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Virginia Right! 2013 House of Delegates Positive Endorsements and Negative Endorsements

Just for the record, we wanted to endorse a list of candidates for this election cycle. Starting with the Virginia House of Delegates today and tomorrow will be the Statewide races.

We include both positive endorsements and the new category, Negative Endorsements. These are Republicans that raised our taxes and stabbed the Conservatives who helped get them elected in the back.

Positive Endorsements

Bob Marshall – 13th House of Delegates District

Bob Marshall has been a staunch Conservative and has served the Commonwealth well during his time in office. We are happy that Marshall has offered his considerable experience once again and endorse him for another term. Democrat Atif M Qarni is challenging Marshall.

Les Adams 16th House of Delegates District

Virginia Right! endorsed Les Adams back in the Republican Primary defeating Ken Bowman. And we stand by Les in the General Election as well where he faces Democrat Elizabeth Jones.


Mark Berg 29th House of Delegates District

Mark Berg challenged tax hiker republican (Little “R”) incumbent Beverly Sherwood for voting to increase taxes on Virginians. Sherwood goes home, Berg goes to Richmond.


Scott Lingamfelter 31st House of Delegates District

Scott Lingamfelter is one of the most Conservative members of the House. HE is the most solid (in my opinion) on 2nd Amendment issues. He was also a candidate for Lt. Governor this year and did not quite make the cut in the large field – he did, however, get my first round vote. Virginia Right! endorsed Scott Lingamfelter for another term.


Dave Larock 33rd House of Delegates District

Virginia Right! endorses Dave LaRock for the 33rd District.


“Buddy” Fowler 55th House of Delegates District

We endorsed Buddy Fowler a long time ago (back in April 2013) and he is a great Conservative and it will be an easy transition from John Cox as Buddy was his Legislative Assistant and knows everything that is going on. Let me add that we will miss John Cox who did a wonderful job!


Rob Bell 58th House of Delegates District

Rob Bell is not only one of the nicest guys in the Assembly, he is also one of the smarter one. We endorse Rob Bell for another term!


Chris Peace 97th House of Delegates District

Chris Peace has done a wonderful job representing the 97th House District. He is also my Delegate and has been a true friend to the voters – all of them – during his tenure. We endorse Chris Peace for another term.


John W. Smith Jr – 100th House of Delegates District

Democrat Lynwood Lewis has been a Delegate far too long. For me that was true the first day of his first session. John Smith is running as an Independent and plans to clean up the “ole boy” network that Lewis has helped create in Norfolk and on the Eastern Shore. Virginia Right! endorses John Smith.

Negative Endorsements

NOTE: Sandy has some thoughts on the Negative Endorsements – Please see his post here.

The following is a list of Republicans that receive a Virginia Right! Negative Endorsement. This negative endorsement is given to these individual for raising taxes on Virginians. We have never endorsed a Democrat, but honestly, the list below contains names that are in all essence, Democrats. We know Democrats will raise taxes. That’s what they do. But most are at least honest about it.

These people were not.

And where possible, please consider sending a message by voting for the statewide offices and any other local elections in your area, but DO NOT vote for any of these Republicans. Only a couple will be close, but we need to send a message.

Dave Albo (42nd) has a Democratic Opponent Ed Deitsch. We would urge you to not vote for Albo in this race. But we will not endorse Deitch.

John Cosgrove (78th) moved to the Senate. We can primary him in 2 more years.

Kirk Cox (66th) has no opponent. There is absolutely no reason to vot for him at all.

Mark Dudenhefer (2nd) This tax hiker has a Democratic opponent Michael Futrell. Again, not endorsing the Democrat here, but see no reason to vote for this republican (little “R”) dud.

Jim Edmunds (60th) there is a Democrat running, Jasper Hendricks, but we endorse neither candidate here.

Tag Greason (32nd) Democrat challenger: Elizabeth Miller. Endorsing neither.

Chris Head (17th) Democrat Freeda Cathcart has raised almost as much money as Head. We won’t endorse in this race, but strongly urge Conservatives to abstain from voting in this race.

Gordon Helsel (91st ) – no challenger, but we suggest abstaining.

Keith Hodges (98th) Nina Putt, a member of the Matthews County Board of Supervisors is running as an Independent. We will not endorse in this race but would probably vote for Putt as a protest against the tax hiker Hodges.

Sal Iaquinto (84th)* Gone.

Riley Ingram (62nd) No opponent. No reason to vote for him.

Chris Jones (76th) No opponent. No reason to vote for him.

Terry Kilgore (1st)  No opponent. No reason to vote for him.

Barry Knight (81st) No opponent. No reason to vote for him.

Jim LeMunyon (67th) Democrat challenger Hung Nguyen. No reason to vote for either.

Manny Loupassi (68th) There is a pretend Independent who is really a Democrat challenging in this race. ut there is no reason to vote for either candidate here.

Joe May (33rd) Gone and we endorsed LaRock above.

Donald Merricks (16th) Gone. Adams endorsed above.

Randy Minchew (10th) Democrat Monte Johnson is challenging. No reason to vote in this race either.

Richard Morris (64th) No opponent. No reason to vote for him.

John O’Bannon (73rd) I have endorsed and supported John O’Bannon in the past but his vote for higher taxes lost him both my respect and my support. If Tom Shields were running again in this race, I would consider endorsing him this time around. But there is no reason to vote for O’Bannon at all.

Bobby Orrock (54th) No opponent. No reason to vote for him.

Charles Poindexter (9th) No opponent. No reason to vote for him.

Bob Purkey (82nd) Gone

Lacey Putney (I, declared R if running for re-election – 19th) Gone

Tom Rust (86th)faces a fairly significant race against Democrat Jennifer Boysko. We can’t endorse the Democrat, but urge voters to NOT vote for Rust.

