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Virginia Political Blog Rankings for 7/3/2011

The Virginia Political Blog Rankings for 7/3/2011 are out!

Apologies for the tardiness of this week’s rankings. The “snapshot” was taken on Sunday as usual, but I was out of state for the 4th of July Holiday and was unable to find the time to post.

But there are some significant changed in the rankings!

It looks like a few of the blogs followed the advice in the FAQ document and listed their blogs in the various ranking engines. And it paid off. Last week, 41 blogs were not listed in Technorati and that number is now down to 37 unlisted out of 64.

How well did this pay off for these four blogs?

Shaun Kenney came up 124% and rose from 24th overall to 15th.

The Richmonder came up 80% and moved up from 28th overall to 20th.

The American Civil War was up 131% rising from #31 overall to #22.

But Mosquito Blog did best of all, rising 1,355% and moving from #45 overall to #23 and taking the “Most Improved Political Blog” title for the week.

Looking back 3 weeks to the “pre-Blog Rank 2.0” rankings, Shaun Kenney was ranked #33 and is now #15, The Richmonder was #32 and is now #20, The American Civil War was #39 and is now #22, and Mosquito Blog was #26 and is now #23.

This week, 14 out of 20 Lefty Blogs improved (70%) and 29 out of 45 Righty Blogs improved (64%).

Overall, 43 out of 65 Virginia Blogs improved (66%).

Hopefully, more of the Virginia Political Blogs will take the small amount of effort it takes to follow the advice in the FAQ. If you noticed, the Alexa ranking of the 4 blogs that are newly listed on Technorati all improved as well. I can’t be sure of the exact algorithms these ranking sites use as they are all “secrets”, but they do seem to pay attention to each other, and the search engines rank according to these site rankings. Well, it is at least a significant factor.

The four blogs mentioned here should all see at least a few more hits begin drifting in from search engines as their reach has expanded now. And more “hits” are always good.

As to the other 37 sites hidden from Technorati. what are you waiting for? It’s easy to become more influential.

Here are the rankings, and as always feel free to Contact me with comments, questions or suggestions.


The Overall Standings:

