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Why Americans Should Be Celebrating the UK Leaving the EU (Brexit)

Here is the short version of what happened last night, as far as the vote itself:

Wow! What a night. The results were back and forth for hours. The vote for the United Kingdom to “Leave” the European Union had a lead for much of the early returns and then the vote to “Remain” pushed ahead and the lead seemed to change with every refresh. But once the vote reached the 50% mark, things shifted to favor the UK leaving the EU.

About 17.5 million votes were cast to leave the EU and just over 16 million wanted to stay. Leave won 52% to 48%.

London was expected to be a stronghold to stay. And it was, but the turnout was lighter than the proponents of remaining had hoped. And in the areas expected to vote to leave the EU, the turnout was heavier than expected in many areas and the margin was greater for the “leave” side than the “stay” side.

Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain, with Scotland overwhelmingly wanting to remain. Not a single voting district in Scotland wanted to leave.

England and Wales voted to leave.

Now hopefully that brief synopsis of last night’s vote didn’t cause your eyes to glaze over.

Ok. Why should I Care One Way or the Other?

I will admit that there was probably not a large audience tuned in to the results last night. But one reason is that not a lot of people understand what was really going on. And the implications of the results. Not so much for the UK, but for the world.

One reason that should have you cheering for last night’s results is that the biggest loser was George Soros and his One World Government puppet-masters. Soros spent a lot of money working to make sure he keeps the UK under his control and under his thumb by winning the vote to remain. Someone else that is upset with the results are the other Globalists. That includes Barack Obama.

The Fallout

Don’t worry about the British Pound and the markets. One of the smartest things the Brits did was hang on to the British Pound. They never bought into the Euro thing. Converting to the Euro would have made leaving next to impossible. The Pound will rebound, but you can get some good deals in the near term on UK Vacations.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced his resignation in October. He was a strong proponent of remaining in the Globalist EU.

Scotland is now very likely to hold another vote soon on leaving the UK and declaring their Independence.

And I believe that without the UK the EU will collapse. And that is a good thing to anyone not into Globalization. The Muslim Immigrants will be refused entry into the UK and overwhelm the remaining countries in the EU.

The Main Force Behind the Success of “Leave” was Muslim Immigration

Muslim Immigration was the straw that broke the camel’s back. A lot of Brits were not very happy about giving up Sovereignty and being forced to live under EU law and rule. The EU has imposed full on Global Warming compliance on everyone and everything in Great Britain. The cost is immense and the absurd mandates and taxes are crushing. The EU even outlawed the use of Peat Moss for composting the Brit’s beloved gardens, blaming moss for Global Warming.

But the big drive behind the push to leave was the fact that anyone living in the EU can live in any EU country and the government has nothing to say about it. So as countries like Germany take in Muslim Immigrants by the thousands, once in the EU they can – and have – moved to Britain. The UK has no control over it’s own borders and cannot decide who comes in to live and who cannot. Open borders. Sound familiar?

And as more and more Muslims enter the UK, the EU has stood squarely between the police and the criminals who practice child rape and other acts that the EU considers part of their religion which overrides British law. And while Christian Preachers are arrested for calling Homosexuality a sin, there are no records of Muslims being arrested for speaking out against Homosexuality. A poll taken earlier this year shows that over 50% of Muslims believe Homosexuality should be outlawed. Different standards on free speech in the UK. Something they do not have – unless you are Muslim.

Grassroots Support for “Leave” Underestimated in the Polls

Much like the US, the polls showed “Remaining” in the EU was trending up in the days before the vote. Most of the polls overestimated the support for remaining and underestimated the support for leaving the EU. There was a lot of enthusiasm from people who were sick and tired of being forced to take in large numbers of Middle East Muslims who have no interest in assimilating, rather, they want to force Brits to comply with their beliefs and Sharia Law. And the EU has been overzealous in shoving the dangerous and unwanted Muslims down their collective throats.

And much like the US, where the government wants to arrest people for being climate change skeptics, the thought police are even more prevalent in Britain and come from both British authorities and EU laws and authority.

There apparently were a lot of people who planned to “rebel” against the establishment and vote to leave the EU but feared reprisals from the Government for speaking up. Many may have simply lied and told them the opposite.

I believe the same dynamic is playing out in the US with Donald Trump as the establishment and the left go on the attack against anyone openly supporting Donald Trump. We have seen that the polls during the GOP Primary were way off in numerous states, and so to are they in the Trump vs Hillary contest.

