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I was and am elated when Senator Rand Paul ran these ads in Florida and West Virginia about their senator’s support for foreign aid for Egypt, Libya and Pakistan!  I would not wait:  No aid to any nation except maybe Israel!

Well, Senator Manchin didn’t like his ad very much:

Manchin said many senators thought Paul’s amendment may have been “well-intentioned but severely flawed.”

Manchin believes it would also have “jeopardized our greatest Middle Eastern ally, Israel.

“When we voted in September, I promised to work across the aisle to correct the problems and stop giving aid to countries that don’t share our values and won’t defend our interests — and I am determined to get the right policy in place,” Manchin said.

So, guess who defended him?  The senator from South Carolina!  Not Jim DeMint of course!  The OTHER one!

On Tuesday, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., joined Manchin in a telephone conference call about the controversial ads.

“A lot of debate goes on about foreign aid,” Graham said. “Foreign relations are not a Democrat or Republican issue, but a American issue.

“I very much would like to have a Republican president and a Republican-controlled Senate. But when it comes to foreign policy and the matters of war, I think we need to be bipartisan,” Graham said.

“Most Americans are war weary. We are broke. We are $16 trillion in debt. If I thought we could withdraw from the Middle East and we would be safe, I would do it. But we don’t have easy choices available to us.”

I suppose Senator Graham’s idea of “bipartisan”, is send someone else’s kids (and families) to a feel good war or to defend a nation that persecutes Christians or to give aid to a nation that allowed our ambassador to be killed!  Well, don’t send my kids, Senator Graham!

Senator Graham complains that we have long endless wars and they cost too much!  Methinks he doth protest too much!  Senator Graham wants to intervene in Syria (a feel good war that will cause more persecution of believers in Christ just like what happened in Iraq!) and he supported President Obama’s unconstitutional and foolish intervention in Libya!

“Americans can be proud of the role our country has played in helping to defeat Kadafi,” the senators said in a statement released late Sunday night.  “But we regret that this success was so long in coming due to the failure of the United States to employ the full weight of our airpower.”

Just today, I read that we have promised to help France to intervene in its former colony, Mali.

The United States will support France if it intervenes militarily in its former colony Mali, where Islamist forces control the north of the country, a top US diplomat said in an interview Tuesday.

“We back France and if it decides to intervene militarily, it can count on the support of the United States,” Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Philip Gordon told Le Monde newspaper.

France is asking the UN Security Council to authorize intervention in Mali to restore its former government:

In the meantime, the draft resolution calls on UN member countries and organizations such as the European Union to begin training and equipping the Malian army, which is expected to take the lead in retaking the north.

France hopes the resolution will be adopted in the coming days.

“The council is pretty united on Mali,” said one European diplomat. “There are some tweaks… but no major problems of substance.”

“We are ready to authorize a military intervention once there is a credible concept of operation,” the diplomat added, noting that “the argument comes down to financing.”

France and the UN can do whatever it wants.  I do not see a viable US interest here.  Yes, there are some concerns about Islamists in Mali.  (And recall that Mali would not be burning had it not been for the intervention in Libya!  Senator Graham thought that intervention was fine!)  But we cannot intervene in every situation.  Do we want Americans to die in an African desert for Mali?  Maybe we’ll have TWO wars for an October surprise, instead of one.

I rather like Senator Manchin and I think Senator Rand Paul should have doubled down in Florida instead of taking on the popular WV senator.  But I can understand why people might be worried.  It’s a powerful ad.  Perhaps Senator Graham sees such an ad being used against him in a primary race in 2014!  Sounds good to me!  I hope for the sake of our kids someone with credibility will run in the GOP primary against Graham.  Someone like this guy here!  If we listen to Senator Graham, we’ll be broke and will not have accomplished anything with our many interventions.  Let’s listen to the man (who was on your ballot in your state!) who said, “We just don’t plain mind our own business!”

UPDATE:  Dyslexia struck again:  Misspelled word in caption!  I did get “Lindsey” right this time!  🙂


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