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Why I Am Supporting Donald Trump

DonaldIt seems that in my circle of Conservative friends, you are either a Donald Trump supporter or a Ted Cruz supporter.

The rest of the field might as well all be named Hillary Clinton. There is one caveat, however, and that is Ben Carson. I know a number of people that support Carson, but they will eventually come around as they find that he is just learning about the 2nd Amendment, goes after pro life folks for Planned Parenthood shootings and is simply totally and completely out of his element when it comes to terrorism and ISIS. But the guy is an empty suit.

Rubio is picking up the support as voters leave the Bush nightmare behind, but only because he in the most popular RINO left standing.

People supporting Rubio or the lesser RINO’s – Kasich, Christie and the rest of the wannabees just can’t seem to get it into their heads that nothing will change if we elect these people. We will be on the same trajectory that Obama has put us on and these people are all owned by the US Chamber of Commerce and big business who have bought and paid for their soles. Amnesty and open borders will happen. Or keep happening. Because these people want cheap labor to maximize profits. They do not care about the country, just the bottom line.

So the RINO candidates, no matter how pure they claim to be, no matter how pure they start out, will be 100% corrupted by the time the elections are over.

The Chamber of Commerce and the big money fat cats do not make political donations. They make political investments. And they demand a very high return on their investment.

So I cannot support a candidate that is beholden, not to the voters, but to the money behind the curtain.

I get the attraction to Cruz, but his connection and donations from Goldman Sachs, where his wife is a VP. Cruz also voted for the Trade Promotion Authority (ObamaTrade) before he was against it. And the 800 pound gorilla in the room is his Canadian birth.

Whacko Alan Grayson has promised to file suit should Cruz win the nomination challenging his eligibility to be on the ballot. And since something like this can drag on for years, it is possible Cruz will fail to qualify for the ballot in many states. It will certainly be an expensive distraction as Hillary waltzes into the White House.

According to “The Hill“:

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) says he will file a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-Texas) presidential bid if Cruz wins his party’s nomination.
Grayson said Cruz, who was born in Canada to an American mother and a Cuban father, is “unqualified” to be president “because he’s ineligible.”
“I’m waiting for the moment that he gets the nomination, and then I will file that beautiful lawsuit saying that he’s unqualified for the job because he’s ineligible,” Grayson said on Fox News Radio’s “The Alan Colmes Show” on Wednesday.
“Call me crazy but I think the President of America should be an American,” he added. Cruz is an American citizen.
The Florida lawmaker compared questions of Cruz’s eligibility to “birthers” who claimed President Obama was born in Kenya and therefore not eligible for the office.
“It’s interesting to me that the people who had a problem with Obama’s birth certificate don’t have a problem with Ted Cruz, who literally was born in another country and renounced his Canadian citizenry,” Grayson said.
Other candidates who have run for president over the years have been born outside the U.S.
Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) was the Republican nominee for president in 2008 despite being born on a military base in Panama.
And George Romney, who ran for the Republican presidential nomination in 1968, was born in Mexico to American parents.
The Constitution’s Natural Born Citizenship Clause states that “no person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.”
The Supreme Court has never ruled on the meaning of “natural born citizen” in the clause.

So that makes my decision to support Donald Trump a pretty easy one. Not by default, or process of elimination, but because of his common sense, no nonsense, won’t back down approach. Trump isn’t afraid to say what is on the minds of the majority of Americans. Often and loudly.

And I agree 100%. Let’s build the damn wall.

Do you know the first dead give away that someone is a RINO? If they call you a nativist or a racist when you say “build the wall”. Typical Alinsky tactic. If you have no real argument, call your opponent names. Accuse him of being a horrible person. But they use those pejoratives, not actually believing them, but because their stance, ordered by the big money Chamber and the RINO bosses is one of open borders and total amnesty.

The vast majority of Trump supporters believe strongly in legal immigration. And rule of law. We cannot have a sovereign nation without borders and control of who comes in. There is no shame and nothing wrong with a pro legal immigration stance and anyone that tells you otherwise is a lying RINO bought and sold by the big money string pullers.

One of the worst things that has happened in America is political correctness. Trump has single-handedly driven a stake through the heart of political correctness.

So who is peeing their pants over the possibility, the strong possibility, that Trump will win the Republican nomination? Well, the media, the Democrats and the RINO’s. That alone is enough to tell you Trump is the best candidate.

And I have had all of the arguments used against Trump tossed my way.

  • Trump donated to Hillary. Well, that means that she is for sale.
  • Trump donated to McAuliffe. Yep. For sale. Pay for play.
  • Trump supports eminent domain. Well, how else would you build the Keystone pipeline? And the “wall”.
  • Trump made fun of …. whoever. Yep. So? Not politically correct.

