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Once again, Ron Paul the kooky isolationist was proven right again!  About Libya – where we went to war unofficially through the NATO sock-puppet to overthrow Gadhafi and bring him to international justice no matter how illegal it is!

Here’s evidence of a civil war (with Al-Qaeda involved!) in the neighboring nation of Mali being caused by NATO/US intervention in Libya.  First the scene set up:

Most recently, Via Meadia has been keeping a careful eye on the growing troubles in northern Mali and the storied historical city of Timbuktu for some time. Two groups — the Tuareg independence movement MNLA and the al-Qaeda affiliated Ansar Dine — are involved in a struggle for control of a large part of northern Mali. Together, both groups put up a united front in dealing with Mali’s feeble and divided central government, with the result that they’ve seized control of large parts of the country. They then declared a “union” and announced their intention to establish an Islamic, well, something, and began the usual persecutions of and reprisals against their enemies.

I would think one group persecuted are Christians!  I may be right!  Add to Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan caused in part at least by unnecessary intervention.  The article on Mali admits it:

These are all consequences of NATO’s much ballyhooed “humanitarian war” in Libya that, if anybody remembers, was originally launched because of fears that victorious Qaddafi forces would carry out massacres when they retook the rebel city of Benghazi.

The “These” are what?  Well, massacres and general mistreatment:

And of course we have hundreds of thousands of refugees, most living in misery far from their homes, various people killed in the fighting and in the revenge killings and reprisals that are taking place, and the destruction of the economy across much of the north.


NATO didn’t so much prevent massacres as move them offstage; the noble idealists and brilliant strategists in the White House who gave the go ahead for the Libyan war must now adjust their consciences as best they can as the consequences of their intervention roll on through Mali and elsewhere.

This sounds like a certain blogger I know:

One of Africa’s more promising democratic experiments is in ruins today because of the Wilsonian war in Libya, and we will never know how many Malians have died so that western idealists could feel better about themselves for a while.

Want another source?  Perhaps Agency Presse France will do for you!  (It ain’t Fox News for sure!)

And for some observers, the Western powers’ role in helping trigger the crisis now gives them a responsibility to help try to end it.

“It must be said and said again that the factor that unleashed all of this is the Western intervention in Libya,” said Eric Denece, director of the French Centre for Intelligence Research (CF2R), a think tank.

Cato Institute might not be bias-free but it is not Fox News, either!

Remarkably, the biggest beneficiary may be al-Qaida. Its local branch, AQIM, has long been active in northern Mali. AQIM has joined hands with the ex-Libyan Tuaregs and its MNLA allies to run northern Mali. The MNLA is nominally secular. But it lacks the numbers and organisation of AQIM, which dominates the administration and has imposed strict sharia law. Tuareg women, who used to roam around freely, cannot leave their homes save with a male relative.

Many western columnists spouted outrage at Gaddafi’s atrocities on civilians. Yet none of them agonises over Nato responsibility for the chain of events causing massive civilian tragedies in Mali. An entire country has been shattered by the consequences of Nato intervention in Libya. The western media bemoan Mali’s tragedy, but don’t own any responsibility for it.

I don’t want to own the thing!  I voted for the guy who said “We just plain don’t mind our own business”.  No more intervention abroad unless the manifest national interest calls for it.   But this very recent news report suggests the Obama Administration did not get the memo:

The U.S. military is expanding its secret intelligence operations across Africa, establishing a network of small air bases to spy on terrorist hideouts from the fringes of the Sahara to jungle terrain along the equator, according to documents and people involved in the project.


The creeping U.S. military involvement in long-simmering African conflicts, however, carries risks. Some State Department officials have expressed reservations about the militarization of U.S. foreign policy on the continent. They have argued that most terrorist cells in Africa are pursuing local aims, not global ones, and do not present a direct threat to the United States.

The potential for creating a popular backlash can be seen across the Red Sea, where an escalating campaign of U.S. drone strikes in Yemen is angering tribesmen and generating sympathy for an al-Qaeda franchise there.

Check out our new ally:  The Islamic Republic of Mauritania:

About 6,000 miles to the west, the Pentagon is spending $8.1 million to upgrade a forward operating base and airstrip in Mauritania, on the western edge of the Sahara. The base is near the border with strife-torn Mali.

The Defense Department also set aside $22.6 million in July to buy a Pilatus PC-6 aircraft and another turboprop plane so U.S.-trained Mauritanian security forces can conduct rudimentary surveillance operations, according to documents submitted to Congress.

Guess what they do in Mauritania?  They persecute Christians!

The Mauritanian Constitution defines the country as an Islamic republic and recognizes Islam as the only religion of its citizens. As such, the printing and distribution of non-Islamic religious materials is strictly prohibited, as is evangelizing  Muslims. Article 11 of the Press Act is used to prevent proselytizing of Muslims by non-Muslims, and to restrict the printing, distribution and importation of non-Islamic religious materials.

The Government takes great pains to enforce this and to prevent Mauritanian citizens from hearing the gospel. Expatriates suspected of trying to proselytize Mauritanians are subject to harassment, interrogation, brief imprisonment and even expulsion.

Time to simply come home.  Defend the homeland.  I’ll say it again:  Not my kids.  I intend hereto until intervention is no longer official policy to discourage my children from entering the military.  My kids will never defend the Islamic Republic of Mauritania.


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