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Va Senator Kaine Urges Violence in the Streets and UC Berkeley Radicals Oblige

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On Tuesday, Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) said Democrats must “fight in Congress, fight in the courts, fight in the streets, fight online, fight at the ballot box,” against the administration of President Donald Trump. Kaine urged this violence on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” show.

The next evening, Kaine was rewarded with a riot at UC Berkeley as his left wing followers took his advice.

In the SF Chronicle:

But even after the event’s cancellation, hundreds of protesters spilled off campus into the city streets, where the violence continued as they confronted drivers, engaged in fights, smashed storefront windows and set fires.

Protesters decried President Trump’s policies as much as they did the visit by Yiannopoulos, a gay conservative who has been making the rounds at college campuses across the country with his “Dangerous Faggot” talks, specializing in remarks meant to insult, offend and disgust liberals who disagree with his ideas.

The trouble began around 6 p.m., two hours before Yiannopoulos was to begin his speech inside the student union building on Sproul Plaza. Protesters outside the building began throwing fireworks and pulling down the metal barricades police set up to keep protesters from rushing inside. Windows were smashed and fires were set outside the building as masked protesters stormed it. Police quickly evacuated Yiannopoulos for his own safety.

Berkeley police said five people were injured and some people, including a man who said he had hoped to see Yiannopoulos speak, were seen with their faces bloodied. There were no arrests.

Police said protesters threw bricks and fireworks at police officers. University police locked down all buildings and told people inside them to shelter in place, and later fired pepper balls and paint balls into the crowd of protesters who defied orders to leave the area. Police called in support from nine of the 10 UC campuses and the Oakland Police Department and Alameda County sheriffs department.

“This is what tolerance looks like at UC Berkeley,” Mike Wright of Berkeley College Republicans, the group that invited Yiannopoulos to the campus, said outside the student union building as smoke bombs went off around him.

As he spoke, someone threw a glass bottle of red paint at him. The bottle shattered and splattered paint on his clothing. “It’s sad,” he said.

On Berkeley’s city streets, protesters took their rage against construction sites and businesses, smashing windows at banks and stores. They also confronted motorists, and at one point a driver sped off with a protester on the car hood.

Virginians are shocked to find their US Senator Tim Kaine calling for violence and intolerance. That is not who we are as Virginians.

And after calling for gun control following the Ohio State Terrorist’s Knife Attack, an absurd position, Kaine said the following about Donald Trump in September 2016:

Donald Trump’s suggestion last week that Hillary Clinton’s bodyguards should have their guns taken away so his supporter can “see what happens to her,” is a clear example of the GOP nominee inciting violence, Tim Kaine said Sunday.

“I was stunned when I saw that,” Kaine said on “Fox News Sunday.”

“That is an incitement to violence … or being cavalier or reckless about violence, and that has no place in this election,” the Virginia Democrat said.

At a rally Friday, Trump said Clinton’s armed Secret Service protection “should drop all weapons.


That is an incitement to violence … or being cavalier or reckless about violence, and that has no place in this election.

No Senator. That was not an incitement to violence.

What you said “fight in Congress, fight in the courts, fight in the streets, fight online, fight at the ballot box” is incitement to violence.

You may not be better than that, but Virginia is!

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

8 Responses to “Va Senator Kaine Urges Violence in the Streets and UC Berkeley Radicals Oblige”

  1. Run Laura Run says:

    Laura Ingraham could defeat Tim Kaine in 2018 in a landslide.


  2. robert shannon

    In 1968, responding to unrest and riots at UC Davis campus , then Governor Reagan asked at a press conference about his plans to restore order said the following
    ” if we have to have a blood bath, then let’s get it over with”

    No political ambiguity but straight talk from a leader who was determined to restore law & order to the situation that was in front of him. Leaders fix problems, politicians talk, talk, and then some more.

