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Why is Hanover “Republican” Supervisor Angela Kelly-Wiecek NOT Supporting the Republican Ticket?


Angela Kelly-Wiecek is well known as the most liberal member of the Hanover Board of Supervisors. Many speculate that Kelly-Wiecek is actually a Democrat who, like former Board Member John Gordon, is aware that electing Democrats in Hanover is next to impossible. So Gordon pretended to be a Republican for years and after he lost the last election for the Board of Supervisors he reverted to his true party, the Democrats.

Kelly-Wiecek has made no bones about her bitterness and anger over Eric Cantor’s defeat. You see, Angela had hitched her wagon to the Cantor caravan and his defeat leaves her in the wilderness. All those years kissing up to Cantor were wasted. And that’s a lot of lipstick!

No one recalls seeing Angela at any event for Dave Brat outside of those she is expected to attend.

The above photo is a picture of an Ed Gillespie Campaign sign in Angela’s front yard. Conspicuously absent is any sign supporting Dave Brat. And I can assure you that Angela has always displayed Eric Cantor signs year after year. (I cropped the picture to make sure no address or personal information is published.)

This begs the question: If Angela Kelly-Wiecek does not support the Republican ticket, why would Republicans support her for Supervisor or anything else?

And it is a bit surprising to see the lack of support by Angela as the rumor mill has been buzzing about the possibility of Angela challenging Delegate Buddy Fowler for the 55th District House of Delegate’s seat next year.

Most people that know Kelly-Wiecek are well aware of her political aspirations and ambition. But her acerbic vitriol and anger has put off most people who have come to realize that she is not a leader, but rather a self absorbed pretentious woman who fails to realize just how arrogant and petty she comes across.

Many Hanover residents have grown weary of this pretend “Conservative” and I can tell you there is a lot of snickering behind her back when she pretends to be anything but the Liberal she is. And did you know that you can almost rearrange the letters in Democrat National Committee Chairman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and spell Angela Kelly-Wiecek.


The lack of support for the entire Republican ticket is completely unacceptable for someone who benefits from her affiliation with the Republican Party. We advise that you get over yourself, Angela, and either be a Republican and support the entire ticket or run as a Democrat.

And you can start by putting up a Dave Brat sign in your yard even if you are just pretending. (And we all know you are good at pretending.)

And let me just add that most of us have noticed the Facebook tirades of the Legislative Assistant of a certain area Republican Delegate. This too was inappropriate and reflects badly on the person you work for. Hopefully ’nuff said on this.

Most people know that I am no fan of Ed Gillespie’s political positions, but in spite of that I plan to vote for him and have urged others to support the entire ticket.

Eric Cantor is gone. He is making tons of money and no one needs to worry about him.

What we need is for Republicans to act like Republicans and support the ticket instead of being petulant children and sulking over what was. This nation is in serious jeopardy and the asinine behavior needs to stop.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

23 Responses to “Why is Hanover “Republican” Supervisor Angela Kelly-Wiecek NOT Supporting the Republican Ticket?”

  1. John Louis says:

    Now that title is a dumb question with a very easy answer; she is a progressive RINO! Remember this?

  2. Cathy Minton says:

    Didn’t some people get dismissed from the HA GOP for not supporting the Republican nominees?

  3. Gene Lefty says:

    Tom, how can you condemn anyone else for not supporting the Republican Ticket after Virginia Right and you apparently did the same last year? Did you not put a Sarvis for governor bumper sticker on your very soul and endorse him for governor just last year, 2013, did you not???? What is your definition of a hypocrit Tom?

    Who do you think you are to question whether anybody else might do the same? What kind of example do you set for others? You are writing comedy!

    • Tom White says:

      Gene, is everyone at the Times Dispatch held responsible for endorsements the paper does? Of course not. Virginia Right! endorsed Sarvis last year. We are free to personally endorse any candidate but the endorsement of the blog is done by a vote. Last year I had been highly critical of Bob McDonnell and his dealings with Williams. It would have been hypocritical of me to endorse someone who had done the same, albeit on a smaller scale. So I abstained from voting on an endorsement in the governor’s race. I did personally endorse Jackson and Obenshain but there was no personal endorsement for anyone in the Governor’s race. So go back and read the endorsement blog again. You will see my personal endorsement for AG and Lt. Gov. but not for Governor. Endorsements must be earned. That said, I am not a Republican elected official and I am not a member of the Hanover GOP Committee. I am not a Republican leader. I am not here to “set an example”. But I am here to hold our elected officials accountable for their actions. And that is precisely what I did.
      Tom White recently posted…Time to Counter Land Trust Abuse Against Farmers by Dr. Ileana JohnsonMy Profile

  4. Green Jeans says:


    You are too kind to Delegate Chris Peace. His legislative assistant Julie Coggsdale tweeted out on election day: The voters are insane-
    referring to Cantor’s stunning defeat to Dave Brat especially in Hanover County-

    Chris and Julie are not conservative. It’s in his genes and his elitist education to be a liberal Democrat and the apple doesn’t fall from the tree.

