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The amazing UKIP, something like the Tea Party of British politics, is now seeking support from Labour voters disenchanted with present policy:

Nigel Farage is mounting a drive to recruit UKIP supporters from ‘white, working-class’ Labour voters who feel abandoned by Ed Miliband’s party.


‘With my non-political producer’s hat on, I thought it was very interesting that UKIP thinks there are votes to be had from the white working classes – although they don’t express it in quite those terms – who feel that they have been failed by Labour.‘Everywhere we went in this very Labour, inner-city London area, people said to Nuttall, “You’ve got my vote.” And they all, without exception, said they wanted to leave the EU.

I contend there is a “Reagan Democrat” constituency in the Labour Party that can be won over to UKIP; these comments in the Guardian article are intriguing:

anon england in Newcastle:   in I am white British and working class. UKIP is the only choice now, although I’m sad to say it. Labour is a party of out of touch, upper middle class self-serving champagne socialists. Most of the shadow cabinet have never had a proper job in their lives, and they are rich people. The Conservative Party were never my party. The Libdems are completely finished at a national level. That leaves UKIP. I want our country to make its own laws and succeed or fail by our own choices. I am not far right – quite the opposite, but UKIP seems the only option.

friedrice175 in Leeds:  My father was a docker for over 30 years and like me now loathes everything the Labour Party stand for and is represented by. I joined UKIP at the turn of the year and won’t ever again touch the mainstream parties even with a forty foot pole.

This could be that rare event:  A political revolution.  The last time this happened in the USA was in the 1850s when the Whigs declined, leading utlimately to the rise of the Republican Party.
And also a Labour, that’s right LABOUR, councillor from Grimsley has defected to UKIP:

A councillor from North East Lincolnshire Council has today become the first Labour representative to defect to UKIP

In a shock move for the Labour Party Cllr Jane Bramley has crossed the floor and will now be sitting as a UKIP councillor for the South Ward in Grimsby.

Announcing her defection today she explained that the “final straw that broke the camel’s back” was having to vote as dictated by the Labour Whip.

Bramley also has studied the UKIP positions and agrees with them.  There is an hint in this article that this might not be the last defection.

Finally, the business community is essential to a successful in/out of the EU referendum.  There are now signs that professional investment advisers in London are starting to turn to UKIP!
City firms – most notably the hedge fund, insurance and commodities sectors – are sick of the “unending blizzard” of regulation coming out of Brussels, says Mr Farage, who claims traditional City Conservative supporters are switching allegiance to UKIP.

The most recent business convert to UKIP is Andy Brough, the star fund manager at Schroders, who is understood to have joined Mr Farage’s party after growing weary with the coalition Government and European attacks on the City.

Mr Farage also has the support of the influential hedge fund manager Crispin Odey, whose former father-in-law is News Corp chairman Rupert Murdoch.

Mr Odey is not a member of UKIP, but threw a party at his Odey Asset Management offices on Thursday night to introduce Mr Farage to potential supporters and donors.

This could be huge.  Can the once mighty Tory party be superseded by UKIP?  It is the struggle for liberty and sovereignty.

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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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