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Va Senate Debate – Roanoke – Live Updates

Opening statements – 2 minutes each.

George Allen, E.W. Marshall, Bob Marshall, Jamie Radtke

Question 1 to Allen:

Debt limit has been increased over 17 times. If elected, would you vote to increase the limit.

Allen: Now is different. The Amount of debt has increased under Obama. Our credit was downgraded. Deficits over $1 Trillion. When Allen left, deficits were $160 Billion.

Balanced budget, line item veto. No increase without reforms.


To Jackson – No vote to increase debt – unless National Security. We must cut spending. Balance budget. Get rid of Dept of Education, EPA, and others. We must cut spending.


To Marshall – In 2009, Marshall voted against stimulus. Kaine wanted more spending. We can do a line item veto now. Balanced budget takes 34 states. Match expenses to revenues.


To Radtke – Deal with spending – nothing else matters. Would balance the budget in 5 years. Her plan – My $.02 cents. DOE, Education, others unnecessary. Attacks Allen for earmarks. Attacks Allen for debt increases.


Question 2: Would you have voted for Justices Kagan or Sotomajor?

Jackson – No. Both unqualified.

Marshall – No.

Radtke – No. Would not vote for either. Balance of power needs to go back to the states.


Allen: No. Would vote against both. Wants judges that will uphold the Constitution.


Question 3 – What would you do to fix social security.

Marshall – Less than 3 workers per retiree. Abortion made it worse. Must find something else for young people.


Radtke – Raise age and self direct retirement. Feds use fear, take Social Security away to stop this. It will be painful to fix these programs.

Allen – A report said Social Security will run out of money 3 years earlier because economy is so bad. Democrats will demagogue. Raise age for younger. Will not raise Social Security taxes. Preserve for those on social security.


Jackson – Social Security is scared. However, we must fix Social Security. Chile allows investing, why not USA?


Question: How would you fix the student loan program?

Radtke – Federal Gvt will fail running student loans. Stop picking winners and losers. Get out of mortgage banking. Attacks Allen again.

Allen – Provided to reserves and guard. Tuition is skyrocketing. 50% of grads under or un employed. He froze tuition. Kaine cut higher ed funding and costs went up. Students need jobs!

Jackson – We need to return to Constitution. Feds should not be in the student loan business. Costs go up if the government foots the bill. Need to get the economy going so kids can work their way through school.

Marshall – Worked his way through school. Obamacare puts demands on medical professionals. Loans should be made by the parents, not students. Private sector.


Question: Was Dept of Homeland Security a good idea?

Allen – Debt was due to security spending while he was in office. He thinks Homeland Security was necessary because information was not shared. It is needed and is a primary responsibility of the Federal Government.

Jackson – Has no problem with the department, but dislikes the TSA and groping. Problems with Patriot Act.

Marshall – Thought TSA was jobs for out of work urologists. Marshall put in HB 1160 to prevent state from helping feds with unconstitutional detention. Problem with info sharing was a Janet Reno idea to stop sharing.

Radtke – CIA< FBI, DOD, State Dept – problem was with more government. Must be careful with infringement on civil liberty. Must be stopped. 2nd Amendment the best defence.

Question – Do you support the Defense of Marriage Act

Jackson – Yes. Marriage is a sacred right between a man and woman. It is sad we even need such an act. Family most basic institution of our culture. Family is the best institution for children. Must protect the sanctity of the family.

Marshall – Obama does not recognize the stats exist. Impeach judges who do not uphold marriage. Impeach judges that approve same sex marriage. Holder is a disgrace for not upholding this.

Radtke – Supports. One man and one woman. The assault is on the family by the Federal government. Tells you what light bulb, what to feed kids, no home Bible study. We must draw the line. No more.

Allen – Supports DoMA. One man, one woman. Allows states to protect their views and values. Family more important than any government institution. High fuel effecting families.

Question: Do you endorse Mitt Romney?

Marshall: Will support the winner.

Radtke: Will support the winner. Election about spending.

Allen: Looks like Romney will

be the winner and he will support the winner. Differences between Romney and Allen and Obama and Tim Kaine. Balanced budget. Congress must live under the same laws. Allow Va to use our own energy resources.

Jackson – Romney was not his first choice, but will support the winner as a faithful Marine: “Reporting for duty, sir!”

Closing Statements:

Radtke: We must deal with spending or nothing else matters. Grew up in a military family. Discipline. Faith. American values. Senate needs discipline. Will honor her oath to defend the Constitution.

Marshall – Never been to the left of Allen (a joke). Marshall will do the same thing in Washington he has done in Richmond. Opposes increases, opposed shifting funds. Disagrees with Radtke’s 2% plan, says it won’t work. Will defend the Constitution. Running to serve the people, not himself.

Jackson – What a country. From foster kid to senate candidate. The voters decide who goes against Tim Kaine. Liberalism is evilĀ  – this is a battle of good against evil. We must unify.

Allen – Has been a good debate. Optimistic because of freedom. A God given birthright. Opportunities limited by overspending and regulations. Trust free people to take control of their lives. Freedom to use American Energy. About rationed health care. Aout the right to work without paying union dues. Votr for Allen for a rebirth of freedom.

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