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Virginia Political Blog Rankings for 5-1-2011

The Virginia Political Blog Rankings for 5/1/2011 are out!

Several blogs moved a couple of spots, but the one that stands out as This Week’s Most Improved Blog is Disrupt the Narrative improving 79% over last week!

That equates to 4 spots in the standings (from #13 to #9) for the winner’s spot! It should be noted that the closer to the top a blog is ranked, the more difficult it is to improve a large number of slots.

This week, 6 out of 22 Lefty Blogs improved (27%) and 12 out of 52 Righty Blogs improved (23%).

24% of Virginia Political blogs improved in the rankings this week! (Compared to 54% improving last week!)

Here are the Weekly Standings:

The Overall Standings:

RankBlogNameWeekly TrendLast Week
1Vivian PageDown (3.53%)1
2Bearing DriftUpwards 0.28%2
3Virginia Right!Down (2.08%)3
4Not Larry SabatoUpwards 1.12%4
5BarticlesUpwards 17.10%6
6Blue VirginiaDown (4.12%)5
7NoVa Town HallDown (0.89%)7
8Shad PlankUpwards 5.06%8
9Disrupt the NarrativeUpwards 79.39%13
10Snapped ShotDown (5.69%)10
11VB DemsDown (14.84%)9
12Too ConservativeDown (2.76%)11
13Va VirtuconUpwards 2.88%12
14Armchair GeneralistUpwards 4.84%17
15Nova Common SenseDown (0.78%)15
16Project VirginiaDown (7.03%)14
17Shaun KenneyDown (6.29%)16
18Bacon's RebellionUpwards 10.33%20
19Fishersville MikeUpwards 6.28%21
20SWAC GirlDown (6.49%)18
21ProgressiveDemDown (0.87%)23
22Citizen TomDown (11.76%)19
23Virginia ConservativeDown (12.67%)22
24Waldo JaquithDown (16.89%)24
25Mason ConservativeUpwards 11.24%28
26Scott's Morning BrewDown (1.91%)27
27The Green MilesDown (14.20%)25
28Cat House ChatUpwards 23.87%36
29Black Velvet Bruce LiDown (17.48%)26
30Red NoVaUpwards 7.28%35
31Schilling Show BlogDown (6.85%)30
32Rappahannock RepublicDown (7.38%)31
33I'm Surrounded by IdiotsDown (0.80%)37
34The RichmonderDown (16.22%)29
35J's NotesDown (9.49%)32
36Va Social ConservativeDown (14.24%)33
37The Toxic Mud PitDown (13.95%)34
38Yankee PhilDown (0.82%)38
39Rick Sincere ThoughtsDown (0.84%)39
40Moon HowlingsUpwards 10.02%41
41Mosquito BlogUpwards 12.01%43
42Crystal Clear ConservativeDown (20.03%)40
43Va PatriotDown (0.83%)44
44Right Side VaDown (0.83%)46
45The Bulletproof MonkDown (0.84%)49
46The Right Wing LiberalDown (0.82%)50
47From On HighDown (0.85%)51
48Off K StreetDown (22.14%)42
49Deo VindiceDown (0.95%)53
50Tertium QuidsDown (14.35%)47
51Roanoke SlantDown (0.96%)54
52The Contemporary ConservativeUpwards 35.22%57
53X CurmudgeonDown (21.04%)48
54The 28th AmendmentDown (28.10%)45
55Skeptical ObserverUpwards 54.95%61
56The Lee BrothersUpwards 54.96%62
57United ConservativesDown (19.85%)55
58Strictly VaDown (0.76%)58
59Tidewater LibertyUpwards 47.40%65
60Delmarva DealingsDown (0.88%)59
61Roanoke Valley RepublicansDown (0.94%)60
62Dogwood PunditDown (26.87%)56
63Virginia DemDown (46.18%)52
64Coarse Cracked CornDown (0.71%)63
65On The Right in VaDown (0.89%)64
66PW Conservative (Verticalis)Down (1.21%)66
67The Recovering PoliticoDown (1.23%)67
68Tim BoyerDown (1.23%)68
69SW Va Law BlogDown (1.33%)69
70The Farm TeamDown (1.31%)70
71The American Civil WarDown (0.94%)71
72Without SupervisionUnchanged72
73Va 5th DistrictUnchanged74
74What IS Right for VirginiaUnchanged73

