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Twitter In 20

Twitter In 20

“I’m gonna tweet this” – there’s a line we’re hearing more and more frequently. Everyone is talking about Twitter. Cable news producers have decided to devote entire segments to it, corporate PR teams are all atwitter (couldn’t resist) to use it for ad campaigns, and athletes are being fined for using it to tell us how much their training camp food sucks. Even politicians (who are generally behind on this sort of thing) have caught on. Twitter has become the “it” tool for this election cycle. You may not be Chad Ochocinco or Congressman John Culberson, but you can tweet your way to fame in your own district.

Last election cycle, Facebook erupted onto the scene as the new, hip tool for campaigns to push their message online – there’s nowhere a tweet can’t go. Twitter has certainly not supplanted Facebook as the most popular social media site for campaigns, but it’s definitely this year’s “cool lunch table.”

So, how much time do you really need to spend on Twitter? If a candidate or campaign manager uses the proper tools and manages their time correctly they can increase their online visibility and monitor what people are saying about them in about 20 minutes per day on Twitter.

Twitter starts with a tweet. TweetDeck (an AdobeAir program) makes sending tweets (your message) quick and simple. TweetDeck streamlines the process by providing the standard “what are you doing box,” along with a URL shortener, a re-tweet function, a reply function and a “tweet-shrinker” function. Collectively, these functions significantly reduce the time and effort needed to send a strong tweet.

Before you send your tweet, add hashtags to increase your visibility. As an open network, Twitter is a public news stream. Each tweet is sent into a “public pool” with every other tweet. Hashtags provide organization to that “public pool” by creating Twitter communities. These virtual communities are created by and for people who enjoy the same sort of news, articles, videos, etc. Getting involved in these communities is easy – not requiring permission, only a # and a keyword. By adding # and then a keyword, your tweet will automatically be entered into that community. If you want your message shown in the Republican Twitter community, add #gop to the end of your tweet and you will have sent your tweet into one of the most established communities on Twitter. Tweeps (Twitter users) continually visit a community to get news and updates on certain issues and interact with other Twitter users, so having your tweets in these communities will increase the views of tweets, thus, increasing your visibility.

Once you’ve tweeted what you want to say, don’t forget to read what people are saying about you and your campaign. TweetDeck makes monitoring chatter on Twitter simple. TweetDeck allows you to identify what is being said about your campaign, your opponent’s campaign and other political news in Virginia in less than 10 minutes. This is made possible by TweetDeck’s multiple search function. You can open searches for your name, your opponent and any other keywords that would benefit the campaign. Each of these searches is organized into separate columns, which are then saved and automatically updated with each new tweet that matches the keyword. Those searches appear each time TweetDeck is opened, making monitoring Twitter chatter as easy as scrolling with your mouse.

As your campaign begins the sprint to the finish, your days are becoming increasingly hectic, so setting aside time for Twitter can be difficult. By using TweetDeck and hashtags you can be effective on Twitter in less than 20 minutes.

Chris Walling, ProjectVirginia Social Media Coordinator & Adam Dahlgren, ProjectVirginia Communications Director

Ford C. O’Connell
ProjectVirginia, Inc.
email: [email protected]

ProjectVirginia is a Virginia Political
Action Committee (PAC) implementing
social media communication technology
to ensure continuing Republican control
of the Virginia House of Delegate in 2009.

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