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When Good Blogs go Bad – The Bearing Drift / Brian Schoeneman Soap Opera


I remember back a few years ago when the entire country seemed to go nuts over Barack Obama. And except for FoxNews and a few Talk Shows, everyone was buzzing about the new Progressive promises and the failure of the free market system and the hated George W. Bush.

Virginia had an advantage over a lot of other states, and a huge responsibility to act as a bellwether for the rejection of the Progressives once again and a resurgence of Conservative thought. In 2009, the newly minted Obama administration was marching out of the gates with one destructive bill or plot after another. Amnesty, Energy Destruction, Health Care destruction, and getting rid of guns to name a few. And of course to push the Union thugs to the top of the heap and crush business after business. All in the name of saving us from ourselves.

But a funny thing happened on the way to a complete Socialist makeover of America – the TEA Party emerged and a lot of the people who had sat on the sidelines and may have even believed the constant negative reporting on Bush and the Republicans discovered the truth. Everything Obama and the Progressives were doing was not Constitutional. Part of the problem was that America had drifted slowly away from freedom and placed trust in our elected officials and were secure that they would do the right thing.

The TEA Party began educating the masses on the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence and the Federalist Papers were dusted off to help remind us of just how far we have strayed.

And as a direct result of a newly educated population, the need for news and opinions from like-minded individuals grew. The newspapers and most television news programs still sputtered the Obama Progressive line. And while there have been political blogs since blogs were first created, and even as opinion websites before that, there was a hungry market looking for truth. Blogs sprung up on the Left first mostly to speak ill of Bush and other Republicans.

And a few came up on the right, but until the TEA Party stimulated the interest in online politics by educating people, the audience was slim. But after the Obama victory, that all changed. And there were so many blogs it was hard to keep them all straight. And so it was in March, 2009 Virginia Right! started publishing. And while this was a new blog, there were not a lot of blogs on the right that had huge audiences at the time. On the left, blogs like Blue Virginia were bookmarked on every left wing Progressive’s browser.

And there was a camaraderie between all of us on the right. We were all calling ourselves Conservatives, and lauding the founder’s vision of a small central government and the concept of the power remaining in the hands of the people. Five years ago there was virtually no palpable difference between the right wing Virginia blogs. And we became friends, allies and coworkers in a labor of love to take back the country.

And I became friends with J.R. Hoeft, and active duty Sailor (I am a Navy Vet) and the founder of Bearing Drift Blog – “Virginia’s Conservative Voice”.

And I considered Hoeft and the rest of the “gang” to be friends.

But a lot has changed in those 5 plus years. Virginia and the Right Wing Blogosphere had an amazing 2009. We swept the Governor’s race, the Lt. Governor’s Race and the Attorney General’s Office. And we even celebrated the good news in New Jersey the same night as a Republican – Chris Christie – won in a Liberal state. And that momentum and friendship carried on into 2010 in a historic election that saw Republicans take over the US House of Representatives. Finally we had some Conservatives to put the brakes on Obama and his big spending, Progressive ways.

Only we didn’t see any real progress out of the House with John Boehner and Eric Cantor in charge. They said all the right things, but they voted something entirely different. The House has approved every dollar that Obama has spent and funded the EPA, IRS, HHS, and every department that has violated our freedom from the beginning of the Obama administration. And if Cantor and Boehner had actually been serious about stopping the government power grab, they could have. But they didn’t.

And in Virginia, with our “every year is an election year” reality, we handed the Republican Governor Bob McDonnell control of the State Senate and an overwhelming majority in the House of Delegates. The state was his to finally show the nation what a Conservative majority could do. Up to that point, Governor Bob McDonnell had done what the Democrats said was impossible to do without raising taxes. He balanced the budget – as required – and actually managed a surplus. And there were even raises for state employees, but that was not something most in the struggling private sector were happy to see. An audit of the Virginia Department of Transportation turned up hundreds of millions of dollars according to the Times Dispatch:

Gov. Robert F. McDonnell announced Thursday that he will spend almost $1.5 billion on transportation improvements over the next six years after a new audit of the Virginia Department of Transportation found that hundreds of millions of dollars have been sitting unspent in various accounts for several years.

