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What Did Variety (a Hollywood Magazine) Say About Indivisible the Movie! Try to Go See it!

Variety is the leading periodical about Hollywood.  Here is what it wrote about the pro-Jesus movie Indivisible:

Capably directed by David G. Evans (“The Grace Card”) and earnestly performed by a proficient cast, this inspirational indie conceivably could extend its appeal beyond the customary audience for faith-based entertainment, despite obvious indications — the combat soldiers here may be the most profanity-averse fighting men and women in any war movie in recent memory — that gritty realism is not a high priority for the filmmakers.

Variety is hardly eager to praise faith-based films.  And they agree (see above) that this movie has a greater appeal to non-faith-based watchers.  YEA!  Praise God!  Now let’s fill the seats!

However, there’s more praise for this movie:

To their considerable credit, the makers of “Indivisible” — including director Evans and co-writers Cheryl McKay Price and Peter White — acknowledge that, more often than not, miracles occur by virtue of the determination, hard work, and intervention of mere mortals who want to pay back for their own blessings. Just as important, the movie also admits, by way of another chaplain authoritatively portrayed by veteran character actor Michael O’Neill, that faith may not be faith at all unless it can withstand serious reexamination.

It could almost be called a miracle but certainly an answer to prayers that this Hollywood insider magazine Variety had this sort of acclaim for this firm.  I can tell you they did not compromise the faith at all.  My prior viewing of this film did also show several scenes that I hope will sober up fellow followers of Christ Jesus about endless wars and those neo-cons who want to start them.

It does show the tragic rate of divorce among US fighters in Iraq and touches upon how many (including the chaplain) as they struggle with their experiences.  PTSD.  There is the fact shown that the soldiers in Iraq could hardly tell who was friend or foe.  A man who comes to Jesus is killed in action for example.  Even the chaplain struggles with faith.  Their marriage is in shambles.

The film also portrays women – a mother actually – in combat.  This should anger every believer.  Will it?  A warning:  You will never be the same (after going to Iraq)!  Kids won’t stop crying.  The chaplain’s daughter prays in a searing scene while her father is indeed in a battle crisis:

“Bring daddy safely home again, Jesus!”

Anguishing questions:  “Tell me my kids won’t go through what I had?”  (I can’t remember who asked that.)  The war comes at the viewer in waves of suspenseful tension.  Searing scenes come again and again.

This movie is nor for small children.  But teens, preteens and all believing adults should see it.  Maybe when some neo-con advocates some sort of conflict none of our business, the evangelical community needs to say – I suppose I should keep it clean:  Heck NO!  NOT MY KIDS!

Here is my original “review” of the trailer that get me excited about the potential anti-war message.  Yes, the movie has some of the justifications for the war such as Al-Qaeda and that is disappointing.  But the pro-Jesus message is there and so is a powerful antiwar message too.  Invite a unchurched/lost friend today to see Indivisible.


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