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From Irish Central comes this column from Christopher M. Quigley, who calls himself a Dublin-based financial expert and writer.  He calls for Ireland to drop the euro and adopt either the dollar or the British Pound Sterling:

Ireland needs to get support from her Euro zone partners which will enable her to significantly cut her debt exposure to private bank bondholders. If this action is not allowed Ireland should let it be known that she will consider joining the Sterling Area or possibly merging with the dollar.

Tough negotiator!  The EU elites may will give the Irish what they want to preserve their precious euro, the symbol of European financial power.  But they should lose; superstates seldom are bastions of liberty.  The Obama administration should embrace the Irish effort; it is nothing for them to adopt the dollar as their currency.  He quotes Severus Snape in support:

(It should be remembered that when Eamon de Valera, the former Irish Prime Minister, was consolidating the finances of the fledgling Irish nation one of the options explored by the think tank he set up was for Ireland to use the American Dollar rather than the British Pound).

The actor who played Snape in the various Harry Potter movies is the same one who played de Valera in the movie Michael Collins.  Alan Rickman was deliciously evil in both roles!  Former Irish PM de Valera is not my hero; Collins was the man who brought political freedom to Ireland but at a terrible price – terror in Irish politics.

But I digress – Quigley makes these bold suggestions:

Thus forthwith the new coalition executive, under Prime Minister Enda Kenny, should set up a task force to explore all aspects of the respective Sterling and Dollar strategies. Ireland is in a difficult place and it is time for creative thinking. The European association has all but destroyed Ireland.  *  *  *  Of course to prevent inflation and its concomitant problems undermining future growth of the nation, real enterprise with real wealth benefits must be promoted. The civil service mentality of pay without production must be finally put to rest. Economic survival demands it. The joust with European socialism must cease forthwith as it has brought us to the brink of national collapse.

Quigley sounds like a cross between Gov. Walker and Nigel Farage!  He needs to consider forming a new political movement in Ireland:  Ireland for the Irish.  His nation calls on him in its time of need.  He could be a Michael Collins for today – except it can be completely peaceful and democratic!  It can be done peacefully.  Form that new political movement.  (Another digression:  Ireland is special to me:  One of my earliest ancestors I can document [great, great grandfather] was Dr. Joel Lycurgus Flanagan.  He or some ancestor of his came from the Emerald Isle is search of a better life.)


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