And it goes on and on. Trump is not “conservative”.

Well, neither are the RINO’s who always claim to be.

And the media and the RINO’s do not get Trumps supporters. I have attended many political rallies in my time and one thing I always notice is, I know just about everyone there. Not so at Trump rallies. These people are the ones that normally stay home because the choices are bad and worse. Trump “gets” them. And they “get” Trump.

I am 100% convinced that every candidate running will eventually turn out to be a liar as their masters pull back on the reins as soon as they are elected.

That will not happen with Donald Trump. And while he is now taking donations, these are small donations. Absolutely no one will be allowed to donate enough money that they will have Trump in a bind. And after decades of letting big money call the shots in America, it is time we had a president actually make his own decisions.

See you at the Manassas rally tomorrow!


About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

32 Responses to “Why I Am Supporting Donald Trump”

  1. robert shannon

    My good friend Tom White has indeed made the case in a rather convincing manner. If Trump wins in Iowa and New Hampshire it is over.

    I have said and believe Trump in a general election brings the Reagan coalition back together. The blue dog democrats, union workers displaced by some suspect trade deals, Independents who understand all too well how money has so thoroughly corrupted the body politic, , citizens who recognize the horrific damage being done by porous borders, people with simple common sense that understand the national security issue and how the U.S must destroy this cancer called ISIS.

    Of course you have the typical gender/race demographic that the left will pound to death, you can already envision the Hillary ads with the tired lie of the “war on women” and the LaRaza folks out there with their false narrative. It wouldn’t be a general election without the “victim” whining.

    I will however point out the 1 fly in the ointment that Tom downplayed, and that is the eminent domain issue. Building the Keystone pipeline, of course that is an example of where a government sanctioned taking of private property could possibly be rationalized. I may be incorrect but Trump wasn’t building the Keystone Pipeline when he ran afoul of this treasured and sacred private property rights issue , one that Constitutional conservatives are willing to fight for at any costs. I believe in the instance where Mr. Trump was willing to run roughshod over a individuals private property rights was a commercial development that had nothing even close to the example of the Keystone Pipeline that can be argued is in the national security interest of the nation.

    How many voters out there won’t forgive that ? My suggestion is after Iowa and New Hampshire Trump address this and admit it was a mistake. An open and candid admission by Trump would buy a lot of goodwill from the folks who are troubled by this callous disregard for one of our most precious right, a right that distinguishes us from almost every other nation because we so highly prize it.

    It might even persuade someone like me to change my mind and support him if he were to only admit what he did was a mistake. People don’t want to see him grovel ( and we all know he won’t do that ) but we want to get some genuine sense that Trump understands no one can take another’s property and should not use the courts to do so when the owner isn’t willing to part with it.

    Readers of this blog are a generally patriotic group, and the sacred nature of private property, the blood shed over our 240 year history, the 1 million Americans that have paid the ultimate price , their is not a mall, a shopping center or the most grand development that can ever overshadow this vital principle. Trump would be a fine President, correcting many things that have long gone without a needed correction, but the place for him to start with any corrections , is an admission he should not have done what he did in that instance . He does that and his stature grows . A degree of humility will show him to be a serious, deliberate and reflective human being.

    Bob Shannon

    • Tom White says:

      Trump has actually talked about the woman who refused to sell her property. He claims it is all about money, not property rights. He offered her $5 million and she wanted more. She had the right to keep her property and that is what she did. He says in hindsight she saved him a lot of money because he did not expand the Casino and Atlantic City is a bust. As I recall, she eventually sold the property for $500K, 1/10 of what he offered her. She probably wishes that she took the $5 million. I don’t totally condemn eminent domain. But I agree with Trump that the compensation must be fair. Where I differ with Trump is I believe ED should never be used to take property out of the hands of private individuals and give it to another private individual. The government needs to stay out of private deals. Let the land owner negotiate with the buyer and if they agree to a price, great. If not, the land owner should be able to keep his land. Trump believes that if the development provides thousands of jobs it is for the greater good. We disagree on that point. The final decision must be with the land owner.

      Building roads, pipelines, walls, airports, etc. is a different story. The government should take the path of least resistance in matters such as these. Within reason. If the needed facility can be built to serve the same need using land the owner is willing to sell, that is preferable to force.

      I will never find a politician that I agree with 100% of the time. And as president, Trump will not likely face a situation where private property will be taken away from the land owner and given to a developer. This scenario will mostly be limited to state and local governments. The Feds are not involved that type of action.

