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There is a fair amount of UKIP news to report.  The General Election is set for Thursday May 7 (80 days left counting Feb 17 which is still young both in snowy Virginia and in the UK) and one of the British TV channels ran a false “mockumentary” titled UKIP: The First Hundred Days.

That 65 minute film actually caused this tweet to be sent apparently from the UK that cited Sandy:

Kev @KevinAnth

@scatatkins director of #C4 #UKIP prog:

C4 prog director:
£2.5mill tax scam:


Ain’t that cool?  I am not a skillful tweeter so I asked Dev:  What does this mean?  Well, he sent me this:

Kev @KevinAnth

@SandySanders2 yes, one link is #ChrisAtkins on C4 website.Other link shows his other alleged activities.He directed UKIP prog on C4 tonight

And that is nice to be cited.  But let’s remember the Rick Warren phrase that I need when I am in danger of being puffed up:  It’s not about you.  Kev is trying to send me some news!

It is reported that the director of the anti-UKIP satire piece is in a bit of a tax scrape (which might make him a hero in the US among some libertarians but probably not in the UK) of his own:

Investigative journalist Chris Atkins, who made the 2009 documentary Starsuckers to reveal the “shams and deceit” involved in celebrity reporting, is accused of being involved in a complex five-year scam to cheat the taxman, along with 12 others, including seven investment bankers.

OOPS!  Here is the report at Channel 4 on the pretend documentary:

Raw TV is producing a fictional documentary about UKIP’s first 100 days in power. Set in a possible future where Nigel Farage’s party has continued its exponential rise to power, the film projects what could actually happen if UKIP were to gain power in next year’s election.

Of course, UKIP is upset about it.  And they should be.  But here’s how to play it:

  • Use the Hundred Days theme to say what you would REALLY DO if you were elected to the Commons.  I would again (see below on Farage coming to our area [suburban DC] for the CPAC rally) use the Hannan/Carswell manifesto The Plan:  Twelve Months to Renew Britain as a basis for that program(me)!  [Here’s where to order The Plan on Amazon]
  • Maybe distill this plan down to four or five things:  More local control, the Great Repeal Bill, out of the EU (I am coming to the conviction that a referendum is a great idea in theory but if UKIP came to power with a Commons majority, I would just simply go ahead and exit the EU.  Holding a vote can do harm in that pro-EU forces will seek to undermine the vote, Scotland and Wales nationalists now want a veto on the EU vote, and the politicians from the other parties might just ignore it anyway.), and return power to Westminster away from unelected counsels and commissions the British call quangos.  Of course, the immigration laws must be enforced BUT show that proper enforcement of those laws and judicious application of benefits will solve many problems arising from that issue without the meanness or hatefulness implied in the false documentary.
  • Use this so-called documentary to show the benefits of getting out of the EU for ordinary people, especially the young people who seems turned off by UKIP.  Not just self-governance BUT British laws for the British people.  True free trade.  I think UKIP is off to a good start with their “Believe in Britain” campaign.

This is what I would say if I could have the hono(u)r of a pint (my pint would be sweet tea of course) with UKIP Leader Nigel Farage when he comes to CPAC!  Breitbart is reporting exactly that:

“I am very excited to be coming to speak to so many freedom-loving individuals at CPAC this year – and I consider it an honour to do so,” Farage said in an emailed statement to Breitbart News. “In Britain, we are fighting against the creation of a client-state, against rampant corporatism, against a career political class that services vested interests and has forgotten about the world outside of their cosy, Westminster bubble. I understand that in the United States, the fight isn’t all that different. I look forward to meeting attendees and guests, and discussing how together, we can refuse to simply ‘manage decline’ and how we can alter the trajectory of our once great nations.”

Farage says something that I hope he will repeat in DC:  That the US might need a UKIP if the GOP just mirrors the other party (which it is not yet!):

Farage also said that if the GOP establishment in the United States doesn’t back down and let conservatives control the direction of the party, there may be a need for a U.S. version of UKIP to send the Republican National Committee (RNC) the way of the Whigs.


“If you are unable to reclaim your party, you might have to do a UKIP.”

Will Sandy sneak up to Maryland to meet his beau ideal?  Probably not as the family has plans this weekend.  But it cannot be ruled out.  But UKIP CAN win the General Election in 2015 – yes it is a long shot – but not impossible.  And I would take what the other side gives you to get YOUR message out.  Welcome back to the Colonies, Mr. Farage.


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