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URGENT: STOP CAP AND TAX – Full Information

Guest Post from David Booth – Mechanicsville

This weekend one of several unthinkable burdens will be attempted by Congress to be placed on the our backs and those of our children. This one comes in the form of what’s commonly called the “Cap and Trade Bill” While it’s laudable &necessary to form grassroots that can unseat these freedom-hating despots, there are some things that we have to stop now. Otherwise, these laws will metastasize into an infrastructure that in several years will be difficult to reverse. This CAN be done — only 3 years ago we had a Congress and President all pushing for amnesty for illegal aliens and ONLY a massive outcry from the people stopped it in its tracks. We owe it to our children and to the martyrs of our freedom to do more than complain — but to take a few minutes Friday to make those phone calls and emails to our reps in the House (see info below).

The CAP and TRADE Bill in a nutshell
(aka the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, or HB 2454)

Why Cap and Trade Is Wrong
* It’s a Massive Energy Tax
* It Will Not Make any Substantive Impact on the Environment, assuming one is either necessary OR possible.
* It Will Kill Jobs
* It Will Cause Electricity Bills and Gas Prices to Sharply Increase
* It Will Outsource Manufacturing Jobs and Hurt Free Trade
* Trying to ram it through with little public scrutiny or debate
* It Will Make You Choose among Energy, Groceries, Clothing and Haircuts
* It Will Be Highly Susceptible to Fraud and Corruption
* It Will Hurt Senior Citizens, the Poor, and the Unemployed the Worst
* It Will Cost American Families Nearly $3,000 a Year
* President Obama Admitted “Electricity Rates Would Necessarily Skyrocket” Under His Cap-and-Trade Program (January 2008)

The idea behind cap and trade is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by putting a price on the right to emit carbon and other greenhouse gases on businesses. Because fossil fuels emit carbon dioxide, cap and trade becomes a costly tax on fossil fuels and the energy they generate. Since 85 percent of America’s energy needs come from fossil fuels, cap and trade would be massive tax on energy consumption if enacted. How high a tax?
The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis found that electricity prices would rise 90 percent within the next few years following passage.

But just about everything we produce uses energy. As energy prices increase, those costs will be passed onto the consumer and reflected in the higher prices we pay for products. Higher energy prices also result in a slower economy, which means less production, higher unemployment and reduced income.
* Over the 2012-2030 timeline, a projected 2.5 million jobs are lost below the baseline (without a cap and trade bill).
* The average Gross Domestic Product (GDP) lost is $393 billion .
* The negative economic impacts accumulate, and the national debt is no exception.
* The increase in family-of-four debt, solely because of Waxman-Markey, hits an almost unbelievable $114,915 by 2035.
* All of these costs for a program that, as calculated by climatologists, will lower temperatures by only hundredths of a degree in 2050 and no more than two-tenths of one degree at the end of the century.

Go to this browser address for contact info.:

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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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