Try Trump Watcher but you’ve met your match with VA Right readers. YOU aren’t welcome here with your LEFTIST propaganda and FAKE NEWS COMMENTS. Troll!

  5. robert shannon

    As the General Assembly comes to a close this issue along with the G.A’s inconsequential results illustrate a central point about American politics in this highly polarized climate we have today.

    Fringe groups on both sides make a lot of ” noise” so clever Pol’s manipulate them as a cover for their lack of action on major issues. The Left in this instance elevates this “bathroom gender” nonsense for one reason……they are void of any meaningful ideas or philosophy, the loss of so many seats at every level of gov’t illustrates that, and they are left to gin up a phony civil rights issue, knowing all too well the ensuing results will get a lot of press and they can boast they are defending the rights of the ” oppressed”, one of the left’s rallying cries.

    It also takes the low information voters eyes off the lack of any progress being made on major pressing issues they are either too cowardly to tackle or are simply following marching orders from their respective party establishments to stand down. What has come from the current session of the G.A, if you doubt what I say ? Did we make any progress on Medicaid reform—Virginia Tax Code reform—Education Reform ( other than doling out more state pay raises) ? No we didn’t. Developers got a gift with the Broadband legislation , ultimately getting the infrastructure build out they will benefit by down the road , sparing them any proffer costs after the build out has occurred with tax payers dollars. It pays to have friends in the state legislature.

    As for the ” impromptu surgery”……. Tom do you have a license to practice medicine ? Sorry Pal……couldn’t help myself—it’s Friday !

    Bob Shannon King William

    • Burke Tea Party Patriot says:

      Reminds me of Delegate Chris Peace’s Mammoth Legislative Effort in the GA a few years back the bill “The Day of the Girl.”

  6. Jane from Charlottesville says:

    Recently in the People’s Republic of Charlottesville, I was having my hair done in a national salon chain store every reader would recognize. It is a full service salon that caters mainly to women. To see a man there is rare- a son or husband or some other male client of a stylist perhaps.

    During my 60 minute appointment a man in his fifties appeared for his Make-Up and Hair appointment with a stylist and I raised my eyebrows to my stylilst and was told “He’s two weeks out from his operation.”
    “What operation” I asked?
    “He’s becoming a woman. He’s having transgender surgery to become a woman and he came in today to have us do his hair and makeup. His wife is cool with it.”

    Incorrectly assuming in the People’s Republic of Charlottesville that I was a LIBERAL and would be cool with it I responded “IF that PERVERT is in the women’s bathroom the next time I come in here, I”LL NEVER BE BACK.” UNDERSTAND? That’s lost business for you each month Chicklet.

    Boycotting businesses who attempt to normalize this behavior is our only salvation. And then, telling them so.

  7. mr green jeans

    Thank you President Trump for saving the “bacon” of all the gutless Virginia Republican elected officials (state, local,federal) like School Boards, Board of Supervisors that did not have the courage to defend the children in the public schools. These people should be ashamed and shown the door come elect time!


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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