  5. Gene Lefty says:

    Would you please explain this then. Posted 12 November 2013??????

    Who is this Tom White in the 2nd paragraph?

    “I have personally taken a lot of flack from my friends, well, the die hard Republican ones, for my decision to support and endorse Robert Sarvis in this election. How could I, Tom White, a long time Republican activist and one of a small core of the dedicated few that worked tirelessly for the Party over the years endorse a non-Republican?”

    Wasn’t Robert Sarvis running for governor last year?

    I am sure this can be easily explained?

    • Tom White says:

      Sorry Gene. Virginia Right! endorsed Sarvis. Say it 10 times. Perhaps write it 10 more. Virginia Right! endorsed Sarvis.

      My decision was to not cast a vote which would have resulted in a tie. Because it would have been hypocritical to criticize McDonnell for Jonny Williams and give Cuccinelli a pass.

      Read the endorsement. I clearly personally endorsed in Lt Gov and AG race. In years past I would have blindly endorsed Cuccinelli as if I were oblivious to his actions – the same ones that convicted McDonnell. But I have evolved.

      Could I have stopped the blog endorsement? Absolutely. But I would have been a hypocrite.

      The post you linked to above was about the flack I was taking for the endorsement. Pointing out that Virginia Right! did the endorsing was not within the scope of the article. I was and still do catch flack for that. But I carefully and intentionally worded the endorsement and I can tell you it does not contain a personal endorsement in the governor’s race.

      However, as I said, I am not an elected official nor am I a member of the Republican Committee in my locality. And if I do some day personally endorse a non Republican you will see my personal endorsement.

      And this post explains how we arrive at endorsements:

      “My fellow blogger Sandy Sanders and I discussed possibly endorsing a candidate for Lt. Governor and while we had the same candidates in mind for our top choices, we were not in agreement on a single candidate.

      In the Attorney General race we had a split decision I endorsed Mark Obenshain and Sandy endorsed Rob Bell.

      In order for Virginia Right! to endorse a candidate, Sandy and I must agree on a single candidate.

      When I asked Sandy Sanders to write at Virginia Right! it was because he often has a different viewpoint from me and I thought it would be a good dynamic to have two bloggers that come from the same political spectrum who were not always necessarily in lock step.

      And when we agree on a candidate, it says something about that candidate that they were able to win both of us over.”

      Gene, if you do not see the words “personal endorsement” then it is not a personal endorsement.

      I am not the blog, and the blog is not me. And as a journalist I am perfectly justified voting to endorse any candidate I think would serve the purposes of the publication and actually supporting someone else personally who I prefer.

      I am also a songwriter. Is every songwriter expected to o0nly write about his own personal feelings or beliefs in every song? I often write songs in first person as if I were the person speaking or experiencing something. But it is pretty rare when the song is about something that happened to me.

      So in the case of Sarvis, Virginia Right! made a statement about the governor’s race. Tom White did not.

      Personal Endorsements look like this:

      And these were Blog endorsements – not personal ones:

      Who I am and what I believe and do personally are not necessarily what I write in blogs or songs. They often coincide but in the Sarvis endorsement I thought it was necessary for the blog to make a statement on the shady character of the Democrat and Republican candidates. And that statement was that people should not support a candidate that has used his office to enrich himself. Virginia Right! made a strong statement that day and one that was necessary.

      And if you want to know who I have supported with money, it is on VPAP

      I rarely pay politicians and they don’t pay me. And you will note that the select few I donate to in any form are all Republicans. The $200 to McDonnell were for inaugural ball tickets. The donation to Tito was for his Senate run. And the $6000 for Davis was all in-kind for volunteering to do his campaign website. I accepted no pay.
      Tom White recently posted…Time to Counter Land Trust Abuse Against Farmers by Dr. Ileana JohnsonMy Profile

      • Gene Lefty says:

        I have had my say on this, it is what it is. I could go on and on, and would like to do so. And there are others who would like for me to go on and on. But l will let those who read what is and was written make their own decision about who did what.

        Oh, and by the way, I consider myself a “fact based” Independant. I will be voting for the Hon. Conservative Congressman Rob Wittman next Tuesday. And, I am not voting for Congressman Wittman because someone asked me to. Congressman Wittman has earned my vote. I would urge others to do the same, and vote for Congressman Wittman next Tuesday.

        The rest of the Liberal, Counterfeit, Bush 43′ Republicans can “take a hike”. And Sarvis can hike along with them.

