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White House Tells Dems Punch Back Twice As Hard Looking To Incite Violence

White House Aids are priming Democratic Lawmakers with battle plans aimed at putting down the legitimate protests surrounding the Democrats Nationalized Health Care Scheme. White House Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina advocated that possibility of violence when he said “If you get hit, we will punch back twice as hard”.

In order to “help”, the White House Militia, also known as the AFL-CIO, announced plans to mobilize labor activists in order to “counter” the conservatives.

With orders to “punch back twice as hard” and busloads of steroid laced hired union muscle moving in to confront peaceful, but loud, protesters who are genuinely concerned with the proposed incremental Government takeover of Health Care. I bet they even toss in free booze for the Union bus ride.

Well, the predictable has already happened, and this is just the beginning. Instead of trying to find a solution to a problem that we can all agree with Obama has decided to use muscle to cram a bad plan down our throats. One that will eventually see private Health Insurers fold as rules favoring the government solution do what they are designed to: Create a Single Payer Nationalized Health Care System.

Tampa Obama plan supporter assults protester who did not fight back

Tampa Obama plan supporter assults protester who did not fight back

In St. Louis, a Town Hall turned ugly and 6 were arrested. No, not the Conservative, peaceful protesters. The angry Obama plan supporters who attacked them. And even the liberal press. In Tampa, violence also erupted. This photo shows a pro Obama plan supporter and her husband in a discussion. The woman assaults the Conservative protester who refused to fight back.

In Denver, a large protest greeted Nancy Pelosi. The Denver post covered this story and has a photo of an Obama supporter ripping a sign out of a Conservative protester’s hands.

The Democrats are trying to denigrate the protesters, trivialize their concerns and make up snide comments like “Brooks Brothers” protesters, a “dig” on the clothing of the protesters. Then, in the same breath they accuse the protesters of being paid and recruited to protest and hold up hunks of AstroTurf claiming this is a false grassroots campaign. I am sure when the Democrats organized Anti-Bush protests disguised as Anti-War protests they were able to give the poor college students a few bucks or some concert tickets to carry a sign and pretend to be against whatever they told them to be against. But just how much does it cost to get the Brooks Brother’s crowd to hop in their Mercedes and get sweaty with throngs of like minded middle class people? Well, I can tell you. They are not for sale.

These protests are real. They are from the heart and they are born out of an intense desire to keep our country from making a hugely unaffordable mistake brought on by a President that has no concept of fiscal restraint. There are problems, to be sure. But this plan will throw away the best health care system in the world and user in a lifetime sentence to mediocrity and rationing.

The recent moves by the White House are intended to increase violence and conflict at the town hall meetings in order to deny our first amendment rights and is a play right out of the Hugo Chavez playbook. If Obama and the Democrats intend to throw gasoline on a fire, the result may be hundreds of Kent State type situations all over our country. The measure of a leader is not what objectives he manages to push through, but about how he does it.

Obama and the Democrats have just issued marching orders to escalate peaceful protests into violence.

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