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WHAT CONSERVATIVES ARE SAYING: “A Concerted Effort to Infuse a Grassroots Vibe into the Campaign”

Weekly Standard: A First Reaction to the Ryan Pick

“One of the first political events I vaguely remember (I was eight years old) is listening on the radio to John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address. When I woke up this morning, this passage was echoing in my head. It needs a bit of updating—but I think it captures the spirit of the Ryan pick…”
“In the days and weeks ahead, there  is sure to be much analysis into a choice that was little anticipated by the punditocracy.  But for now, Mitt Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan was clearly a bow to his party’s right-of-center activists and, by nearly all accounts, they are thrilled.”
What Democrats are overlooking is that Ryan is a truly formidable figure.  He not only knows his stuff, he is able to communicate his ideas in a persuasive and appealing way.  There’s a very good chance voters will like him.  Democrats love to portray Republicans as angry.  They won’t be able to do that with Ryan, who doesn’t give off even a hint of anger.”
“When Governor Romney decided to pick Ryan he immediately shifted the focus toward ideology and ideas. By doing so he’s provided American voters with a choice. Americans can choose to continue the path to becoming a mega-Greece, or it can turn around and embrace fiscal responsibility. I hope they choose the latter.”
“Ryan is strongly pro-life.  He has fought against Obama’s infringement of religious liberty.  He is willing to fight for Conservative principles, not rush to the comfortable center.  He represents Tea Party values.  He is the perfect pick.”
“Any way you slice it, this is a game-changer.  As I wrote earlier this week, Paul Ryan is one of the sunniest, most likeable conservatives on the scene today.  He’s also the party’s top wonk and is completely fluent in fiscal issues.  I predict that Democrats will publicly gloat over this pick (“he’ll be so easy to demonize!”), even as they privately worry.  Paul Ryan is earnest, smart, articulate, attractive, calm, good-humored, and exceptionally gifted in explaining his case in persuasive and unthreatening terms. 
“I like it! This shows that Romney is quite serious about turning things around.”
“Paul Ryan not only exposes that lie, but he has plans to solve it. He does so as a fresh, young face who is not at all scary to old people and relates to them and to young people. He himself is in his early 40′s with small kids. He’s from a swing state, out-performed John McCain in his home district, and is telegenic and articulate. Paul Ryan is what Mitt Romney needs.”
“When was the last time we had a national ticket with this much mathematical skill, or knowledge of finance? Probably never…. One thing we can be sure of is that Ryan will perform brilliantly on the issues; especially, of course, the budget.”
“But the most important thing about Ryan being Romney’s runningmate is that it means America will finally get what it has needed for decades – a serious national debate about how to reform Social Security, Medicare and other entitlements to save them for the present and future generations of people who need them.”
“There’s no doubt this is going to move the game and we’ve got a very serious, intelligent person ready to take on the tough issues in the second seat.”
“Very obviously it demolishes the argument that Mitt Romney is an overly cautious and timid politician. The pick is bold and even imaginative. It will change the opinion of many people, not merely conservatives, about the governor’s essential political nature — and favorably too.”
“Every time I’ve written about Paul Ryan since then, I’ve referred to him as a hard-hitting fiscal guru — and more than anything, that’s what America needs right now. His common sense and doggedness are invaluable, and I’m hoping this will be a positive and definitive step in moving America away from intellectually cheap populism and instead making free enterprise cool again. Let’s do this.”
“With his announcement of Paul Ryan as his running mate today, Romney did just that. Tea Partiers are excited about a Romney/Ryan ticket and will surely mobilize their effective grassroots efforts to beat Barack Obama and Joe Biden in the fall.”
“Romney is gambling that his vision of the future — and how to get there — will be seen as more realistic by the voter than Obama’s. By naming Ryan, he has hired the best salesman in the country who can close the deal on that vision with the voter.”
“No doubt there are many Democrats rubbing their hands in glee in contemplation of reviving some version of the ad that featured an actor playing Paul Ryan pushing a grandmother in a wheelchair off a cliff. But the smarter ones are worried.”
Breitbart: Ryan Infuses Grassroots Spirit Into Campaign
“Paul Ryan not only provides an injection of youth and an added fiscal layer to the Romney campaign, he’s also favored by the grassroots. The selection of someone like Ryan reflects a concerted effort to infuse a grassroots vibe into the campaign — and possibly some Wisconsin schadenfreude, too.”

“We have seemingly permanent unemployment that’s over two percent higher than what he claimed his stimulus would produce… and even higher than what he said unemployment would be without his trillion-dollar spending plan.  Paul Ryan will be a key element in a serious response to this incredibly expensive lunacy and corruption.”


Weekly Standard: Ryan’s Moment


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