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Will the EURO survive? Italy gets a WARNING! The DUTCH look into ditching the EURO!

Time has what is yet another funeral announcement for the euro:

Investors aren’t convinced Europe’s politicians have the will, ability or political clout to push through such excruciating fiscal adjustments, at least not in any reasonable period of time. Research firm Capital Economics figures that even with reform, Italy will still need two decades to get its government debt level down to a more sustainable 100% of GDP from 120% today. The severe budget cuts Greece, Spain and Portugal have enacted have dampened growth, making the process of raising revenue and closing deficits even more difficult, all while generating widespread public resentment.

I wish we’d get the death of the euro over with and with it the superempire EU.  It is a threat to liberty and sovereignty.  Time magazine, once owned by Henry Luce and edited by Whittaker Chambers, seems to be aiding and abetting the loss of further sovereignty to save the EU empire:

In the end, the only way to save the euro is for a new euro zone to emerge, one in which its politicians and citizens are more willing to sacrifice their own interests for the greater community — to make the dream of a united Europe more than a dream. Sadly, as the debt crisis widens differences within Europe and exacerbates social and political tensions, that dream seems further away than ever.

Why be an accomplice to empire?  The people are beginning to rise up against the machine:

In the Netherlands, the anti-euro Party for Freedom is gaining popularity; its chief, Geert Wilders, who has called the euro a “failed project,” recently launched an investigation into the possibility of exiting the union.  *  *  *  The success of the True Finns in national elections earlier this year turned tiny Finland into a big problem for the euro zone. The party’s antibailout stance led the country to demand collateral as part of the second Greek rescue, which undercut the entire plan. Even more mainstream parties are growing weary of euro-zone commitments. Merkel had to overcome a revolt from within her own coalition against expanding the power of the EFSF in September.

Once again, we find courtesy of Time, a another communique from Leonid Brezhnev, excuse me, German chancellor Angela Merkel to the new Italian PM:

“There are many hopes and expectations set on you,” she wrote. “It would behoove you and your government to decide upon and implement decisive and significant reforms.”

That means, don’t think about listening to the people, listen to us instead – we who placed you in power!  What Italy needs is a libertarian party to stand for its sovereign interest.  The closest thing may be the Northern League (The Lega Nord) the only major opposition to the new regime:

Roberto Maroni, a founder of the Northern League, said he personally esteems Monti but won’t back him politically.

“Parliament must have the guarantee of an opposition,” Maroni told Italy’s Sky TG24 TV. “Otherwise it won’t be a democratic parliament.”

Meanwhile, in Greece, the new regime got support from its Tweedledum “opposition” under threat:

The head of Greece’s opposition New Democracy party sent a letter to European leaders on Wednesday affirming his commitment to the Greek government’s reform agenda, in an effort to unlock a slice of badly needed aid for the country.

Disbursement of €8 billion ($10.8 billion) in loans from Greece’s euro -zone partners and the International Monetary Fund had been put in doubt after European leaders demanded written pledges from Greece’s political party chiefs to back agreed reforms. Without that aid, Greece is expected to run out of money by mid-December.

Try this out for more Brezhnevian rhetoric:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel had stepped up pressure on Greek leaders earlier Wednesday to provide a written commitment.

“We need not only the signature of the Greek prime minister, but also the signatures of the parties that have formed a government in Greece. Otherwise there can be no payment of the next tranche,” she said in a speech to the Bundestag, Germany’s lower house of Parliament.

What should happen is peaceful protests in Greece every day until the people get to choose:  IN or OUT of the euro and the EU!

Finally, the Dutch are rising:

Last week Geert Wilders, leader of the far-right Freedom Party, which provides the minority government with backbench support, lashed out against plans to extend further financial backing to Greece. The government defeated his parliamentary motion urging it “not to pay another cent” after Mark Rutte, the prime minister, scrambled for the support of the opposition Labour Party. But Mr Wilders, better known for his anxieties about Islam than his concerns about Greek solvency, saw his popularity rocket. Polls suggest most Dutch favour his position.

The people want to have a say in their own nations and empire.  The elites in the EU are determined to keep their power.  It is an interesting situation.  Europe needs a Europe-wide but specific to each nation liberty/sovereignty party.  I’ll help out!  The fee will be reasonable.  Your fight is our fight!  Liberty and sovereignty under God forever!



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