      We might, however, see Virginia’s current governor confiscate farm land to give it to a fake car plant or the next Solyndra.
      Tom White recently posted…More Bloodshed or a Modicum of Common Sense?My Profile


    “The small landholders are the most precious part of the State.”
    – Thomas Jefferson letter to Reverend James Madison 1795

  3. Ted Glass says:

    If you any of you don’t have a clue what Tom White was referring to in the last paragraph of his comment when he states, “We might, however, see Virginia’s current governor confiscate farm land to give it to a fake car plant or the next Solyndra.”, this should help you understand what he’s talking about,

  4. Maggie

    I’m about the same place you are except that I lean slightly to Cruz. I’ve looked at the natural-born citizenship issue over and over. No matter what was said all those years ago about “parents,” I don’t believe there is any way SCOTUS will rule against a US mother passing on her citizenship to her child –– and until former SCOTUS citizenship messes can be cleaned up, they better not deny a woman’s child her citizenship. My opinion.

    I like what The Donald says –– more accurately I like that he brings up the things we desperately need to talk about.

    I don’t know about money from GS to Cruz, but his wife working there doesn’t bother me anymore. It’s my understanding that when she served on the Energy Task Force, she wrote a dissent. Apparently, everyone has to put their opinion on paper. The problem is, I can’t find a copy of what she actually wrote. On the TPA, I believe he voted for, but against it when he found out about backroom deals and he offered amendments to try to fix the problems, particularly with immigration. Those amendments were not allowed. In the end, he voted against.

    The way I see it is, none of it matters because Rubio will be nominee. Nevertheless, I continue to write about and support both Trump and Cruz.
    Maggie recently posted…Fox News Subtly Disses Female Trump Supporter Living in same Building as FarookMy Profile

  5. Odd, I wouldn’t have taken you for someone who would support a candidate backing government-funded universal health care, or someone who opposes any entitlement reform.

    I guess being in favor of small, limited government is no longer what’s considered “conservative” these days.

    • Tom White says:

      Well, Stephen. How has that small, limited government “conservative” talk working in reality? Eric Cantor loved to utter those words. And in 14 years under both Bush and Obama, the former “speaker in waiting” voted to increase the debt by $14 trillion. Republicans have owned the House under Obama since 2010 and both houses since 2014. The House holds the purse and the group of limited government talkers have been just that – all talk. So if you are following a candidate and are happy to listen to him lie and ignore his actions in office, you just keep your head in the sand. Talking like a Conservative does not make you Conservative. So let’s just be honest here and admit that the US Chamber of Commerce owns all of the candidates except Trump. Let’s also admit that you are clueless about Trump’s policies. They are on his website. Look it up.

      Whichever candidate you are backing – which is the reason you are attacking Trump and his supporters – you are being lied to. History proves that.

      Note that yesterday the Senate voted to repeal Obamacare and defund Planned Parenthood. Both of these are Conservative issues. And both will be vetoed as soon as they cross Obama’s desk. And everyone knows that. The question is, will these “conservatives” actually defund Obamacare and Planned Parenthood in the Omnibus Spending Bill coming up? This is a “must pass” bill. And should Obama veto the Omnibus, he would shut down the government. Republicans fear this.

      So, no. These bills will be vetoed and there are not even close to enough votes to override. They were dead before they were passed.

      But what the “conservatives” did was convince the non thinking class (like yourself I am sorry to say) that they actually kept a promise. And you can check those off of your list and declare them good conservatives.

      As for me, I see through the lies and bull shit.

      And perhaps if you actually attended or watched a Trump speech, as I have, you would know that Trump does not advocate single payer universal healthcare, plans major changes to the VA system which will actually fix the problems, will keep and fix Medicare and Social Security and has also addressed the problems with entitlements. We can’t let people starve, but neither can we provide the lazy with a living. His main entitlement reform will be jobs. You don’t need the high level of entitlement spending if jobs are available.

      Had you attended the Manassas rally Wednesday night you could have heard me address the crowd and make many of these points.

      Stop reading the RINO talking points and demand your “conservative” idols actually be conservative. But they can’t because the US Chamber, K Street and big money fat cats like the big banks and Goldman Sachs own their asses.
      Tom White recently posted…Looks Like UKIP Lost the By-Election: Labour Expected to Win Big!My Profile

      • Tom, I’m not attacking you or Trump. I’m quoting from him directly, from his interview with 60 minutes:

        Trump: “This is an un-Republican thing for me to say but… I am going to take care of everybody.”

        Pelley: “How? Who pays for it?”

        Trump: “The government’s gonna pay for it”

        This after praising the single-payer systems in Canada and Scotland. I know Trump supporters like to dismiss how Trump has changed his position on almost every position (from abortion to gun control to immigration), but these quotes all came from him while as a candidate in this election.

        So yes, I could make light of the fact that you think I’m being lied to when you’re believing in a magical conversion to Republicanism from a candidate who was literally encouraged to run by Bill Clinton and has donated thousands of dollars to Democrats. But that misses the point.

