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Virginia Supreme Court Rules Against Recall Petition




In a disappointing decision by Virginia Supreme Court on Thursday March 1, in a 5-2 vote the Court decided that signatures collected in a Recall Petition must be sworn to at the time the signature is collected. The standing  practice of the person gathering the signatures having them notarized and attesting that he/she indeed did collect and witness the signatures themselves afterwards  is now not acceptable according to this decision.  The lingering question remains as to whether or not this applies only to Recall Petitions or any Petitions that voter signatures are collected for.

Bob Shannon,  Founder of the local T.E.A Party group said…. “ this now removes the long standing legal remedy available to citizens who hold the opinion that a local elected official should be recalled and removed from office .  Citizens have watched the Virginia Supreme Court invalidate the only peaceful and legal method, leaving citizens stuck with an elected official until the next election . Most recall petitions fail, but it is vital that our legislators now act to create legislation that will alter the already arduous task with what the Virginia Supreme Court ruling has done. Anyone who has ever gathered signatures on any type of election petition knows firsthand this requirement burdens them with an almost impossible task, saving that the person collecting the signature might be a notary and can validate each signature at the time it is collected. It also opens the door for elected officials to continue behavior that drove the petition effort to begin with, removing the healthy threat of recall. There is therefore no reason to continue collecting voter’s signatures that the Court will rule invalid .The General Assembly also failed this session to pass a  Constitutional Amendment that would have furthered a  Referendum Reform (sponsored by Del. Sam Rasoul)  that would have allowed among other things more local issues such as recalls to be placed on a local ballot. Removing an elected official for the failures cited in the current Virginia Statutes has now become near impossible with this unfortunate ruling “

The King William T.E.A Party was formed on August 9, 2009 to provide a conservative voice at the local level. Shannon added that hasn’t changed.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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