RankBlogNameWeekly TrendLast WeekWebArbiterAlexaTechnoratiCompeteAverage
1Bearing DriftUpwards 0.01%1241562257416168146984129571
2Vivian PageDown (0.67%)222204922715515351068973150246
3Virginia Right!Upwards 0.45%3263547207887104739022157179
4Not Larry SabatoDown (0.76%)4418906388880409-1269398
5NoVa Town HallDown (4.09%)56607336208991535539318387250
6BarticlesUpwards 0.92%6652996327578-1258627413067
7Blue VirginiaDown (0.29%)7455009489388-1330824425073
8Snapped ShotDown (3.92%)8144559511658522244691828619974
9On The Right in VaUpwards 0.65%92176117718480445954239145697714
10Too ConservativeDown (0.01%)101358525168473932861424510928773
11Black Velvet Bruce LiUpwards 1.02%11236907623389863707626096989596
12Va VirtuconDown (3.90%)12160468418256602032-11144125
13Citizen TomDown 0.00%1327308043835151140110481161260107
14Waldo JaquithDown 0.00%142509857269050272013493761286651
15Shaun KenneyUpwards 124.36%2421174415254365467321385161420210
16VB DemsUpwards 0.20%1510280001661180-116824081457196
17Fishersville MikeUpwards 1.34%1629420792524740691-11822503
18Nova Common SenseDown (1.76%)1722135842898632-15822031898139
19Bacon's RebellionDown (0.76%)19404770120412741850-12030275
20The RichmonderUpwards 80.24%2827205324564140140133862412036058
21SWAC GirlDown (7.80%)1816865564791485360-12159467
22The American Civil WarUpwards 130.59%318696475609600936035824972227369
23Mosquito BlogUpwards 1,354.67%45391290134659144450-12461088
24Project VirginiaUpwards 0.97%2023379382513838-131302862660687
25Cat House ChatUpwards 0.35%2124858944586737-110317862701472
26Crystal Clear ConservativeDown 0.00%224805126595827465534167612740847
27DemRulzUpwards 0.37%23294804216088630134029470143012328
28The Green MilesUpwards 4.82%25404706250871803351-13045864
29Moon HowlingsUpwards 0.71%2663858643612954-14235713474129
30Schilling Show BlogUpwards 0.38%2717910658625426-11491063521865
31From On HighUpwards 4.23%29821343745095411015-14241331
32Red NoVaUpwards 3.04%3062644014684737-122382744395804
33Deo VindiceUpwards 0.24%335996010101801883025-15393074
34United ConservativesUpwards 0.21%34978964964943734805-15429609
35I'm Surrounded by IdiotsUpwards 0.21%3580202766265296-122733135519628
36Scott's Morning BrewDown (3.37%)32103449324280931-119616365529166
37Virginia DemUpwards 0.24%365131419153178222936-16817392
38The Right Wing LiberalUpwards 0.18%37862048615553019605-18058036
39Skeptical ObserverUpwards 0.14%3821773325104459434734-110741334
40Shad PlankDown (0.02%)39586249621432-1-133735893
41Armchair GeneralistUpwards 0.02%4011059061647067-1-134250991
42Disrupt the NarrativeUpwards 0.01%4120975591127978-1-134408512
43Virginia ConservativeUpwards 0.25%4322619204122469-1-135461463
44Mason ConservativeDown (0.07%)4443227682449102-1-135590623
45Yankee PhilDown (0.59%)4218095025292774-1-135700758
46Va Social ConservativeUpwards 0.03%4615376196230457-1-135922692
47Rick Sincere ThoughtsDown (0.23%)4737063384550845-1-136085727
48ProgressiveDemUpwards 1.22%5134995538146853-1-137215468
49X CurmudgeonUpwards 0.02%4878377024034146-1-137290616
50Tidewater LibertyUpwards 0.04%4946450997824450-1-137489849
51J's NotesUpwards 0.03%5057592706892111-1-137550460
52The Contemporary ConservativeUpwards 0.03%5296006445328869-1-138309837
53Rappahannock RepublicUpwards 0.03%5386895097786982-1-138825497
54Off K StreetDown (2.75%)541078166110233564-1-140338408
55Roanoke Valley RepublicansUpwards 0.04%551269526211635362-1-141443541
56The Bulletproof MonkUpwards 0.03%561020164315495874-1-141899172
57Right Side VaDown (2.24%)571745547111404434-1-142953301
58SW Va Law BlogUpwards 2.37%622123369611033075-1-144088923
59What IS Right for VirginiaUpwards 0.03%59249916328103740-1-144365124
60The Farm TeamUpwards 0.04%602130029312078101-1-144459464
61The Recovering PoliticoUpwards 0.03%611944924715536753-1-144995333
62Roanoke SlantDown (3.51%)581949813815536701-1-145011613
63Tertium QuidsUpwards 0.04%632890165910622169-1-146507942
64Strictly VaUpwards 0.03%642865548715536738-1-148064075
65Va 5th DistrictUnchanged6514700830-1-1-171566943


Left Leaning Blogs:

RankBlogNameWeekly TrendLast WeekWebArbiterAlexaTechnoratiCompeteAverage
1Vivian PageDown (0.67%)122204922715515351068973150246
2Not Larry SabatoDown (0.76%)2418906388880409-1269398
3BarticlesUpwards 0.92%3652996327578-1258627413067
4Blue VirginiaDown (0.29%)4455009489388-1330824425073
5Waldo JaquithDown 0.00%52509857269050272013493761286651
6VB DemsUpwards 0.20%610280001661180-116824081457196
7The RichmonderUpwards 80.24%1027205324564140140133862412036058
8Mosquito BlogUpwards 1,354.67%15391290134659144450-12461088
9DemRulzUpwards 0.37%7294804216088630134029470143012328
10The Green MilesUpwards 4.82%8404706250871803351-13045864
11Moon HowlingsUpwards 0.71%963858643612954-14235713474129
12I'm Surrounded by IdiotsUpwards 0.21%1180202766265296-122733135519628
13Virginia DemUpwards 0.24%125131419153178222936-16817392
14Shad PlankDown (0.02%)13586249621432-1-133735893
15Armchair GeneralistUpwards 0.02%1411059061647067-1-134250991
16ProgressiveDemUpwards 1.22%1734995538146853-1-137215468
17X CurmudgeonUpwards 0.02%1678377024034146-1-137290616
18Off K StreetDown (2.75%)181078166110233564-1-140338408
19What IS Right for VirginiaUpwards 0.03%19249916328103740-1-144365124
20The Farm TeamUpwards 0.04%202130029312078101-1-144459464