        The point is I’m not an Establishment Republican. I’m a libertarian Republican. I’m used to looking from the outside in on the powers that be in the GOP. I’m not going to debate issues with you because I know that you probably are opposed to a lot of things that libertarians support. And that’s okay. You have your beliefs and I have mine.

        The issue is that conservatism used to stand for small, limited government. And as someone who believes in free markets and a free society, there is almost nothing to like about Trump, including:

        a) His support for government-paid universal health care;

        b) His opposition to entitlement reform;

        c) His support for an expansion of the surveillance state and the NSA;

        d) His support for a massive expansion of military spending;

        e) His support for a massive expansion of DHS;

        f) His opposition to personal property rights;

        g) His support for government bailouts, including TARP and the auto bailouts (and even was open to nationalizing the banks);

        h) His opposition to free trade (despite calling himself “100% pro-free trade”, when asked he couldn’t name a single trade deal he liked);

        (These are not “hits” from mainstream media. These are direct quotes from the man himself. He’s on TV all the time and loves talking; it’s not hard to find a Trump quote.)

        I believe that the best government governs least. I don’t believe in big government solutions, and I’m weary of candidates and politicians who believe that there’s no problem that the government can’t (or shouldn’t) solve. And based Trump’s positions and statements, including those on his website and from his speeches, he is a politician who believes there’s no problem government can’t solve.

        You’re free to like him and support him, and you’re free to disagree with me and support giving the government more power. But I want a conservative.

        • Apparently Tom agrees with me that Trump is no conservative. Let’s all keep that in mind when Tom tells us about other politicians he likes and dislikes.

          • Tom White says:

            No. Trump is just as Conservative as any of the other candidates. I already told you that the others are liars. And I already made the point that you are happy to believe the lies and call that conservatism. I simply don’t waste my time rehashing inane RINO talking points. I am neither conceding nor agreeing with you. I made my points and you have only repeated the same RINO talking points. And I also realize that your support for Cantor and his ilk proves you are absolutely clueless.
            Tom White recently posted…Henrico Sheriff Mike Wade is Cantor’s Puppet (Music Video)My Profile

          • How is quoting positions directly from Trump’s mouth or campaign website “RINO talking points”? Either Trump is lying when he has said those things I listed above–in which case he’s one of the liars you claim to oppose–or he’s telling the truth–in which case your choice for President is the opposite of a limited government conservative.

            I’ll remind you, these all come directly as quotes from Trump himself, as a candidate for President in 2015. Do you not believe Trump when he speaks, Tom? Is that why you’re so quick to disregard the things Trump has said about where he stands? Or do you support his plans to expand the power of the federal government?

          • Tom White says:

            Stephen. First and foremost, no one associated with the left wing RINO blog Bearing Drift is qualified to judge what is and what is not Conservative. You have smeared Dave Brat as a liberal from the beginning and now that his record is rated as one of the most Conservative members of Congress, you double down claiming he votes with Pelosi. Truth does not matter to you at all, does it? Dave has an A 100% rating from (among many) Conservative Review. so your credibility is shot. And now, you Drifty Boys go full Bloomberg anti gun, tax law abiding gun owners and generally demonize gun owners. Did you get a check from Bloomberg? Again, no credibility on Conservative positions. And the anti VCDL comments are disgusting.

            And as I have repeatedly said, you are using RINO talking points. I provided you a link to the Trump website that you ignored. These are his official positions in 2015. You are using the totally false, out of context statements put out by people like Rove in desperation. Much of what you claim is current is from 1998 – almost 20 years ago. A different time and a different Trump. A lot has changed since then.

            You have proven that you are unwilling to look at the truth and only spew RINO talking points. And you have no credibility.

            I was banned from Bearing Drift for telling the truth about Dave Brat and his Conservative beliefs. His time in office has proven that I was right and BD was wrong.

            You can keep on spewing your falsehoods, but you may not spew them here. I have been more than tolerant. Especially to someone from Bearing Drift. At the present time, I am not going to ban you, but I will immediately delete any further comments from you on this topic. Unless a ban becomes necessary.
            Tom White recently posted…Forum: Forum: What Is Your Reaction To The Terrorism In San Bernardino?My Profile

  6. Anonymous says:

    Tom, name a plan Trump has. Literally on anything. So far, I know he wants to build a 3,000 mile wall and bomb a bunch of oil fields. Everything else is “maybe we should do this” or “I’ll have a HUGE plan” or “I’ll negotiate great!”

    I’d be surprised if this guy has ever even read a book. Dumber than a box of rocks for sure. Love to see a 1 on 1 debate between Trump and Cruz, a Princeton/Harvard educated World-champion debater and excellent litigator. We’ll see whether Trump’s comprehension level is at a third or pushing a fourth grade level.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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