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Will Del. Chris Peace Run for Delegate This Election Cycle?

There was this paragraph in the Richmond Times-Dispatch article announcement that Supervisor Scott Wyatt is running for the GOP nomination of the 97th House District and I thought it was odd at the time:

Peace has been a member of the House of Delegates since 2006. In an email
Wednesday evening, Peace said he will make an announcement about his re-
election campaign “in the coming weeks.”

This afternoon, it hit me: Chris Peace might not seek the GOP nod at all!

Hear me out: If Peace feels he cannot win the convention and he is armed for bear with possible heavy hitters on his campaign team, he might make a dramatic announcement:

I will run as an Independent Republican – the extremists have taken over the party temporarily and pushed through an unfair method that excludes the people from the process and although I might have won, I will take my case to the people directly.

The key to this strategy is whether a Democrat will run in the 97th. It is not a favorite district before this (68% Trump/70% Vogel and Adams) but might draw some attention this time. A Dem in the race will cut into Peace’s appeal to some Dems on issues such as Medicaid expansion.

Now there is a small chance Del. Peace might not run at all.

Hear me out again: There is a huge rumor I have heard that Peace might run for Governor or some other statewide office. He needs to avoid a loss in his district. BUT he also cannot leave the GOP altogether.

I have grave doubts that the delegate would not run at all; seems to me he is gearing up for a campaign of some sort. Either all out war at the convention or some other run – and independent is the only other option. Now, seems to me the delegate needs one or two groups: The Establishment or the activists. The activists are gone; maybe the Establishment could get behind him to keep the seat in the GOP. Maybe.

But I don’t sense it. If Del. Peace cannot garner either group, he can’t win at the convention (absent some compelling reason – charisma or awesome GOTV effort for the convention or playing some sort of slating game or disallowing enough delegates as not Republican enough.).

But running as an Independent Republican would give Peace some say to run for Governor if he wins and rejoins the party caucus.

If Del. Peace runs as an indy candidate, the convention will be a free for all. Supervisor Wyatt might find himself the Michael Heseltine of the 97th GOP!

About Elwood Sanders

Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

14 Responses to “Will Del. Chris Peace Run for Delegate This Election Cycle?”

  1. Bob Shannon

    No fan of Scott Wyatt ( read his own words on the budget last year in the Mechanicsville Local) Peace will now be held to account for his unforgivable characterization of opponents of Medicaid Expansion as somehow the last remnants of Massive Resistance. He said it and now he owns it.He couldn’t defend what he did, flip flopper that he was on adamantly insisting in 2013-14 that he opposed expansion , only to turn around and vote for it last year.

    Peace for Governor ? I find that idea my dear friend Sandy Sanders laughable. You are however correct , this Convention is going to turn into a real circus.
    Bob Shannon King William

    • Ted Wilson says:

      Wyatt votes with the RINOs for more taxes! We voted for President Trump because we are sick of the swamp treating taxpayers like an ATM machine. Hanover Republicans had better get their act together. First we lost Dave Brat and now the whole state is going liberal leftist with our socialist governor getting votes from illegals in northern Virginia. Why is Wyatt even on our board at all. Hanover is a conservative county which supports our president and we should be cutting taxes.

    • Sandy Sanders

      In re: Peace for Governor: I only report what I hear. Thanks again for coming by, Bob. You are a friend.


  2. Jane Litten

    I have talked to Delegate Peace personally , he IS running for reelection , and I , my neighbors and friends WILL be voting for him !!!

  3. Nat Atkins

    Delegate Chris Peace is very much in the race for reelection. He will not curl up like a doodle bug in the face of spirited opposition at either the primary or the general election. He has a lot of support across the three counties in which he represents part or all. People across the 97th district know that Delegate Peace attends all sorts of events and his staff efficiently handles constituent concerns. When they vote, I am confident they will vote on what they’ve seen about Delegate Peace, not what rumour holds.

    • Sandy Sanders

      Glad Jane and Nat came by. It’s great to be involved in the process and support your candidate. It seemed strange the response in the RTD from Del. Peace. So several hours later I was pondering the matter and it came to me. Hence this post.


  4. Ted Wilson says:

    I just read this on Facebook and what are Republicans thinking? Wyatt is the reason that taxes keep going up in Hanover. When our home was assessed higher he used it as an excuse to raise spending and send us a bigger bill. I don’t make any more money when my home goes up. Why should I pay more? That is what Northam the gun grabbing governor is doing. Cheating Virginia out of President Trump’s tax cut because of how we file. Northern wants us to pay $800 more per year becauase we get more back from Washington. Wyatt feels the same way. Thinks we should pay more for his pet projects just because our home went up. No thanks! Republicans should CUT taxes and spending. We pay too much now because of politicians who think the money is theirs to spend not ours because we earned it.

  5. Bob Shannon

    During his tenure in the G.A Virginias budget has doubled. Conservative ? He voted to Expand Medicaid and next year Virginia has got to figure out where they will find 1.002 Billion when the feds cut off their support.

    13 years is enough for anyone in elective office. Stop thinking about how much you ” like” somebody and use the brain God gave you.

    Bob Shannon King William

  6. John says:

    It’s very exciting to see 2 other Republicans running against Hanover BOS Angela Kelly Wiecek.

  7. Aaron Proctor says:

    Hanover county has been my home for a number of years, but I grew up in the Shenandoah valley, an area just as conservative as VA’s 97th House district. Although my family and I currently reside in Old Church, I still have family in the valley, so I’m in tune with what goes on out there. 
    Senator Emmett Hanger represents the Shenandoah Valley and has championed Medicaid expansion for many years. Senator Hanger had a primary opponent in his last election who used Hanger’s support of medicaid expansion as his platform, as the opponent opposed expansion. Senator Hanger handedly beat both of his primary opponents. While I understand that not all Republicans support Medicaid expansion, I don’t believe that it should be a defining point for an otherwise conservative legislator that upholds almost all of my conservative values. 
    I think conservatives look at the big picture, Senator Hanger’s district is just one example of that! 

  8. GeneLefty says:

    I’ll be voting for Del. Peace in November because he generally does the right thing. Medicaid expansion should have been done from the start, before Virginia lost over $10 BILLION dollars.

  9. I am a strong conservative and volunteer at the Family Foundation. You need to look at the record of thousands of votes over the years not just one vote. The FF has a voting scorecard and Chris Peace scored over 94% in voting for conservative family values. The Medicaid issue was very complex and the bill that finally passed did have some conservative additions to it that were not in the bills voted down for years by Chris Peace and other steadfast conservatives. Look closer at the details of the bill that did pass the year after we lost many conservative delegates at the ballot box.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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