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By Ron Hedlund

My name is Ron Hedlund. I am a lifelong Republican and former GOP unit chairman from Alleghany County. I am supporting Vince Haley for RPV Chairman because the state party apparatus is broken and out of control due to Interim Chairman, John Whitbeck’s lack of principled leadership.

John Whitbeck was a compromise candidate installed by party leaders to rebuild a fractured and financially strapped organization. The success was due, in no small part, to persons other than the compromise candidate. Many people across the Commonwealth had high hopes for this man. I was one of those.

I donated to the RPV as never before. I got involved in the party as never before. I was initially impressed with this man’s character and temperament. He took my calls and responded in a manner befitting a Chairman. I was willing to work hand in hand with him to reunite the party. And then I started having concerns with his integrity and willingness to disparage fellow Republicans. I started talking to many others across the state and began to realize I was not alone. I began taking notes when speaking with Whitbeck and began texting more often to maintain a record of our discussions.

It was when I began comparing my discussions with fellow conservative party activists over crucial party business that I began to have serious doubts about this man’s ability to effectively and professionally represent the interests of the RPV. I began documenting questionable statements with multiple persons. I soon learned of multiple betrayals and outright falsehoods. Yet, so many others continued to speak highly of John. I was confused and continued to give him the benefit of the doubt. I struck it up to simply politics as usual and continued taking notes.

Whitbeck eventually asked for my endorsement of his unopposed run as Chairman, and I gave it to him. And he, in turn, agreed to endorse my challenge for a 7th District SCC run. My mistake. I admit, I sought favor in his eyes and thought it would do no harm as he had no opponent. I reiterate… my mistake. Never again. A lack of judgment on my part.

More falsehoods, more obfuscation, more disparaging remarks of fellow party activists by Whitbeck and enter Vince Haley as a last minute challenger. I was deemed responsible by Whitbeck for Haley entering the race and became the focus of his retribution after Haley suspended his campaign.

It is now known that the interim Chairman’s own “Virginia Victory Fund” was used to pay $3050.00 for 122 of the 7th District delegate prefiles collected and submitted by Eric Cantor’s Virginia Conservative Network (VCN) to Henrico County GOP Committee. I know this because I was there with a witness when it happened. These prefiles were paid for with the check signed by RPV Executive Director, John Findlay. It has just been recently stated by Whitbeck, that Findlay did so without his knowledge or approval. At least two separate individuals have confirmed this disavowal. This raises serious concerns as to the character of Findlay if he wrote a $3050 check from the Chairman’s own personal account without prior approval.

These delegates were submitted by the VCN, and paid for by Whitbeck to challenge my race for State Central Committee (SCC). Whitbeck’s reason for opposing me is because I supported Vince Haley’s challenge to his seat.

Vince Haley is a man of integrity that will not succumb to the pressures of winning at any cost. He ran his recent state senate race with honor and respect for all opponents. Vince is a veteran of contested battles and will provide leadership so desperately lacking. Vince properly filed in a timely manner and paid his $2500 to become a qualified candidate for RPV Chairman. His campaign was motivated, in no small part, by the recently enacted party pledge for the presidential primary.

Within two weeks of Vince’s filing, and before his campaign gained significant ground, the pledge was unanimously repealed by the SCC with no public discourse. It was only recently revealed by ED Findlay that the SCC entered executive session to discuss the repeal of the pledge. No public admission of such was ever revealed until ED Findlay posted as much on Facebook. I saved a screen shot of such before he deleted it.

Vince had lost a major battle point in his campaign with the repeal of the pledge and eventually decided to reevaluate his challenge to Whitbeck. At no time did Vince ever notify RPV that his campaign was disbanded. There is no existing party rule that prevents any inactive campaign to reactivate and resume normal operating mode. Not a single one has been found in the party plan nor in the current Call for Convention.

My concern is that the voice of the people be heard in Harrisonburg. Vince is a qualified candidate for Chairman and it is the will of the people to hear him speak in Harrisonburg. I support Vince Haley and urge all delegates to the state convention to make your voices heard LOUD and CLEAR!!! All delegates are urged to show up Friday before party leaders, Whitbeck and Findlay hijack the convention as they are already known to be manipulating the Nominations and Rules committees as we speak.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.


  1. I will support Haley all the way. We have to keep them on the ropes. I think we need to treat Whitbeck the same as we did Cantor at the 7th district meeting when he was booed of the stage.

  2. Derick Dickens

    In this entire post, there are only three sentences on why we should support Haley and they were:

    “Vince Haley is a man of integrity that will not succumb to the pressures of winning at any cost. He ran his recent state senate race with honor and respect for all opponents. Vince is a veteran of contested battles and will provide leadership so desperately lacking.”

    It is hard to support someone when most of the reasons to support them are because of the negatives of the other candidate. This article is not an endorsement of Haley as much as it is a repudiation of Whitbeck.


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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