    In America we allow, even encourage political dissent. That does not however include the common tactics being deployed by todays protestors, witnessed around the world by millions as cars are set purposefully on fire, store fronts are smashed, looting and violence against the law enforcement officers sent in to protect innocents and property. Point to one TEA Party protest, just one where innocents were pepper sprayed, where a car was set on fire, where a store front was smashed, or looting occurred.

    If we have to have a blood bath, let’s get it over with. Reagan was right then and using force to stop this is the right of a peaceful law abiding public that has simply had enough of this nonsense. The costs alone of the allowing this lawlessness to continue unabated is unacceptable.

    The pitiful arrest of 1 single individual speaks for itself when hundreds in clear view of cameras are engaging in this behavior. I would like to examine the personal lives of maybe a dozen of these criminals and find how they support themselves, what they do for income, what public assistance programs they are sucking taxpayer funds from. Odds are overwhelming we would learn most of them are young people who take hard working taxpayers money in order to support their lifestyle, allowing them to commit these heinous acts. Professional hooligans

    Stop the nonsense Mr. President, by any means necessary, including blood baths that is what it takes.

    Bob Shannon King William

    • Retired Law Enforcement says:

      After watching hours of video and film from the Berkeley Riots and reading reports from those witnesses on the ground it appears that about 150 protestors dressed in black leather “riot gear” armed with pepper spray, chains, paint, knife sticks, clubs, shields, incendiary devices, etc started that riot. Their covered faces shielded their identity. They carried banners which read “This is War.” Start the Revolution. ”

      These are communists. Sleeper cells operated in America for more than a generation waiting for this moment to be activated. The anarchists need to be arrested before they really burn down America’s cities.

      It has been widely suggested that many of the tragic fires across America were started by these domestic terrorists. Jihadists routinely start fires in Israel. Straight out of the Terrorist 101 handbook.
      Economic Terrorism.

      Trump should use Federal force to stop these people now. That may not play well with people who oppose federalizing law enforcement in major cities but if you understand the anarchists are starting a civil war in these sanctuary citiies you may change your mind. Note Berkeley campus and local police did nothing. They stood down. People were injured and property was severely damaged.

  3. Patriot Games says:

    when the civil war begins remember it was the Community Agitator in Chief OBAMA who suggested it:

  4. robert shannon

    The staggering costs of allowing this to continue, not just in dollars, but equally in that it ferments even more of it. Put it down, put it down with whatever force is required.

    Citizens should not be subjected to the violence, the costs to local taxpayers for the law enforcement overtime etc, the disruption to their daily lives, traffic being stopped, business and commerce being harmed, workers losing their jobs after the employers business is destroyed. These people are parasites and should be treated like any other parasite,—eradicated.

    As distasteful as conservatives found it to endure 8 years of President Obama’s tenure we behaved in a civil and patriotic fashion. We respected that the President was duly elected and peacefully demonstrated against his policies.

    I have as well felt for years all of this rancor would lead to large and wide scale civil strife. Let us pray we are wrong and order can be restored.
    Bob Shannon King William

  5. mr green jeans

    OK fellow Patriots ,Senator Kaine has local office phone number 804-771-2221.
    No more bloviating , no more bitching, no more cursing the “darkness”.

    Call Now 804-771-2221 to express your dissatisfaction with his misrepresentation of Virginia. The great Virginian orators, scholars, and leaders like Jefferson , Washington, Madison, Henry must be embarrassed by the shallow ,intellectually challenged remarks by the Senator.

  6. Paul Yarbrough

    what can you expect from a carpetbagger? (Minnesota to Kansas to Virginia)

  7. robert shannon

    Progessives voter base is shrinking….and they know it. Trump partially rebuilt the old Reagan coalition and that is their worst fear.

    If President Trump begins to rack up some tangible successes then game over, and they know that. It is precisely why they continue to further left

    It explains why a guy like Kaine is driven to reach further and further down into a dwindling base of support.

    Another year or so and they will be left with the die hard wind bag teacher unions and the transgender tiny crowd.

    Truth prevails in the end, it is a messy and trying process but right is indeed on our side. Keep the fighting spirit !
    Bob Shannon King William


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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