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Video: TEA Party + Occupy Richmond = Cowardly Mayor

Meet Richmond’s Virginia’s Mayor Dwight Jones.

After forcing the Richmond TEA Party to jump through hoops and pay through the nose to exercise their right to free speech, the mayor then decided that his ideology and youth spent in various protest endeavors was closely aligned with the Occupy Richmond group that was given permission and upon whom the mayor has spent at least $7,000 facilitating their stay in Richmond’s Kanawha Plaza, downtown.

Unfortunately, that didn’t turn out so well for Jones and he rudely moved in with helicopters and police in the middle of the night to roust the Occupiers from their sleep and toss them out of the park – after nearly 3 weeks of helping them.

The TEA Party has taken great offense to the unequal treatment of the two groups and has asked the city to return the nearly $10,000 that they were required to pay for “permission” to speak freely. A privilege Jones was willing to extend to the Occupy Richmond group at taxpayer’s expense.

After their eviction, the Occupy group presented the mayor with a request for permission to camp. They included a deadline of 5:00 PM yesterday, November 14, 2011 and signed up to address the mayor and City Council at the Council Meeting that same evening.

The TEA Party also signed up to speak to the Council and the Mayor at the same meeting to address the request for a refund.

Everyone was interested in how the mayor would react. However, after failing to respond to the Occupy request for camping permission, and failing to respond to the TEA Party request for a refund, the mayor, in full cowardice, walked out of the Council Chambers just as the time for citizen comments arrived. Jones rudely and without comment simply got up and walked away.

A fine example of leadership that was.

The video below and the photos taken (click the picture to view the slide show) document the evening’s events.


Click for Slide Show


Click the Photo or this link to see a photo essay of the Council meeting and the audience.


The video below was taken during the meeting. The first hour was filled with awards being given or received by the City, and in some cases, to the city. It seems that the City of Richmond has reached the Gold level in the UN Agenda 21 scheme to deprive property owners of their right to own land. The Richmond City Council is collectively unable to read the information that is available about the true sinister nature of Agenda 21, or they know and simply agree with it.

Either way, the city gets the government they deserve.

The next 90 minutes were filled with bloviation and pontificating about the new city jail.

Honestly, it was like a hot stick in the eye listening to this collection of underachievers bicker back and forth, completely oblivious to reality. It is sad, really. Richmond used to be a great city with a decent and effective government. That is no longer the case. Truth be told, Councilwoman Reva Trammell seemed the only one who actually cared about what was happening in the city.

Oddly enough, in the 90 minutes wasted on the jail discussion, not one member offered any ideas to prevent crime in the first place. They were all too willing to accept the rising incarceration rate as a fact of life.

I have spared you the tediousness of the first nearly three hours of drivel that preceded the actual important business concerning the Occupy group and the TEA Party.

I must apologize for the jerkiness of the video. I was not sure I would be allowed to take in the cameras, let alone a tripod, so I elected to leave the tripod at home.

(Note: As of 11:20 PM on Tuesday, November 15, this video was still processing. If you are not able to view it, please check back later. Hopefully it will complete the processing phase on YouTube in a bit. It is a HD video, so they take some time!)






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