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VA. Tech Threat Assessment: False Sense of Security

On April 16, 2007, murders were committed on the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University campus in Blacksburg, Virginia. Thirty-two innocent students and faculty were killed by a crazed gunman (Seung-Hui Cho). The deaths were felt by all across America.

Parents and students then asked their school officials for better security on college campuses but, per the norm, our elected leaders began a rash of reactive solutions for the problems instead of having planned years ago to be proactive to protect our children. Although the murders committed that day were not connected in any way to Islam, Virginia Tech has a strong connection to violent Islamic ideologies so one would think it would make sense to include this fact in the threat assessment. It was not to be: their Threat Assessment does not even begin to approach this volatile subject.

The VA Tech Threat Assessment, therefore, which was mandated by the Virginia General Assembly, is useless not only for Virginia schools but for the nation’s. Why? Because the VA Tech Threat Assessment is being used as a model for other major Universities and Colleges, and it ignores the threat of terrorism from Islamic-based sources. Consequently, it is being used to give American students and their parents a false sense of security.

From the Roanoke Times: “Though still statistically rare, the devastating impact of such killings has prompted a new pressure on campuses to prevent such violence. And from its experience, Tech has become a teacher to universities across the country, and in other countries, on how to better manage those risks. Virginia Tech Deputy Police Chief Gene Deisinger, hired in 2009 to direct Tech’s Threat assessment program, has become the face of the effort, which today is weaved throughout campus operations, beginning with student applications for admissions and including employee review – and sometimes reaching out of state”.

During my career as a U.S. Federal Agent with our country’s highest clearances, it was often my responsibility to conduct threat assessments. In any threat assessment, one must look at all potential threats and not eliminate the need to mention some, simply because it is not politically correct to do so. But political correctness has taken over at VA Tech. The authorities are looking into many areas that can lead to violence on a campus, but are not reviewing any links to violence by Islamic leaders and/or Islamic groups that support terrorism against innocent people. Why? Because it is politically incorrect to do so. This puts our students at risk because they are being told the Threat Assessment is a comprehensive model for all schools, yet it is in essence useless because it fails to address all areas of potential violence. I don’t need to point out that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

In 2008 after the tragedy at VA Tech, I began extensive research into the potential threat of violence on this campus by Islamic-based terrorist groups. My researchers and I visited several surrounding Islamic Centers, to include the Islamic Center of Blacksburg. We were able to meet and correspond on several occasions with the Islamic President of Blacksburg, a Mr. Sedki Riad. We discovered that not only is Riad an Islamic leader, he is also a professor at VA Tech (Engineering Department). Riad provided my researchers and me with very violent materials which were stamped by the Saudi Government. The materials called for using violence to establish an Islamic Caliphate (Nation) worldwide, one under Sharia law. This included, per Mr. Riad, the United States.

Riad corresponded with me for a few months and made two disturbing comments. He agreed with what the materials advocated by saying he wanted Sharia law established in the U.S., and he was very upset about working at VA Tech. He felt Islamic leaders and students were being oppressed on that campus and that something should be done to stop it. It should be noted that Riad was one of the religious leaders to provide a prayer at the campus memorial for the students and faculty who were killed on 16 Apr 2007.

SEDKI RIAD, Professor, Virginia Tech: “In the name of Allah, the most merciful, most compassionate, on behalf of the Muslim community in Blacksburg, and as members of the Blacksburg and the Virginia communities, we express our sincere condolences to the family and friends of the innocent victims that we lost yesterday. I stand here to tell you that we are all in pain, all of us here; the children of Adam and Eve, we all unite in pain, and we’re all hurt”.

Based on my research conducted in the Blacksburg, VA area, I contacted the VA Tech Police Department and the FBI in Roanoke, VA, who were responsible for the area surrounding VA Tech. I provided them with an outline of the violent material I had obtained, which included not only the materials from the Islamic center that professor Riad had provided me, but also a video/audio of the evidence obtained, which included Riad’s rantings about his dislike of VA Tech, and his desire to help establish Sharia law inside America.