  6. Mr. Green Jeans says:

    Surely Ms. Kelly Wiecek has access to a Dave Brat sign as she is the former Chair of the Hanover Republican Committee and knows the way to Chris Peace’s office in Bob Bailie’s building at 8101 Vanguard Drive- central command for all of the votes she casts for developers in Hanover County like the 172 apartments she voted for in her district.

    From the Hanover GOP memo:

    Chris Peace‚Äôs Mechanicsville Office is a depot for signs and bumper stickers for both Gillespie and Brat. His office is located in the Battlefield Commons Building at 8101 Vanguard Drive, Suite 150, Mechanicsville, VA, 23111. It is the big brick building with the white columns next door to Awful Arthur’s. Pick up hours are 9am to 4pm M-F. Chris is also making his office available as a deployment/meeting spot for folks that wish to go door to door if any group wishes to utilize our office as a deployment spot.

  7. Walt Fitzhugh says:

    Just for the record, as of a couple weeks ago Mr Elton Wade did not have a Dave Brat sign in his yard either.

  8. Mr. Green Jeans says:

    In case all you low information Republicans in Cold Harbor haven’t figured it out yet- Mr. Wade is not a Republican.

    Democrat Lite Chris Peace runs Cold Harbor and Elton is his “WARD BOSS” by which the 44 boards and appointments are made to keep Chris relevant- like appointing Ashley Peace- Chris’ wife to the Hanover County Planning Commission ( a paid position) so she can approve every single development that Chris Peace’s campaign donors and clients need approved in Hanover County.

    Elton and his family have all fed at the county pig trough as well with well paid jobs and contracts.

    But don’t kid yourself- Elton is no Republican.

  9. Mr. Green Jeans says:

    Mr. Fitzhugh-

    Cold Harbor Supervisor Elton Wade is not a Republican- he is the “Ward Boss” for Delegate Chris Peace who runs actually runs Cold Harbor and Peace is Democrat Lite although the low information Cold Harbor voters blindly go pull the R lever every election and vote for him.

    Hanover supervisors have 44 Boards and appointments ( paid positions like the School Board appointment that Chris Peace threw to his old staffer Norm Sulser and Planning Commissioner- Ashley Peace, Chris’ wife, who serves to approve every single development in Hanover for her husband’s wealthy developer donors and clients so he can run for higher office one day.

    Don’t kid yourself- the Wades have all been feeding at the county pig trough with family jobs and contracts for many years. Elton’s first wife Jackie worked in the school lunch rooms, his daughter drives a school bus, his son in law works at the county maintenance facility, he worked 2 jobs as Supervisor for $25,500 a year and school crossing guard for $30,030 a year.
    And then there’s the EJWade Construction Co.

  10. Cathy Minton says:

    All you need to know about Gene Lefty is that he supports reps like Obama, Biden, Pelosi,, and Angela Kelly-Wicek.

    • Gene Lefty says:

      You forgot to mention that I support The Hon. Conservative Congressman Rob Wittman. You have a problem with him because he would not vote for the 2008 Republican Bush bailouts. Also YOUR bailouts.

      You all call yourselves Republican’s, that is fine, I do not have a problem with that. Because it is true, you are Republicans, which is just another word for Liberal. However, when you start calling yourselves Conservatives, you are lying to yourself.

      You supported the people who gave Virginia the largest tax increase in Virginia history last year, HB 2313. You support the 2015 Virginia budget which is 10% larger than the 2014 budget??? You support the 2010, 12, 14 budgets which increased the Virginia budget from about $75 Billion to about $96 Billion. All that money so you people can finance that bigger government you so deny, but so desire. The Bible says “you shall know them by their works”. That is exactly how I know you people.

      You people gave Virginia the Republican Governor Bob McDonnell, I didn’t. You own him, he is your guy Friday. You all should go to jail with him. You then tried to sell Virginia a polical “freak show” named Cucinnelli-Jackson using questionable means. You used the House of the Lord for political purposes on many occasions, in the name of YOUR version of your own self righteousness.

      I take great pride in your comments telling me that I am not one of you. It means more to me when other people tell me that I am not one of you than when I tell it to myself. But do not worry, we have all come up short.

  11. Jean Gannon says:

    thecslanderous comments attached to this trite article just leads me to one conclusion – you have all fallen off your rockers. I don’t suppose anyone asked the resident whose yard is in the photo if she supports Dave Brat or why she doesn’t have a sign. Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe she couldn’t get one. Campaigns have been known to run low on materials. As for your attacks on Delegate Chris Peace and his LA – BULL!! I’ve known Julie for years. She is one of the smartest and hardest working Republicans I’ve ever known. Conservatism runs in her blood. She knows more about politics and strategies in her little pinky finger than you will ever know and can run circles around your lazy asses. Chris Peace is a gentleman and a statesman and his voting record is stellar. You should make your accusations based on fact rather than emotion.