The bulk of the money comes from two sources: About $400 million had accumulated in construction and maintenance accounts while an additional $654 million in federal money was never allocated to any projects, the audit showed.

So at that point, even the skeptics were becoming believers.  And that is when the Republicans went full metal stupid and passed the largest tax hike in the history of the Commonwealth. And the Progressive tax hikers and big government “Republicans” stopped being Conservative. The continue to pretend they are Conservative, but that is all talk. There were plenty that fought the tax hikes, and the stories of threats of loss of committee, loss of funds from within the party were rampant. Those who wouldn’t go along were clobbered. And there were a few that were allowed to vote against the massive tax hike because they would have if needed.

It was pretty much a replay of the Nancy Pelosi debacle that gave us the Affordable Health Care Act – Obamacare. Only it was the Republican Progressives with the big sticks.

The TEA Party gave them what they wanted – a majority – and they betrayed us. We had the narrative won. Smaller government, fiscal responsibility and Constitutional government was a winner.

So that is the event that I would point to as the day the Conservative Blogs and Progressive Blogs began to drift apart. Now a lot of bloggers gave up and pretty much stopped writing, or took down their page and left the fray.

And I don’t know the timeline, but sometime after that point JR Hoeft faced a mutiny at the blog he founded and was booted from the gang. He is back now, but I will have to be honest, Bearing Drift has gone from a news source that people trusted with good interviews of political figures, great pictures and articles, and something I was delighted to have in our camp.

But we all know about the RINO vs TEA Party battles happening around the country. Virginia is now ground zero. We have a Congressman, Eric Cantor, that is worse than any Democrat in the eyes of the true Conservatives. Cantor is a Progressive. That is a big government power broker who wants nothing but to remain in power. He formed a PAC, Young Guns, with the single purpose of electing Republicans that will back him and John Boehner as the leaders. His only concern is holding on to power. And he has created a rift in the Virginia Republican Party at every level.

Most of my friends and readers – who tend to be true Conservatives and Patriots – have been vocal about the efforts at Bearing Drift to play up Eric Cantor and hit his Primary Opponent Dave Brat as often as possible. Going so far as to put up what most considered a puff piece on a third candidate that would only serve to split the “Not Cantor” vote.

And then, Shaun Kenney, one of the Bearing Drift writers, was appointed Executive Director of the Republican Party of Virginia.

As I said, I don’t know the politics at Bearing Drift, but a few hours before Eric Cantor released his financials last month, Hoeft fessed up to several Bearing Drift writers being involved in a Consulting Firm that was being paid by Cantor. But they weren’t. And they were. But maybe the spouse …

And that set the stage for the big Soap Opera blowup at Bearing Drift.

Brian “Big Bird” Schoeneman – and I use Big Bird because of his childish actions of banning me from Bearing Drift for daring to point out that Cantor’s opponent Dave Brat was not late in filing his financials as an article stated, they are not due until May 9th. They did file for a 60 day extension, and that date has come and gone, but they subsequently found out that the law, which is quite confusing, did not require the forms until 30 days before a primary.

And the odd thing was, Big Bird attacked me like an Angry Bird for posting about the Cantor payouts to Bearing Drift associates. And the post I wrote never mentioned him, was not about him and he was not one of the takers of the Cantor Cash. Yet he stuck his beak in there anyway. And seemed personally insulted by a post that was not to him or about him. Talk about an ego!!!

See, I learned a while back that I didn’t want to engage with Big Bird. His articles are so much Progressive garbage and his comments – he attacks anyone and everyone that is not in favor of bigger government, higher taxes, amnesty, and whatever else the Progressives get wee-weed up about. He is abrasive, rude and ill informed in his comments. And apparently, judging by the comments and emails, if you disagree with Big Bird, you get banned.

Well, I am pretty much banned from all of the Progressive Blogs like the left wing Blue Virginia. I tried to engage in reasonable adult conversation with people who are on a different side of an issue. That is one way we learn. But Progressives are not capable of hearing anything that is different from what they are told to believe. And  Big Bird Schoeneman is no exception. So I have never initiated a comment session with him and make it a rule to never comment on anything he is also commenting on. I just don’t like people like him and try to avoid them. But he got in my face on these issues.

