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US Senate Candidate Donner Responds To Tim Kaine-sian Economics

You remember Tim Kaine, the former Virginia Governor who left the Commonwealth in debt up to our eyeballs with a plan for massive tax increases, right?

Then you should also remember that his replacement, Governor Bob McDonnell politely showed Kaine and the Democrats that a bit of mostly painless fiscal conservatism and common sense could balance the Virginia budget without tax increases.

Virginia is but a microcosm of the country. While Tim Kaine and the Liberals are insisting that raising taxes is the only way possible, Conservatives know there is a better way. Bob McDonnell proved it.

Tim Kaine is once again demanding more and more money from citizens. What the rest of the country calls Keynesian Economics, those of us in Virginia who watched the budgetary destruction of the Tim Kaine Administration now call Kaine-sian Economics.

There is an interesting parallel between the Obama Tax Raising plans and the budget left by Tim Kaine on his way out the door. Both received exactly zero votes, Kaine’s plan in Virginia and Obama’s plan in D.C.

US Senate Candidate Tim Donner has a good response to the wasteful ideas from the Democrats and Timmy Kaine:


Great Falls, VA – July 24, 2011 – In his Sunday op-ed in the (Newport News) Daily Press, Tim Kaine attacked U. S. Senatorial candidate Tim Donner’s opposition to raising the debt ceiling by attempting to equate it to a willingness to default on America’s debt obligations. “This is the false choice consistently voiced by liberals, despite the fact that it has been proven that more than enough revenues are available to meet our debt obligations whether the debt ceiling is raised or not,” Donner explained.

Chairman Kaine then lays his cards squarely on the table, proposing the most reckless of all options – raising the debt ceiling with no strings attached, and postponing the debate over spending cuts until after we add another $2.5 trillion to a national debt that now tops $14 trillion.

Digging deep into the Democrat play book, Mr. Kaine employed the usual liberal code language in stating his position.  In favoring a “balanced approach,” he means raising taxes in the middle of an economic downturn. In saying Republican plans “ask nothing of wealthy individuals and corporations,” he is joining President Obama in a call to class warfare and demonizing the very instruments of economic growth needed to save the economy. In calling for “new revenue sources and strategic investments,” he is reverting to the same failed and discredited liberal creed of taxing and spending that has not only been an abject failure, but has in itself created the mammoth debt crisis we are now trying to solve.

“Let me be clear that, because of the failures of the political establishment, none of the options now available are simple or desirable,” Donner pointed out.  “But this is a moment of truth when we have an unprecedented opportunity to draw a line in the sand and accomplish the clearly stated desires of the American people to stop runaway federal spending, as expressed in the landslide elections of 2010.”

“Thus, I am in favor of holding the line on raising the debt ceiling unless it is accompanied by the vital structural reform outlined in the cut, cap and balance plan passed by the US House, but rejected by the Democrat-controlled Senate,” Donner reiterated.  “This bill would have advanced the same constitutional amendment to balance the budget and place a hard cap on spending that has been a foundation of my campaign for permanent change in Washington from the day I announced my candidacy. Anything less is simply not acceptable when it means adding trillions more to a national debt that has already become a millstone around the necks of our children and grandchildren.”

Tim Donner is a Northern Virginia businessman and small government advocate.  He founded One Generation Away, a free market education, research, and public policy
organization and has served for years behind the scenes on the boards of small government, free market and values-based organizations such as the Virginia Institute for Public Policy and Radio America.

For more information on Tim Donner please visit

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