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TWO MORE THINGS that NIGEL FARAGE should mention in the APRIL 2 TV DEBATE with Deputy PM CLEGG!

This article makes my blood boil and I am not even British!

The Telegraph (UK) reports that the European Commission is about to file suit in the European Court of Justice (The EU’s highest court) over benefits for new arrivals to the UK:

The European Commission is to take Britain to court over its attempts to limit benefits payments to migrants in a “politically explosive” case ahead of the European elections.

it was unclear whether the commission had planned to go ahead with the legal action, which centres on the “right to reside” test that European Union migrants must pass before they can claim benefits in this country.

However, The Sunday Telegraph has now been told that the lawsuit will be lodged “shortly” in the European Court of Justice.

Here’s the basis for this brilliant action the EU overlords:  The right to reside is not applied to Britons!  Well, it might not be judicial to say it:  No DUH!  British people LIVE in BRITAIN already!  Here’s some details:

The test, first introduced by Labour to try to calm fears of so-called “benefits tourists” coming to the UK, requires migrants from other EU states to prove they are seeking work before they can claim benefits such as Jobseeker’s Allowance.

So the EU is going to impoverish the UK by forcing the taxpayers to pay for benefits for recent immigrants coming into the UK from poor nations?

Here’s another item in the impoverish the UK department:  The UK has to PAY the EU because their economy is too prosperous!  Read it for yourself:

Anger over the lawsuit will be compounded by the admission that Britain will give an extra £800 million to the EU budget this year because this country’s economy is outperforming other member states.


EU contributions are calculated in part according to national income and Britain’s higher than expected growth led to a significant rise in its share.

So, this ought to be two of the first things UKIP Leader Nigel Farage cites when Deputy PM (and LibDem Leader) Nick Clegg starts in on Farage in the April 2 televised debate.

Paul Nuttall, Ukip’s deputy leader, said: “The only way we can properly safeguard British taxpayers’ money is by leaving the EU.”


One senior Tory MP said the figures strengthened the case for leaving the EU. “The more we pay in, the deeper we become integrated,” said Bill Cash, chairman of the European scrutiny committee. “We can’t carry on like this … The more we pay in the less we get out.”

I am sure a brief Internet search will reveal other juicy items as to why the UK should get out of the EU.  No more fines.  No more forced assessments.  No more decisions like votes for prisoners and orders prohibiting the deportation of terrorists.  British taxpayers first!  I would let Clegg go first and he will surely say what he said over the radio – it’ll hurt jobs and the economy to leave the EU.

Then I’d lower the boom on Clegg with six or eight items like this and the debate is over. BAM!  UKIP wins.

May 22 is the final exam for the debate:  The EU Parliament (called the MEP) elections.  UKIP ought to win with a landslide.  Let’s pray and hope!

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