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Why Is Hanover County Paying Supervisor Elton Wade $30,030 Per Year as a Crossing Guard?

A recent Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request yielded the following information:

A school Crossing Guard in Hanover County works 4 hours per day and the job is a Pay Grade 6 position that pays $10.69 to $19.07 per hour.

The school year is 180 days. At 4 hours per day for 182 days at a Pay Grade 6 job, the county should be paying for no more than 728 hours of crossing guard duty.

Which means that the job is supposed to pay a minimum of $7,782.32 (728 hours times $10.69 per hour) and $13,882.96 per year (728 hours times $19.07).

According to the FOIA request “Mr. Wade’s annual compensation as traffic guard for the 2012-13 year is $30,030.”

$30,030.00 works out to $41.25 per hour for a part time crossing guard!!!

Elton Wade is also a member of the Hanover Board of Supervisors and is paid for that job as well.

But the question that comes to mind is how can there be no checks and balances to prevent this type of runaway and blatant abuse of the taxpayer trust and treasure being paid out to an elected official? This job is paying Elton Wade more than three times what the position is budgeted to pay.

And that begs the question that if Wade is being allowed to rip Hanover taxpayers off for this much, who else is doing the same thing?

Elton Wade should be terminated immediately and this outrageous type of insider payoff should be investigated.

Former Delegate Phil Hamilton is serving a 9 1/2 year sentence for carving out a cushy job for himself and passing out favors. I have no idea if Wade is passing out favors, but his recent statement to the Times Dispatch that he planned to reward his campaign manager from his 2011 election a job on the school board which pays $8,000 per year and includes health benefits for the 1 day per month job.

According to a recent Times Dispatch story:

The appointment system has left Wade with an issue that could cost a current School Board member his position.

Robert L. Wood has been Wade’s School Board appointee for the Cold Harbor District for two decades, Wade said, but he plans to recommend a replacement for Wood next month.

That’s largely because Wade believes he might have promised his former campaign manager, Norman Sulser, a shot at a School Board seat.

Wade said Sulser and others tell him that about eight years ago, he promised Sulser he would recommend him for the Cold Harbor seat if Sulser was successful in getting Wade re-elected to the Board of Supervisors.

Wade said he doesn’t remember making that promise but has come to believe it.

“I would have probably kept (Wood) if I hadn’t have committed myself eight years ago,” Wade said. “He helped me again as my campaign manager (in the November 2011 Board of Supervisors election), so I did tell him that I felt bad about eight years ago, him not being appointed. … I’m just trying to do right.”

Wade said Wood and Sulser are both qualified for the position and that he had supported Sulser in the past.

Sulser had served as a School Board member under Wade for two years in Wade’s first term on the Board of Supervisors, Wade said, but a change in district boundaries prevented Wade from reappointing Sulser nearly 20 years ago, and he chose Wood.

This is something that should be investigated by the US Attorney’s office. And what is most troubling is that not one person at the County has cried foul on this behavior. It is not my area of expertise to make a determination of whether any laws were broken, but Elton Wade has no doubt broken the public trust and with the deafening silence of inside watchdogs failing to blow the whistle on this, one has to wonder just how much of this type of abuse is going on in Hanover.

With this type of misuse of funds – and to pay this much money for a crossing job is a misuse of funds as far as I am concerned – I am wondering how much money we could actually recover and spend on education without raising taxes?

And until this is fully investigated, tax increases should be off the table. We have the money we need, we just need to stop this type of abuse.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

25 Responses to “Why Is Hanover County Paying Supervisor Elton Wade $30,030 Per Year as a Crossing Guard?”

  1. I sincerely form the bottom of my heart hope this is not true and that there is some neutral explanation for this situation. I hope Supervisor Wade will respond to this.


    • Joseph Pierro says:

      The specifics of Elton Wade’s particularly-egregious pay disparity aside, why is any member of the Board of Supervisors allowed to serve as a paid county-employee?

      Part time or no, how exactly is anyone in the Hanover County school system realistically supposed to exercise supervision over an “employee” who has appointment power over the school board and final authority over the school budget?

      Elton Wade could be throwing children INTO traffic. Show me the Hanover County school-system employee who would risk his job to address it.

      If working a second job as a government employee for the very government you run doesn’t define “conflict of interest,” the phrase has no meaning.

  2. Pastor Jones says:

    We The People, are being scammed by all levels of government!

    “The only thing needed for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

  3. Jim Hill says:


    Once again, thank you. Everyone must be held accountable. Democratic, Republican, Independent, EVERYONE. Integrity and Honor must be present.

  4. dr.macmillan says:

    Amazing! I heard this story on WRVA today. Well done Hanover County- what a perfect example of cronyism extraordinaire!! This is one of the many reasons Hanover County needs an ELECTED school board. But I digress. Back to Mr. Wade. Which one of our fine Hanover County schools can boast that its traffic guard is this highly sklled professional? Surely it must be like listening to a symphony or watching synchronized swimming. Nevermind, I am off to contact my son’s school to complain their guard is less qualified. What if we got the budget guard? HOW can I feel safe?

  5. rob nunn says:

    Have any of you tried living off $30,000 a year?

    • Tom White says:

      You are completely missing the point. It is not my problem how much or how little an 80 year old man makes. Or anyone else for that matter. The point is that a crossing guard job pays $10 to $19 and he is making $41.25. If this were a private sector job, I wouldn’t care. But this is taxpayer money paying far too much for an unskilled position. This is a Supervisor ripping off the taxpayers. And he is supposed to watch our money. Taxpayers should get a fair value for their tax dollars. As I said, if this were a private sector job I wouldn’t care. But the private sector will not allow something like this to happen. If this were the norm and McDonald’s paid $41.25 for a kid to ask “you want fries with that?” then a Happy Meal would cost around $50 and McDonald’s would go out of business. So they pay what the market will allow. Unfortunately, the Public Sector simple increases taxes and we pay the government equivalent of $50 for a hamburger.

      This can only happen on a government job.

      • ken knust says:

        weve seen grossly inflated salaries for private sector ceo’s running companies into the ground and other baloney so it can happen anywhere. on a different note,has anyone considered having a support group called ‘good ole boys for elton’.

        • Tom White says:

          I really don’t care what CEO’s make. They are private companies. They either pay according to what they can afford based on the cost of their product or someone else will come along and undercut them with a cheaper product. The public sector is different. All of their money comes from taxes and we are a captive group. Of course you can move, but that is not really practical.

          If McDonald’s decided to pay their CEO a billion dollars a year and pay for it by raising the price of a hamburger to $20 we all know what will happen. But we hire the board of supervisors and employees. WE are the CEO – the taxpayers. It is not reasonable to pay a crossing guard that much money. The job is not worth that.


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