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friend photo I was copied in an e-mail exchange a week or so ago where one of our patriot group leaders wrote a state legislator complaining about the lack of response of an earlier inquiry, then the veracity (or lack of  ) with regard to a particular piece of legislation that the writer felt the legislator hadn’t been truthful relative to their actual position. I sat, almost dumbfounded that this otherwise intelligent man actually thought ….. A. the legislator themselves   would ever even read what he had wrote…..B. that it would make even the tiniest difference if he did.

It is a silly notion that we must always remain civil for fear of losing access to our coveted seat at the table . What is more precious , our children’s future or staying in these pols good graces ? Eight years in the trenches and with some actual success in impacting at least local government I can tell you what an absolutely ridiculous proposition that actually is.

Politicians have no respect at all for anyone, with the noted exception of their big money donors. They smile at us and shake our hands in public, feign to have an interest in what we say or think………..and then laugh at us behind our backs. They take some form of sick amusement in having the ability to fool us , over and over and over.

In Dennis Prager’s “ America’s Second Civil War” written 01/24/17 he states….. “ the third significant difference between the first and second civil war is that in the second civil war , one side has been doing nearly all of the fighting . This is how it has been able to take over the schools, from elementary schools to high schools to universities and indoctrinate America’s young people, how it has taken over nearly all of the news media, and how it has taken over the entertainment media. He goes on to further state “the conservative side has lost on every one of these fronts because it has rarely fought back with anything near the ferocity with which the left fights ” .

We can either heed Prager’s wise advice and correct course , or continue to make fools of ourselves . Trump opened a window , but that opportunity to renew the energy level the TEA Party movement had some 8 years ago will only remain open for a short time.

These TEA Party group leaders can either recognize that, or step aside and allow for new leaders to be elected.  The tactics that they employ have shown no progress to date.

Bob Shannon  King William


  1. Paul B. says:

    Thank you Mr. Shannon for shedding light on the woeful failure of the General Assembly. As a long time visitor to the GA each year for Lobby Day to promote Personal Property rights legislation I can validate your comments.

    Voters in Virginia are delusional to think that Delegates and Senators read emails or care what constituents think. Constituent Surveys are written to intentionally miscontrue and deceive. The lobbyists and special interests influence the GA with their donations and PAC funds. Staffers couldn’t care less either. They are so rude despite our professional appearances ( I wear a coat and tie and conduct myself professionally. I am a graduate of the Citadel) One delegate told me he didn’t have to listen to me because I didn’t live in his district. Yet he voted for legislation that passed that had a detrimental effect on my personal property rights.

    When one Delegate put the longtime housekeeper of his Legislative Aid on the payroll to work in the General Assembly I said it would be my last time. I’m done. Now I am reduced to speaking to cleaning ladies instead of the delegate. The General Assembly under Speaker Howell and Senator Norment has become a laughing stock. Even the staffers of state senators are cast offs from night clubs found singing in clubs and bars in Richmond that end up marrying their Congressman. They call themselves the Raucous Caucus and can be found each night in the watering holes in Richmond instead of solving serious issues facing the Commonwealth such as billion dollar budget deficits and an even larger unfunded VRS. One doesn’t have to drive to DC to find a Swamp to Drain in Virginia.

  2. robert shannon

    Well said my friend. The JLRAC did a study , championed by the Federations Chair at that time Mark Daugherty that resulted in the following findings

    If the Virginia Tax Code was thrown into the wastebasket we could cut Virginias Income Tax, and Virginias sales tax IN HALF and raise just as much revenue as under the current system ( tax code)

    So , if any of the leaders in the Virginia legislature were genuinely interested in Virginia’s economic well being they would immediately do so. Virginias economy would EXPLODE with unprecedented growth ( think Texas).

    Instead we have the buffoons like Norment, Howell Stuart who are nothing more than bagmen for the crony pals of the 60 legislators real bosses, who’s campaigns they fund with regularity every cycle

    They tour their accomplishments as if everyone out here in the real world don’t see straight through what is truly going on.

    This bill that dealt with Broadband is just such an example of the inner workings and the influence that developers have in our poisoned legislatures.

    Use taxpayer and grant money ( that special money that flows like honey) to build out infrastructure instead of the way it was done 60 years ago when developers had to put up levels of proffer money to pay for this (it was built into their economic model that determined if a particular project was economically feasible ) If the project still worked then private money was used to make the development go forward. Today they have used compromised elected officials to use the legislative process eliminate one of the basic economic components of a development project.

    It is not something they can hide any longer, it’s just that voters and citizens in significant enough numbers have not done their civic duty and stood up to demand it be stopped.

    I have sadly concluded that until broad numbers of citizens feel increased pain ( more taxes ) this continues uninterrupted.

    Bob Shannon King William


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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