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Virginia Political Blog Rankings for Sunday 1/9/2011

Virginia Blog Rankings for 1/9/2011

Last Sunday we began a weekly blog ranking feature to try to put a measuring stick on Virginia’s Political Blogs. As discussed last week, this is a rather wide open task. As the Editor of one of the blogs, I also want to make sure that the rating system (me) has no unfair advantage and that the process is completely objective.

In looking at the two top rating firms, Compete and Alexa have already invented this wheel. And I was rather gratified to find that the relative ranking of Virginia Political Blogs was fairly consistent across the two. There was some variance,  but most blogs only move up or down a spot or two when you compare rankings to one another.

So, I tweaked my bot and database to collect the data, plop it in a database and rank the blogs using an average of Compete and Alexa rankings, then use that order to determine the rankings of only the Virginia Political Blogs. I leave the algorithms to the pros, and simply calculate the results.

It is relatively easy to visit either Compete or Alexa and enter your blog to check the world ranking. But it is a tedious process to compare various blogs in all of these engines to other blogs in relation to each other.

I noted some small up or down variance, mostly with Alexa, but as I collect data over time, this will prove a good tool to mark upwards or downwards trends even without a blog necessarily moving up or down a spot on the ranking. An upward trend would indicate you are doing something positive, and downward, well, try something else!

The data last week included a dollar value which I will discontinue. It varies so much between sites for the same blog as to be totally useless, in my opinion.

Up or down trends will start (hopefully) next week. And I will most likely trim the listing down to top 20 or so with the rest of the data available to anyone interested.

Ranking badges will come, but not for a bit.

I have only three lists this week Overall ranking (Left and Right) and one pitting Lefty Blogs against one another and the same for the Righty Blogs.

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Ranking for All Virginia Political Blogs (Left and Right Combined)

1 Vivian Page
2 Bearing Drift
3 Virginia Right!
4 Not Larry Sabato
5 Shad Plank
6 Blue Virginia
7 Barticles
8 VB Dems
9 Va Virtucon
10 Snapped Shot
11 Armchair Generalist
12 NoVa Town Hall
13 Black Velvet Bruce Li
14 Va Social Conservative
15 Schilling Show Blog
16 Yankee Phil
17 SWAC Girl
18 Delmarva Dealings
19 Project Virginia
20 Too Conservative
21 Cat House Chat
22 Citizen Tom
23 Tertium Quids
24 Bacon’s Rebellion
25 Mason Conservative
26 Virginia Conservative
27 Mosquito Blog
28 ProgressiveDem
29 Disrupt the Narrative
30 Crystal Clear Conservative
31 Waldo Jaquith
32 Nova Common Sense
33 Fishersville Mike
34 The Green Miles
35 Virginia Dem
36 Moon Howlings
37 What IS Right for Virginia
38 Rick Sincere Thoughts
39 Tidewater Liberty
40 From On High
41 Red NoVa
42 Tim Boyer
43 The Richmonder
44 Va Patriot
45 Without Supervision
46 I’m Surrounded by Idiots
47 The Contemporary Conservative
48 Shaun Kenney
49 Rappahannock Republic
50 Roanoke Slant
51 The American Civil War
52 Deo Vindice
53 X Curmudgeon
54 Va 5th District
55 Scott’s Morning Brew
56 Skeptical Observer
57 J’s Notes
58 Roanoke Valley Republicans
59 Off K Street
60 The Right Wing Liberal
61 The Farm Team
62 The 28th Amendment
63 SW Va Law Blog
64 Coarse Cracked Corn
65 Right Side Va
66 Strictly Va
67 The Bulletproof Monk
68 PW Conservative (Verticalis)
69 Dogwood Pundit
70 On The Right in Va
71 United Conservatives
72 The Toxic Mud Pit
73 The Recovering Politico
74 The Lee Brothers

Ranking for Right Leaning Political Blogs

1 Bearing Drift
2 Virginia Right!
3 Va Virtucon
4 Snapped Shot
5 NoVa Town Hall
6 Black Velvet Bruce Li
7 Va Social Conservative
8 Schilling Show Blog
9 Yankee Phil
10 SWAC Girl
11 Delmarva Dealings
12 Project Virginia
13 Too Conservative
14 Cat House Chat
15 Citizen Tom
16 Tertium Quids
17 Bacon’s Rebellion
18 Mason Conservative
19 Virginia Conservative
20 Disrupt the Narrative
21 Crystal Clear Conservative
22 Nova Common Sense
23 Fishersville Mike
24 Rick Sincere Thoughts
25 Tidewater Liberty
26 From On High
27 Red NoVa
28 Tim Boyer
29 Va Patriot
30 The Contemporary Conservative
31 Shaun Kenney
32 Rappahannock Republic
33 Roanoke Slant
34 The American Civil War
35 Deo Vindice
36 Va 5th District
37 Scott’s Morning Brew
38 Skeptical Observer
39 J’s Notes
40 Roanoke Valley Republicans
41 The Right Wing Liberal
42 SW Va Law Blog
43 Right Side Va
44 Strictly Va
45 The Bulletproof Monk
46 PW Conservative (Verticalis)
47 Dogwood Pundit
48 On The Right in Va
49 United Conservatives
50 The Toxic Mud Pit
51 The Recovering Politico
52 The Lee Brothers

Ranking for Left Leaning Political Blogs

1 Vivian Page
2 Not Larry Sabato
3 Shad Plank
4 Blue Virginia
5 Barticles
6 VB Dems
7 Armchair Generalist
8 Mosquito Blog
9 ProgressiveDem
10 Waldo Jaquith
11 The Green Miles
12 Virginia Dem
13 Moon Howlings
14 What IS Right for Virginia
15 The Richmonder
16 Without Supervision
17 I’m Surrounded by Idiots
18 X Curmudgeon
19 Off K Street
20 The Farm Team
21 The 28th Amendment
22 Coarse Cracked Corn

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

2 Responses to “Virginia Political Blog Rankings for Sunday 1/9/2011”

  1. Bill says:

    I have to ask this question. How does former Gov. Jim Gilmore’s blog VApatriot rank in the top 30 when there hasn’t been a new post on it in seven months? Are that many people going to it to read outdated information? Maybe I just don’t understand how the rankings work.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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