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U.S. Senate Candidate Jamie Radtke Opposes McConnell-Reid-Pelosi ‘Cut, Run and Hide Plan’

A post on Erick Erickson’s RedState Blog lets Republicans know in no uncertain terms how much he hates the proposal by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky). Erickson is so opposed to the plan (plot!) that he has publicly stated that it is the policy of RedState to oppose any Republican who supports McConnell for the leadership position in the future:

I have joined FreedomWorks, American Majority Action, Let Freedom Ring, and the Club For Growth in drafting a letter to Republicans in Congress opposing the McConnell Plan. Of particular note, considering who all is on board this letter, is this paragraph:

We will refrain from backing any Member of Congress or candidate for federal office, or a leadership position in a Republican Caucus, who supports the McConnell—Reid—Pelosi “Cut, Run, and Hide” plan, to the extent that our various legal structures  and rules allow.

This is a horrible scheme McConnell has cooked up. He would give President Obama a blank check to do with as he wishes. It is impossible to believe that any Republican would be so foolish with America’s future. Yet McConnell has done exactly that.

US Senate candidate Jamie Radtke has joined the outcry. In a memo released today, Radtke calls on fellow Virginia US Senate Candidate George Allen to state his position on the McConnell plan. (Radtke has previously criticized the McConnell plan.)

From the Radtke Press Release:

Last Wednesday I announced my strong opposition to what I called the “McConnell McFlurry Debt Ceiling Deal,” which is now being called “the McConnell-Reid-Pelosi Cut, Run and Hide Plan” by prominent conservatives. Today I call on Speaker Boehner to oppose the McConnell-Pelosi-Reid “Cut, Run and Hide Plan” and refuse to bring it to the floor for a vote.

The McConnell-Reid-Pelosi “Cut, Run and Hide Plan” is a classic Washington Insider maneuver to get the Republican politicians ‘off the hook’ by giving President Obama the ‘green light’ to unconstitutionally raise the debt ceiling through the back door.

In addition to signing the “Cut, Cap and Balance” pledge, I have stated strongly and often that I oppose any increase in the debt ceiling. Our problem is that we are spending too much money, not that we can’t borrow enough money.

Now, where does George Allen stand on his friend Mitch McConnell’s “Cut, Run and Hide Plan”?

This is exactly the type of thinking that has seen the Federal Debt soar to unprecedented heights. It is absolutely essential to elect candidates that will not support this type of irresponsible behavior. Radtke has let the voters know her position on this, and Virginians need to know the stance of not only Allen, but the rest of the candidates as well. To date, there have been few meaningful plans with which we can get an idea of what we can expect from  each candidate. This is a big one!

So, George Allen, Tim Donner, Bishop Jackson and David McCormick, what say you? Does Mitch McConnell get a thumbs up or down?

Below is Jamie Radtke’s Press Release:



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