Both the VA Tech Police and FBI declined to investigate the potential for violence at VA Tech by Islamic-based terrorist supporters. When I called to report the inflammatory material being distributed on their campus, the VA Tech police used as their excuse not to investigate the fact that they had a major college football game under way and could not spend their officers’ time elsewhere. The FBI responded by saying it was an Islamic matter, essentially a First Amendment Right for Professor Riad to distribute violent material and to express his views. The FBI also declined to review the matter.

This was not the first time potential criminal activities had been reported to law enforcement authorities by my team, only to have them ignored. Although an educated guess on my part, I believe if I’d reported a non-Muslim VA Tech student distributing on campus material calling for violence and sedition, the matter would have been thoroughly investigated.

I have continued to conduct research on Islamic-based terrorist supporters and their affiliation with VA Tech. I discovered Professor Riad was involved in bringing faculty and students from Saudi Arabia to study on the VA Tech campus. The students from Saudi Arabia were from the Saudi University King Abdul-Aziz. This Saudi University has had its share of Islamic terrorists as graduates of their school; one such person was Osama Bin Laden.

Another major source for the likelihood of potential violence on VA Tech is their close association with the Muslim Student Association (MSA) and the Council on Islamic American Relations (CAIR). Both of these organizations have strong and proven ties to supporting Hamas and the same violent ideology of Al Qaeda and the Taliban. No campus in America is safe from violence when these organizations freely operate inside our schools.

Our children deserve schools they attend to be as safe as possible. Officer Deisenger who devised the VA Tech Threat Assessment said this, “While nothing is likely to prevent all attacks, with a systematic, objective approach, many of the risks of campus violence, whether a sexual assault or a shooting, can be mitigated”. This statement alone is very dangerous, because Deisenger doesn’t address the fact that Professor Riad and his ilk are still allowed to spout hatred and distribute inciting materials on campus, and the MSA and CAIR (Terrorist Supporters) are allowed to operate inside the confines of the campus as well.

Deisenger has done a disservice to the students and their parents. He has given them a false sense of security. Recently VA Tech lost a major lawsuit filed against the University and campus police by the parents of the murdered students. VA Tech was found liable for not providing adequate security and for not responding to the incident in a proper manner. VA Tech is again opening themselves up to further lawsuits, but worse, the likelihood of further violence by Islamic-based terrorist groups that believe VA Tech oppresses Muslims, just as Professor Riad does.

We all recall the tragedy of the murders committed by Major Hassan at Ft. Hood, TX. My researchers and I had also conducted research in the mosques and Islamic centers attended by Major Hassan. We had warned of the likelihood of violence by members of the mosques due to the materials they were being provided. On Nov 5, 2009, violence did take place as we had predicted.

VA Tech is becoming a very liberal campus, such as George Mason University in Washington DC. This University also has close ties with Saudi Arabia, CAIR, and MSA. There are not only physical dangers of which students and parents should be aware, but many psychological dangers as well. These organizations are doing their utmost to align non-Muslim students with the ideologies of Islam, even the violent aspects of it.

Again, although not directly related to Islam, I believe it is important for readers to know that VA Tech has invited Michelle Obama, and she has accepted, to be the guest speaker at their graduation commencement in May 2012.

The final point I must make is that our schools (at all levels) are at risk of violence from Islamic-based terrorist groups and supporters, and our authorities who are paid to protect them are failing in their jobs. They should either do their jobs properly or resign.

Essentially the VA Tech threat Assessment comes down to this. If a student has previously been diagnosed with a mental problem, as Seung-Hui Cho was, the steps in the Threat Assessment will wave a ‘red flag’ and call for further investigation. But if a Muslim Professor creates and/or distributes materials calling for treason and sedition against our country, as well as calling for violence and for an Islamic Caliphate in America under Sharia law, a ‘red flag’ will not wave. Do you feel your students are being protected?

About Dave Gaubatz

Editor Dave Gaubatz spent 20 years as an active duty USAF (Special Agent/OSI), 3.5 years as a civilian 1811 Federal Agent, trained by the U.S. State Department in Arabic, and was the first U.S. Federal Agent to enter Iraq in 2003. He is also a counterterrorism counterintelligence officer. Gaubatz currently owns "Wahhabi CT Publications" and conducts CT Research on behalf of high profile non-profit organizations. He can be reached at [email protected]

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