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It would be amusing if it wasn’t so pathetic that  in these 3 particular cities, Atlanta, Chicago and Sacramento citizens decided to protest over the weekend because President Trump continues to refuse to release his income tax returns. The purported logic behind their demands is tied to the topic of tax reform and the lack of details hindering any examination of how planned reform might impact the Presidents holdings. As such the protestors want to know  what the tax ramifications would be for the President,  depending on where reform might lead.   Any potential tax savings for the President one would hope would be the same for any other American, and the ensuing economic benefit to our economy by allowing Americans to keep more of their earnings to either spend, save or invest in the economy. Why should the President be any different ?  But is this issue the issue that should be driving citizens in these 3 particular cities to take to the streets ?

In Atlanta ,thousands of public school students continue to be subjected to what has become an almost laughing stock public school system, so ripe with fraud and corruption that scores of school officials have been fired, and a number of them actually sent to prison for a host of criminal convictions. From rigging SOL test scores, to schemes to defraud taxpayers of millions of dollars relating to the manipulation of data to enhance securing larger amounts of Federal Grant money, Atlanta has much bigger problems than Donald Trump’s tax returns.  If Atlantan’s want someone to be angry at they might turn their attention to public school union officials robbing thousands of children from getting a decent education.

That beautiful city of Chicago has been rendered in certain sections a literal war zone. A recent report hailed the news that some 40% of upper middle class African Americans have moved out of the city in the last decade, further straining the cities tax resources. In a city where mothers actually are forced to have their children sleep under their beds  or behind furniture for fear of a stray bullet  killing them during the nights of relentless gun violence, I seriously doubt these mothers give a whit of thought to President Trumps tax returns.  The data and statistics resemble a third world country, lawlessness and rampant death among  Chicago’s youth clearly deserves elevated attention. While the news media has given the violence ample coverage it does its citizens a disservice to use time to highlight the hard lefts agenda, GET TRUMP.   Releasing Trumps tax returns won’t stop a bullet—a larger concern in the Windy City.

Sacramento…….capital of  that beautiful state, what is now referred to as “ Detroit with better weather”  or my favorite Taxifornia …..has problems that will soon render that state a financial equivalent of  Puerto Rico has gone around the bend , protesting Trumps tax returns ……after the release of a Stanford University assessment of CALPERs, the state’s public employee pension plan.

 The Stanford study focused on California’s use of a 7% Rate of Return on plan asset’s  in the annually required test to measure the plans fiscal health. The actual rate of return in 2015 was  2.4%  , in 2016 the actual rate of return was  0.61  %.  Stanford noted that if the 2.75  %  rate of return were used ( a much more realistic figure) the average household in California would have a debt obligation to CALPERS of some $  92,748.00  This dollar amount of each households obligation to the unfunded liability should have citizens of California in the streets…….but Trumps tax return is the issue ?

Is this a result of citizen’s misplaced priorities—or the media’s focus on GET TRUMP.  I believe it is both.

It is however symptomatic of a much larger problem, namely the citizen neglect in attending to their responsibility in a self- representative form of government.   Focusing on the real issues confronting America is hardly advanced by protesting over the rather silly idea that somehow releasing Trumps tax returns will change any of what is mentioned above. The lefts now preoccupied with the GET TRUMP mania, while some Mom in Chicago tonight will literally bury her kids so they are not shot, another child in Atlanta will be handed a diploma next month that is literally meaningless, and Californians might some day soon be willing to give the state back to Mexico, a bargain considering where that state is headed.

Bob Shannon   King  William

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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