    • Tom White says:

      Jean – Nothing in the post is slanderous (even ignoring the fact that slander is spoken words, not written). And nothing in the post is untrue. Dave Brat has plenty of signs – I picked up 2 yesterday. I avoided mentioning Julie by name intentionally. But since you have, Julie has told me on several occasions she is a Social Liberal and a Fiscal Conservative. So perhaps YOU should check with Julie about her politics. I already did. And I am guessing that you did not see her Facebook messages and Tweets about Dave Brat. And just before posting her rants on Facebook, Julie unfriended several people including me so we would not see them. I had multiple sources relay the rants to me and I saw them myself on someone’s Facebook page. Wisely these posts and tweets have now been deleted. We do agree that Delegate Peace is a good guy and it was my intent to stop this type of behavior before it starts to reflect badly on him. And we also agree that Julie is a good worker. But in case you haven’t noticed, I call out bad Republican behavior whenever I see it. Far too many people allow bad behavior if someone is a Republican. I don’t. So if you don’t want to be called out, act like A Republican. It is really pretty simple.
      Tom White recently posted…Weasel Of The Week!!My Profile

      • Gene Lefty says:

        Tom, that comment of yours is nothing more than a politically motived “hatchet job” on someone who is most likely one of the most loyal Republicans in the entire state of Virginia, or the United States. I do not recall any of the women mentioned in this article who turned coat last year and rode with Libertarian Sarvis, like you and your blog did just last year???? Weren’t you banned from another Right Wing blog last year for basically being a turncoat? Yet, you question other people’s Party loyalty. What is this problem you have with women in the Republican Party? Or, is it women in general?

        How long before you deny you even wrote what you wrote this time? You contine to conduct your own twisted and flawed “down on the pike, used car salesman” type approach to word processor operation and your own ever changing politics. Translated, a Limbaughlistic bastard with a keyboard. What are you looking for, your own version of the Sandra Fluke fiasco?

        If you want to pick on somebody, pick on me. Do that and your can spend more time denying that you did what you did, and wrote what you wrote.

        As far as this Mr. Green Jeans, who are you, Captain Kangaroo? Or, are you Mr. Green Jeans, or, is he just someone you are pimping?

        Isn’t this blog your personal version of the Captain Kangaroo show?

  12. Bill Doran says:

    I have known Angela for many years, even before she was elected to the Board of Supervisors. The last word I would use to describe her is Liberal. She has a good head on her shoulders and is a responsible conservative leader. She is a true Republican in every aspect of the word. What she is not is an extremist political hack like Dave Brat or the other Tea Party nuts who are trying to take over the Republican Party. Her whole reason for serving on the Board of Supervisors is to make her community a better place to live. I spoke to many Republicans after the Cantor defeat and most of them were not pleased with supporting Brat. Fortunately he will come in as a Jr. Congressman with no power and we can replace him next time around with a real Republican. Maybe even Angela Kelly-Wiecek. Most Republicans supported Cantor over Brat, he was a good leader for many years and would have been a congressman who would have been able to get things done now that the Republican party has control. It is unfortunate that Virginia is so ass backwards that they hold a primary and allow everyone to vote in it. I live in Ashland the Center of the Democrat Universe. Many of my liberal neighbors and friends voted in the Primary for Brat just to screw with the Republican party. If it was left up to Republican voters, Eric Cantor would still be in office.

    If you want to know whether she is a Republican or a Liberal just check out her stands on the issues at her campaign page,

    You say “her acerbic vitriol and anger has put off most people who have come to realize that she is not a leader, but rather a self absorbed pretentious woman who fails to realize just how arrogant and petty she comes across.” There is no truth to this statement what so ever. She is a strong woman who speaks her mind. I know this is looked down upon by the Tea Party who wants to turn back the clock and take away women’s rights. She is a leader in every aspect of the definition. She will fight for her constituents, even if it means pissing off a few extremists in the party. Any one who has ever spent any time with her will attest she is anything but arrogant and petty. She went into politics for the right reasons to help her community.

    We like honesty and integrity in our politicians. We don’t want someone who is going to march lockstep with a party when a mistake was made. Great politicians will express their opinions and tell you the truth. By this definition Angela Kelly-Wiecek is a great politician and deserves the continued support of the Republican Party. Maybe its time for the Tea Party to become a third party and stop claiming to be Republicans rather than an extremist group trying to take us back in time. We need more people like Angela to ensure the party is moving forward!!

    • Smith III says:

      Just for the record, Dave Brat ran strictly on the REPUBLICAN CREED of VA and you think that makes him (in your words) an “Extremist Political Hack”, huh?


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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