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Thanks to Tricia Stall in Mathews County, we have a delicious tidbit of information.

PlanVirginia is a private organization of civilian planners (members of planning boards, etc) that provides education and training for its members and it has an annual meeting once a year.  It predates the UN or Agenda 21.  It is not a government organization.  But they will have an interesting session Sunday, October 9 when the civilian planners meeting in Hampton.  They intend to discuss Agenda 21.  Yes, that Agenda 21.

Here it is from their newsletter:

The 2011 Commonwealth Land Use and Zoning Conference will feature 21 learning sessions. Our initial session on October
9 will be the Sunday Symposium.We will explore whether local land use planning efforts in Virginia are being driven or influenced by the United Nations “Agenda 21.” Several claims have been made that local land use efforts, as well as selected terminology such as sustainability, are part of a larger international effort, sanctioned by the UN, to take away private property rights in the name of social justice.We will examine this claim on October 9 with the assistance of persons who espouse this point of view as well as those who maintain the claim is false. The 2011 Sunday Symposium promises to be an exciting and educational, must-attend event.

I would like to be a fly on the wall at that event.  Questions:  Who will represent our side?  How will it be run?  What will be said?  (By the way, they didn’t ask me but one source the anti-Agenda 21 person needs to study is to confer with Donna Holt and read this blog:

I am excited; it is obvious that the actions of activists are having an effect on planning and this is their response:  To “debate” the issue.  What I am afraid of is either a person will be tasked to be the anti-Agenda 21 person who is not one of us and will half-heartedly cover it or they will find a genuine kook and use him/her as a foil to condemn the entire movement.

I recommended a peaceful protest at the site to Tricia; I can’t make it but use my flyer I wrote for the Mechanicsville Tea Party.  (The video is here!)  We’ll see…

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