Amazingly, the Progressive Big Bird is the Secretary of Elections in Fairfax County. And in one of those moments where I just had to shake my head, there were some irregularities with the ballots in the most recent Attorney General’s race. The race was won by the Democrat by 165 votes, but if there are going to be problems, they usually arise in a heavily Democrat district. And Fairfax is one of those Democrat bastions.

It seems that there was a big question on ballot security between election day and recount day. An Examiner article wrote:

Attorneys for Republican Mark Obenshain, who Democrat Mark Herring edged by 165 votes in the closest statewide race in Virginia history, are raising “ballot security issues” in Fairfax County, the commonwealth’s largest county.

Citing reports of boxes of voted and unused ballots stored in a warehouse after the Nov. 5 election, Obenshain attorney William Hurd accused county officials of presenting conflicting timelines.

One account said the ballots were delivered to the county clerk’s office “by staff” on Nov. 18, the day they were discovered. Yet the clerk’s certification states that the ballots were received on Nov. 20.

“This two-day gap is especially troubling since it involves not only ballots that were presumably cast legitimately on Election Day, but also unused ballots that could, in the wrong hands, provide a means for tampering,” Hurd said.

“Now we’ve got to figure out what did happen and whether these were the same ballots that were cast on Election Day,” he said.

“The two precincts under scrutiny — Virginia Run and Tysons — reported a total of 1,072 votes for Obenshain and 1,071 for Herring, according to the State Board of Elections.

Brian Schoeneman, secretary for the Fairfax Election Board, told Watchdog that “all of these ballots were counted on Election Day — there was never a question of that.

“The question the Obenshain campaign is raising is whether those ballots were somehow tampered with because they weren’t immediately taken to the Courthouse by the statutory deadline. We are confident that those ballots were not tampered with and can be accounted for,” Schoeneman said.

When I realized Brian was in charge, I became a bit queasy.

Now it is no secret that Brian “Big Bird” Schoeneman is no fan of Conservative TEA Party types. He is a Union goon as well as a lobbyist, something that most TEA Party folk are very wary of at all times. Big Birs wrote on a Fairfax Blog:

I do work for a union, the Seafarers International Union. Basically, I represent the men and women of the United States Merchant Marine. Not hard to explain at all, and the fact that they are willing to have a Republican serve as their chief lobbyist says a lot. I’ve been involved in FFx politics since I moved to the county in 2007, and I am the VP of my HOA, among other things.

So, Union, Lobbyist, Progressive, argumentative, and always has to be right pretty much sums up the atmosphere I have seen at Bearing Drift. Big Bird said they were a corporation, not a blog when he claims I personally offended him (with a ghost post I suppose). but when folks objected and asked why he deleted my reasonable comments and booted me, he said it was a blog. (Progressive, remember.)

So I lament the loss of an ally in the fight and regret to see that Bearing Drift has taken on the Progressive persona of Big Bird. I have no idea what his role is at BD, but as long as he is there antagonizing readers, offending commenter’s and playing the sore loser and banning anyone that does not agree with him, Bearing Drift will be adrift.

But as far as  I am concerned, there is nothing Conservative within miles of Brian Schoeneman. Why would there be?

Best advise from a Conservative Blogger – boot Brian and bring back Hoeft (who said he hates me now too) and get back to reporting instead of cheering for Progressive losers who have this country in such a mess.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

10 Responses to “When Good Blogs go Bad – The Bearing Drift / Brian Schoeneman Soap Opera”

  1. Wayne says:

    Always look for the stench of the money trail leading back to the Chamber of Commerce.

    If it involves getting taxpayer money into the hands of business – they are there.

    If it involves destroying our national sovereignty to get cheap labor or for political favors that help the bottom line – they are there.

    If it involves trying to break the peasants back into submission – even if it means joining with Obama et al to encourage the IRS to attack citizens groups in the political realm – they are there.

    Anyplace where tyranny can boost the bottom line and that helps to remind the little people who runs the Plantation …. that is where you will find the Chamber of Commerce.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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