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Why Donald Trump Should NOT Release his Tax Returns

I have been mulling this ever since I entered the contest to win lunch with Trump (no I did not give money to Trump or any other candidate – not yet – that is why I blog – I can support whoever I want to [which is also why I prefer not to be a member of the Hanover GOP committee as I would be under their discipline] and help them) about the Trump tax returns.  What should Donald Trump do?

Donald Trump should not, under any circumstances, release his tax returns.  I’ll discuss at the end of this column what Mr. Trump should do.

  • Trump would lose an important narrative in the campaign if he releases his tax returns.  The people who want Trump to release his tax information are NOT his friends.  They are looking for useful stuff to lie about and fill the pages of the Washington Post and NYTimes and video time of CNN etc. with unfavorable items – he did not give enough to charity or the wrong charities etc. OR
  • It would not be beyond the realm of probability that a news organization would hire a CPA or tax attorney (who is also pro-Hillary) to “examine” the tax returns to find alleged “tax avoidance” (which is not evasion but many especially globalists are blurring the term to beat politicians over the head with perfectly LEGAL tax avoidance plans) or even “cheating” – currency reports/inversions – the list is potentially endless and then (because they are NOT your friends, Mr. Trump) run a false narrative on taxes for days and days in the media cycle on the sins of Trump’s taxes (not the Hillary taxes or the Clinton Foundation of course).
  • The tax form is probably joint with Melania and also reveals items about the Trump organizations as well. They are not running for office and still have some degree of privacy.

It is important to remember – no law requires the revealing of tax returns (I will never if I run for office [Lord forbid!] reveal any tax return unless required by law and I reserve the right to challenge the law in court!) and rather than reveal the actual return do this:

  • Hire a CPA, who is ethically bound by the rules of his or her craft to be truthful upon pain of losing his or her CPA license, to give a summary of income earned and tax paid and that Donald Trump is in compliance with the tax laws.  Nothing else.  No details.  Then go back to YOUR campaign narrative.  Now about that lunch with Mr. Trump, I am glad to come up to Trump Tower and offer my thoughts on the campaign…

About Elwood Sanders

Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

8 Responses to “Why Donald Trump Should NOT Release his Tax Returns”

  1. David Yuhas says:

    I’m a conservative Republican and I want Donald Trump to release his tax returns. Because he does not have a track record as a politician, Trump’s credibility rests on his business activity. Many people who know (including Republican economists) say that Trump is nowhere near as rich as he claims to be. Others report that the returns on his projects are much lower than those by other real estate developers. I my self am troubled by Trump’s boasts that he made a lot of money off his casinos in New Jersey while his contractors and investors were paid far less than he promised them. Before Trump gets my vote, he needs to convince me that his claims are true. The first step is to release his tax returns.

    • Don’t you think my suggestion about the official CPA report would satisfy the need to find out if Trump is as wealthy as he claims? The tax form not needed. Thanks for your thoughtful and civil comment, David.


    • Paul T says:

      Totally agree with you Ronnadae ! To coin a Hillary phrase “At this point what difference does it make”.

      David if you don’t think the IRS is not a shill for the Democrats and they can be trusted then you believe that they didn’t target conservative organizations a couple years ago. Their Director, after taking the fifth amendment, still hasn’t been charged for obvious bias against Conservatives.
      Why should Trump trust the IRS and think they have any semblance of integrity or they are not or won’t play games with his returns? There is no good business reason, while he is being audited, to release his returns and no good tax accountant would recommend it.

      Who are the Republican economists and the many people that say Trump is nowhere as rich as he claims?
      Are they privaledged with insider knowledge or just more of the jealous and envious that are worried that their
      cookie jars will be taken away. What is their ulterior motive ! Besides he has spent large sums of his own money to this point and if he didn’t believe this country needs help and he couldn’t help then I doubt even a billionaire would part with 50 plus million.

      A large part of his success is because he hasn’t been a politician and even one or two billions is pretty credible!
      It seems without a release that your options are quite limited so Supreme Court here comes Hillary !

  2. Ronnadae says:

    I agree wholeheartedly! He has nothing to gain from releasing his IRS compliance documents. Only his avowed enemies are calling for him to release them, while they sharpen their knives and lick their pointed teeth.

  3. robert shannon

    Even the discussion of a candidates tax returns is evidence of how the tax code needs major revisions. Trump or any candidate has major crucial issues the nation faces, stagnant & anemic economic growth, national security issues that have crossed over into perilous territory, illegal immigration causing a economic, cultural and security paradigm that now threatens our very survival as a nation. The debt alone and reform of entitlement programs takes precedent , or should if a Presidential election contest is to focus on major problems.

    How rich Trump is, how profitable his companies are ?? Really is that the stuff of serious intellectual and rigor discussion ? Suffice to say while Trump had a considerable advantage being born to a successful family giving him a leg up he has demonstrated his business acumen regardless of what his tax return or net worth might reveal. This is mere fodder for his opponents to misconstrue for the dumb sheeple who will buy into whatever narrative the media blowhards would make of it.
    The Clintons have set up a myriad of Trusts to minimize their own personal Estate tax obligations, as was their legal right to do so under the current tax system we have. It was also the intelligent thing to do ( in spite of the constant harping of theirs about the ” rich not paying their fair share “) High net worth people on both sides of the political aisle use hoards of tax attorneys and accountants to avail themselves to lowering their tax obligations as the law provides for them to do.

    In closing I might add Trump made a living ( and employed thousands ) by selling hotels, buildings and golf courses. Clinton who waxes about ” leaving the White House in 2000 broke” have now amassed an estimated 100 + million by selling……access. Mr. Yuhas claims to be a conservative republican citing bankruptcy proceedings ( again perfectly legal ) on 4 projects among the hundreds Trump has done over a 35-40 year period. Negotiating a reduction in all payments is a common practice in such proceedings, albeit it provides fodder for those who choose to focus on meaningless minutia.
    Bob Shannon King William

  4. Paul T says:

    Well said Bob !
    Thanks for your comments.
    Paul Thiel

  5. Stephen Spiker says:

    Don’t worry, Trump won’t ever release them because they’ll show that he 1) pays far fewer taxes than you or I, 2) has ties to several Russians who are investing in him, and 3) has given next-to-nothing to charity, despite years of making false promises and stringing people along.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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