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Virginia Millionaire Realtors Terrorize Martha Boneta – Case Heads to Court

Virginia Millionaire Realtors Caught Terrorizing Farmer in Land Grab

Case will be heard January 19 before Fauquier Circuit Court Judge Jeffrey W. Parker


PARIS, VA – January 14, 2016 – Martha Boneta, owner of a family farm located on the edge of the Shenandoah Valley in Fauquier County about 55 miles west of Washington, D.C., filed a lawsuit against realtors Philip and Patricia Thomas for Conspiracy and Tortious Malicious Interference for a decade of abuse and harassment. Thomas, an attorney, used her personal law firm in her capacity as an agent for her husband’s real estate firm in a land grab scheme that included years of harassing behavior. The case will be heard before Fauquier Circuit Court Judge Jeffrey W. Parker on Tuesday, January 19, at 9:00 a.m. in the Fauquier County Circuit Court, 29 Ashby St, Warrenton, VA 20186.


The Thomas husband-and-wife real estate team submitted a brief to the Court saying their multi-year, well-documented harassment of a local farmer does not mean they “should have to be dragged through protracted, expensive litigation to battle a neighbor.” Their novel argument in their “affluenza” defense: We should not be held liable for the terrorizing duress and financial loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars we inflicted on our neighbor; she should suck it up because our acts were a mere “irritation and distraction.” The realtors shouldn’t be inconvenienced by going to court to defend their reign of terror.


Boneta’s dream of becoming a farmer was realized when her family purchased a farm on the edge of Virginia’s fabled Shenandoah Valley.  However, she soon entered a Kafkaesque world of power hungry realtors, trumped-up charges, fabricated coordinated claims and being stalked in-person and online. “It’s terrifying,” said Boneta. “My family is still in shock at the lengths these realtors went to terrorize us off of our land. We just want to be left alone to farm in peace.” Years of documented conspiracy even includes the fact that in one 24-hour period, Patricia Thomas called all of Boneta’s neighbors and followed up the calls by drafting letters for them to send to county officials to make complaints about the farmer.


The elaborate mile long documented web of deceit spun by the wealthy land barons who coveted Boneta’s farm is exposed for all to see in documents filed with the court in a lawsuit filed by Boneta:


Author Bonner Cohen, senior fellow at the National Center for Public Policy Research and senior policy analyst with the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) broke this story about the lawsuit: An Award winning documentary, now shown in Universities across the country, has been produced documenting nearly a decade of harassment:


About Martha’s Farm

Martha’ farm is just 50 miles West of DC, offering farm fresh seasonal organic vegetables, fresh and dried herbs, honey and honey bee products, eggs (chicken, duck, turkey and emu), hand-made soaps and alpaca, llama and sheep’s wool crafts and more.


About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

2 Responses to “Virginia Millionaire Realtors Terrorize Martha Boneta – Case Heads to Court”

  1. Martha has been and still is a champion of property rights. She has courageously defended the rights she never should have had to defend. She has helped others understand how threatened our rights are. The statement that George Washington made \”Property rights and freedom are inseparable\” have taken on a whole new meaning because of Martha\’s struggle to preserve her\’s.I will join with others in praying that Martha will prevail.

  2. Mary Trout says:

    I\’ve been trying to find the outcome from the January 19th proceedings but cannot find them yet. Mr White, do you have any updates? Hope Boneta wins a huge dollar suit against all involved. She would definitely have earned every dollar!


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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