Right Leaning Blogs:

RankBlogNameWeekly TrendLast WeekWebArbiterAlexaTechnoratiCompeteAverage
1Bearing DriftUpwards 0.01%1241562257416168146984129571
2Virginia Right!Upwards 0.45%2263547207887104739022157179
3NoVa Town HallDown (4.09%)36607336208991535539318387250
4Snapped ShotDown (3.92%)4144559511658522244691828619974
5On The Right in VaUpwards 0.65%52176117718480445954239145697714
6Too ConservativeDown (0.01%)61358525168473932861424510928773
7Black Velvet Bruce LiUpwards 1.02%7236907623389863707626096989596
8Va VirtuconDown (3.90%)8160468418256602032-11144125
9Citizen TomDown 0.00%927308043835151140110481161260107
10Shaun KenneyUpwards 124.36%1721174415254365467321385161420210
11Fishersville MikeUpwards 1.34%1029420792524740691-11822503
12Nova Common SenseDown (1.76%)1122135842898632-15822031898139
13Bacon's RebellionDown (0.76%)13404770120412741850-12030275
14SWAC GirlDown (7.80%)1216865564791485360-12159467
15The American Civil WarUpwards 130.59%218696475609600936035824972227369
16Project VirginiaUpwards 0.97%1423379382513838-131302862660687
17Cat House ChatUpwards 0.35%1524858944586737-110317862701472
18Crystal Clear ConservativeDown 0.00%164805126595827465534167612740847
19Schilling Show BlogUpwards 0.38%1817910658625426-11491063521865
20From On HighUpwards 4.23%19821343745095411015-14241331
21Red NoVaUpwards 3.04%2062644014684737-122382744395804
22Deo VindiceUpwards 0.24%235996010101801883025-15393074
23United ConservativesUpwards 0.21%24978964964943734805-15429609
24Scott's Morning BrewDown (3.37%)22103449324280931-119616365529166
25The Right Wing LiberalUpwards 0.18%25862048615553019605-18058036
26Skeptical ObserverUpwards 0.14%2621773325104459434734-110741334
27Disrupt the NarrativeUpwards 0.01%2720975591127978-1-134408512
28Virginia ConservativeUpwards 0.25%2922619204122469-1-135461463
29Mason ConservativeDown (0.07%)3043227682449102-1-135590623
30Yankee PhilDown (0.59%)2818095025292774-1-135700758
31Va Social ConservativeUpwards 0.03%3115376196230457-1-135922692
32Rick Sincere ThoughtsDown (0.23%)3237063384550845-1-136085727
33Tidewater LibertyUpwards 0.04%3346450997824450-1-137489849
34J's NotesUpwards 0.03%3457592706892111-1-137550460
35The Contemporary ConservativeUpwards 0.03%3596006445328869-1-138309837
36Rappahannock RepublicUpwards 0.03%3686895097786982-1-138825497
37Roanoke Valley RepublicansUpwards 0.04%371269526211635362-1-141443541
38The Bulletproof MonkUpwards 0.03%381020164315495874-1-141899172
39Right Side VaDown (2.24%)391745547111404434-1-142953301
40SW Va Law BlogUpwards 2.37%422123369611033075-1-144088923
41The Recovering PoliticoUpwards 0.03%411944924715536753-1-144995333
42Roanoke SlantDown (3.51%)401949813815536701-1-145011613
43Tertium QuidsUpwards 0.04%432890165910622169-1-146507942
44Strictly VaUpwards 0.03%442865548715536738-1-148064075
45Va 5th DistrictUnchanged4514700830-1-1-171566943

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Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

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