Ed Scott (30th) Democrat Traci Dippert is challenging and doing well raising money.  We can’t endorse the Democrat, but urge voters to NOT vote for Rust.

Beverly Sherwood (29th) Gone

Chris Stolle (83rd) No opponent. No reason to vote for him.

Ron Villanueva (21st) There is a Democrat challenging, but she has not shown much. But there is no reason to vote at all in this race.

Michael Watson (93rd) Democrat Monty Mason is doing fairly well in the money race. Again, we won’t endorse a Democrat here, but there is no reason to vote for Watson.

David Yancey (94th) Democrat Robert Farinholt is mounting a long shot challenge, but there is no reason to vote for either in this race.

Joseph Yost (12th) Democrat James Harder is challenging, but there is no reason to vote for anyone in this race.

Speaker Howell (28th) Howell has no challenger, but as the leader of the tax and spend RINO caucus, I would consider endorsing a Democrat in this race – if there were one. It is a shame the primary challenge was unsuccessful. The Virginia House of Delegates will be a far better and more conservative body when we finally see Howell retired.

Tomorrow – Statewide Office Nominations

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

4 Responses to “Virginia Right! 2013 House of Delegates Positive Endorsements and Negative Endorsements”

  1. Gene says:

    1) How many of your positive endorsements supported the current runaway spending Virginia budget?

    2) Did Delegate Peace support the 10 Billion dollar increase in the current 2 year budget vs the last budget? $75 Billion versus $85 Billion. $5 Billion per year increase. What is that? Over a 13% increase, when the cost of living is running about 1.5%, or about 3% over 2 years? Runaway spending? Conservative?

    3) Who was willing to increase taxes on a smaller scale?

    4) Who looks at you like a deer in the headlights when you mention cuts?

    Doesn’t this prove my point? Republicans just love big spending and tax increases, as long as it belongs to them! It is funny that they get far Right support. Shame. Shame, Shame.

    A CONSERVATIVE WOULD KICK THEM ALL OUT! A Republican, would send them a campaign contribution. Gene loans Tom his pen to write checks!

    • Tom White says:

      Gene –

      None of our positive endorsements voted for the taxportation bill. And none supported a tax increase.

      Inflation is only one factor in a state budget. As long as the population is rising, which it always has, we will spend more money each year, and we will collect more taxes from the increase in population.

      Some of the growth was mandated by the Federal Government. And while there were unfunded mandates, a lot of the spending that is reported in the budget is actually federally mandated and federally funded. In 2008, the Federal Government was the source of 20.5% of state revenue. In 2011 that number rose to 26.82%. And we are in the bottom 4 based on percentage of our budget that comes from the Feds. In 2010 we were last! Are there things that could be cut? Absolutely. But most of the increase in spending is due to more people, mandates (that are “paid for”) and inflation.

      And your figures are off a bit on the total 2 year budgets. The 2010-2012 budget total was $79,333,887,104.00 – just under $80 Billion, and the 2012 – 2014 total (so far) is set at $85,961,836,726.00 or almost $86 Billion. There are no figures for the revenue that came from the feds beyond 2011, but it has increased. And while there were increases in DMV fees and other fees, there was no tax increase.

      And I have no idea who would have supported smaller tax increases. If they had, they would have been on our negative endorsement list.

      And in state politics, cuts are not a problem unless they cut your voters. But the current budget did make cuts. Some were cuts in the rate of growth, which are not really cuts. Some were true cuts. And Bob McDonnell spent more money and I blame him and his arm twisting for that. You will never see me support him again. He is a liar and no different than a Democrat.

      And I support kicking every one of the ones that voted to raise taxes out. We endorsed the 4 that ran primaries against the 42 tax raisers and 2 of them won. We will be pushing to primary more and more of them.

      And I do not write checks to politicians as a general rule. Several years ago I donated $100 to Rusty McGuire when I was serving as a member of his advisory council in his primary contest in the 55th District and a couple years ago I wrote a check to Tito “The Builder” Munoz in his State Senate Primary attempt. Neither was successful. Tito is a long time friend and I trust his conservatism. Rusty, the same thing. Although I first met him during his primary. The rest of my donations total $6,000 which were “in kind” donations for another long time friend, Hanover BOS member Sean Davis. Sean is by far the most Conservative member of the board and has voted against the RINO’s like Kelly-Wiecek and Canova Peterson. My in kind donations were for the doing his campaign web site.

      My records also show a donation to the McDonnell Inauguration Committee in 2010 of $200 but this was for tickets to the Inaugural Ball and not a political donation. I covered the ball for the blog and celebrated the victory of a Governor I supported and worked hard to elect. And he stabbed me in the back and lost my support forever. But I never donated a dime to his campaign.

      So you can keep your pen.
      Tom White recently posted…A few THOUGHTS on the NEGATIVE ENDORSEMENTSMy Profile

  2. Spencer Lyman says:

    Mr. White; well said my good and faithful servent.
    Mr. Gene; makes some excellent points but my word of warning to the readers is that Mr. Gene has a hidden agenda. He is a brainwashed liberal and is working to get Liberals elected by trying to drive the wedge deeper b/n the RINOs and Conservatives.
    Mr. Jefferson said, “That government is Best which governs Least.”

  3. John Smith says:

    Mr. White

    Thanks for the positive endorcement. Lynwood W. Lewis, Jr. has announced he is running for the vacated Senate seat. If Lewis is selected to be the Democrat candidate by the Democratic party and he wins the special election then there will be another special election for the vacated 100th delegate. My candidate email address is [email protected].

    John Smith


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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