There are a lot of votes for Donald Trump that are simply in stealth mode right now. And the polls here are using the 2012 Obama – Romney turnout model much like the London voter turnout was overestimated in the UK vote.

The bottom line was that the expected enthusiasm for “remain” never materialized in the UK. People stayed home. the weather may have played a part, but having been to the UK and London in particular more than a dozen times myself, they simply pay no attention to the rain. One Brit told me that you expect rain and if there is none, that’s good. And while support for “remain” was strong in London, the numbers were much lower than expected, helping the “leave” side win.

Pollsters here in the US are predicting that voters will turn out in 2016 for Hillary like they did for Obama in 2012. More likely, we will find that they fail to show up for Hillary in the numbers polls are using (+9 to +12 Democrats!).

I am very glad that Britain took back their country last night and I am even more convinced that the same dynamics will see Donald Trump as our next president.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

9 Responses to “Why Americans Should Be Celebrating the UK Leaving the EU (Brexit)”

  1. Trumpster Paul says:

    Great article Tom! Despite the Paul Ryan’s and Mitch M’Connell’s in our world that still have no clue what drives Trump’s popularity we can hope these CLOWNS will not attempt a brokered convention in Cleveland.
    Facts mean nothing to these “no it all gods” that call themselves leaders. Ignoring what is happening all over the world and trying to use all their “trite phrases” that Trump is a bigot, a closet liberal, and doesn’t want to release his tax returns, has no reason to oppose Paul Ryan ‘s “top secret” Trans Pacific Trade Agreement etc. etc. are Hillary’s best supporters!
    Thanks Tom and please keep on keeping on!

  2. Trump OR BUST says:

    Remember Eric Cantor had polling in 2014 that he was up 30 points over Dave Brat in the June Primary?

    Boy did his high priced consultants and pollsters get that one wrong.

    The pollsters in the UK polled the elitists in London’s financial services echo chambers but it was the working class “fly over” voters who have lost their jobs and wages to immigrants since 1975 who took back Britain’s Sovereignty from the Globalists.

    House Speaker Paul Ryan supports the Trans Pacific Partnership along with the rest of the RINOs in Washington. They are going to be defeated in November.

    • Trumpster Paul says:

      Paul Ryan is no more a conservative than Hillary Clinton ! I listened to that “jackass” try to tell us that the Trans Pacific Trade Partnership had to remain secret with no obvious reason why ? He is a typical “I know better than the voters” who are too stupid to understand politician. Please Mr. Ryan just give us at least one reason why this thing is so wrapped in secrecy that even a Congressman has to go to a guarded location and sign a secrecy agreement to read this five thousand plus page TRASH.
      RHINO RHINO RHINO-this thing stinks to high heaven !
      When are your voters going to get the Nuggets to send you home like what happened to Eric Cantor.

  3. Tim B. says:

    The CIA operatives at CNN ( Christiane Amanpour) are calling the BREXIT voters xenophobes and racists which is the same label they are tagging Trump supporters with in America. Not a coincidence people.

    The Council on Foreign Relations, the UN, and the Globalists are in a tailspin…… Their Agenda for one world government is in jeopardy.

    • Coral Bells says:

      The real deep cover CIA operative at the Clinton News Network is Anderson Cooper. Once you understand this, the revelations about his mission for the Globalist Agenda and electing Hillary should frighten you.

      Glenn Beck loves this guy. What does that tell you about Glenn Beck and his BFF?

      • Trumpster Paul says:

        I call him Glenn Beck the know it all CLOWN (someone who pretends to be something he isn’t). I used to subscribe to the Blaze until he and his three man vaudeville act tried to be a radio talk show ! In attacking Trump on his radio show he lost thousands of listeners, was almost permanently dumped, and needs to be off the air period !

  4. Boris says:

    MSNBC regularly invites the Council on Foreign Relations President Richard Haass to sit in on Morning Joe- RINO Joe Scarborough’s am dose of the New World Order.

    More CIA propaganda.

  5. GI Joe says:

    The voters for BREXIT were the children of a generation of men who fought and died so their children wouldn’t be ruled by Germany. Hopefully the youth of Great Britain will come to see the sacrifice of the fathers for their generation.

  6. Labour Party says:

    If Trump wants to win in November he must do what Nigel Farage did in the UK- get the old Labor Party vote ( that’s the Unions in America who have lost jobs and wages to slave labor immigration)


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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