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I am enjoying a quiet moment at work and I turn to the French Film Festival insert in Style Weekly.  When I think of French films I think of lots of subtitles, a sexy plot in a steamy flick, maybe an unholy thought or two.  What I found instead was this on the schedule for March 25, 2011:

3:30 PM Master Class:  “Spotlight on Biodiversity and Sustainability in Documentary Filmmaking”

Severn, la voix de nos enfants by Jean-Paul Jaud

Presentation by and discussion with director Jean-Paul Jaud

Sustainability?  At a French film festival?  My eyes must be deceiving me.  I must need some rest.  Too many ICLEI blogs.  But, no I did read this:

“This next Earth Summit must have as its overarching theme the emergence of a ‘green economy’ and the renewal of international commitments which occupy a more and more important place in the world’s political agenda.”

Where’s the steamy romance with subtitles?

This documentary, loosely translated by me as Severn, the Voice of Our Children is about a 12 year old girl who spoke out of turn at the 1992 Biodiversity conference in Rio de Janeiro and demanded that the world’s leaders take actions that back up their words.  Apparently the director decided to find out what happened to Severn and she is on the cover of the poster, a very pregnant young woman.

One more documentary about the usual pro-global warming, pro-extreme environmentalism propaganda one expects from say Michael Moore.  I am sure the documentary was well done and will be received at the Byrd Theatre to rapturous applause. My question:  Why one more documentary about global warming?

The director asks the question:  But who will answer Severn’s appeal for change?  I would like to take up the question:  Maybe France needs something like Ron Paul to raise up the libertarian, pro-sovereignty, anti-world government banner.  How about someone ask this question:  What do you propose to solve this alleged “crisis”.  Perhaps one will challenge the director after the screening about the serious scientific debate (when there is one) on global warming and its proposed solutions.  For at the heart of all this is world government and destruction of liberty. I promise a blog article if anyone does it:  It’s Friday March 25 at 330 at the Byrd.

And then there’s this one:  L’Empire du Millieu du Sud with the red flag with the golden star on the poster.  Ahh, communism!  A truthful rendition of events in Vietnam or China!  Alas, try this from the insert:

Using images of unreleased archives…, Jacques Perrin and and Eric Deroo retrace the fascinating and heart-wrenching story of Vietnam, from the French colonization to the fall of Saigon.

Coming from the south of China thousands of years ago, the Vietnamese have not ceased fighting against invaders from neighboring regions. As subjects of the Empire du Milieu du Sud, the Vietnamese people have continuously claimed their legitimacy over the northern Delta and then the entire long peninsula, while expelling their successive Western invaders.

And this:

“…the Vietnamese occupy a symbolic universe between sky and earth, mountains and water.  the Nam Tien movement, also called “The South March,” finally concluded in 1975 with the occupation of Saigon by the Northern troops – an irreversible motion like the long battle between water and mountains…”

So that’s why the boat people left Communist Vietnam!  I would love to see this director get this question:  Why didn’t you do a film about what happened AFTER the Communists took over Vietnam?  How does Western Marxism become eastern mysticism?  We did not lose Vietnam because we could not win; we lost because we refused to fight to win.  Take a stand for liberty on Sunday at 240pm at the Byrd!

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