Left Leaning Blogs:

RankBlogNameWeekly TrendLast Week
1Vivian PageDown (3.53%)1
2Not Larry SabatoUpwards 1.12%2
3BarticlesUpwards 17.10%4
4Blue VirginiaDown (4.12%)3
5Shad PlankUpwards 5.06%5
6VB DemsDown (14.84%)6
7Armchair GeneralistUpwards 4.84%7
8ProgressiveDemDown (0.87%)8
9Waldo JaquithDown (16.89%)9
10The Green MilesDown (14.20%)10
11I'm Surrounded by IdiotsDown (0.80%)12
12The RichmonderDown (16.22%)11
13Moon HowlingsUpwards 10.02%13
14Mosquito BlogUpwards 12.01%15
15Off K StreetDown (22.14%)14
16X CurmudgeonDown (21.04%)17
17The 28th AmendmentDown (28.10%)16
18Virginia DemDown (46.18%)18
19Coarse Cracked CornDown (0.71%)19
20The Farm TeamDown (1.31%)20
21What IS Right for VirginiaUnchanged21
22Without SupervisionUnchanged22

Right Leaning Blogs:

RankBlogNameWeekly TrendLast Week
1Bearing DriftUpwards 0.28%1
2Virginia Right!Down (2.08%)2
3NoVa Town HallDown (0.89%)3
4Disrupt the NarrativeUpwards 79.39%7
5Snapped ShotDown (5.69%)4
6Too ConservativeDown (2.76%)5
7Va VirtuconUpwards 2.88%6
8Nova Common SenseDown (0.78%)9
9Project VirginiaDown (7.03%)8
10Shaun KenneyDown (6.29%)10
11Bacon's RebellionUpwards 10.33%13
12Fishersville MikeUpwards 6.28%14
13SWAC GirlDown (6.49%)11
14Citizen TomDown (11.76%)12
15Virginia ConservativeDown (12.67%)15
16Mason ConservativeUpwards 11.24%18
17Scott's Morning BrewDown (1.91%)17
18Cat House ChatUpwards 23.87%25
19Black Velvet Bruce LiDown (17.48%)16
20Red NoVaUpwards 7.28%24
21Schilling Show BlogDown (6.85%)19
22Rappahannock RepublicDown (7.38%)20
23J's NotesDown (9.49%)21
24Va Social ConservativeDown (14.24%)22
25The Toxic Mud PitDown (13.95%)23
26Yankee PhilDown (0.82%)26
27Rick Sincere ThoughtsDown (0.84%)27
28Crystal Clear ConservativeDown (20.03%)28
29Va PatriotDown (0.83%)29
30Right Side VaDown (0.83%)30
31The Bulletproof MonkDown (0.84%)32
32The Right Wing LiberalDown (0.82%)33
33From On HighDown (0.85%)34
34Deo VindiceDown (0.95%)35
35Tertium QuidsDown (14.35%)31
36Roanoke SlantDown (0.96%)36
37The Contemporary ConservativeUpwards 35.22%39
38Skeptical ObserverUpwards 54.95%43
39The Lee BrothersUpwards 54.96%44
40United ConservativesDown (19.85%)37
41Strictly VaDown (0.76%)40
42Tidewater LibertyUpwards 47.40%46
43Delmarva DealingsDown (0.88%)41
44Roanoke Valley RepublicansDown (0.94%)42
45Dogwood PunditDown (26.87%)38
46On The Right in VaDown (0.89%)45
47PW Conservative (Verticalis)Down (1.21%)47
48The Recovering PoliticoDown (1.23%)48
49Tim BoyerDown (1.23%)49
50SW Va Law BlogDown (1.33%)50
51The American Civil WarDown (0.94%)51
52Va 5th DistrictUnchanged52

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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