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Those of us who have more than a modicum of an understanding of our national issues, primarily those of us still capable of doing basic math find it insulting that a member of Congress who now has more than a decade under his belt sends out using taxpayer resources such ridiculous surveys. This week is particularly grinding on my nerves.

Wittman asked us “if we want more regulations”……somebody insist this guy get a medical evaluation to determine if he is exhibiting signs of dementia. What kind of question is that ? Why would he take up space asking such foolish questions?  I can answer both. It is a stupid question meant to imply that Wittman gives a rats a___ what any of us think to begin with. Maybe he thinks he impresses us showing he is following the spotlight being shined on FaceBook and their rather nefarious practice of selling or sharing personal information to a bevy of organizations that then use this information without our knowledge of its use. Perhaps Wittman thinks the average American already doesn’t view the over regulated economy/society that President Trump is having a field day stomping out.  Wittman takes up space , physically and intellectually with this nonsense attempting to make voters believe he is accomplishing something, anything, when he is not.

Wittman refuses to address the spending issues that are the major concern for those of us paying attention and engaged. He can find time to visit the Boy Scouts….but can’t make it up here to King William , despite repeated requests, and for only one simple reason.

We want to talk about serious issues, how in the hell we are going to cut spending and begin to get our kids and grandkids out from under the onslaught of debt men like Wittman have buried them under.  Like Paul Ryan, Wittman will hang around a little longer until a K street firm finds him useful, and he will announce he is leaving Congress to “spend more time with his family etc, etc etc.”

If Congressman Wittman is truly wanting to know how we feel, then stop hiding from us and get yourself up here to answer our questions, serious questions that smart people can’t be placated with by your stupid and pointless surveys.

The citizens of the 1st Congressional District have paid you over $2,000,000.00 in salary, earn your keep and schedule time to speak to your bosses this summer. We have some serious real questions.

Bob Shannon  King William T.E.A Party  ( Taxed Enough Already )


  1. Paul Blumstein says:

    I get a lot of stupid surveys from politicians and organizations. I don’t have proof but I assume that they really don’t care how anyone responds. They want want (stupid) people to think that their opinion matters. And, the surveys pretty much always end up with a request for donations, which is the main reason for the correspondence.

  2. Robert "Sarge" Bruce says:

    Bravo Mr. Shannon and Paul Blumstein nails my perspective as well. Right there with Mr. Wittman’s emailed banalities are the RNC’s regular, oversized mailings with fundraising poorly disguised as opinion surveys.
    And Shannon’s challenge to our esteemed Representative to show up for a REAL Q & A in the Tappahannock-King William corner of his district has been met with excuses and indifference. While “conservative” Republican Wittman is better than any Democrat, it ain’t sayin’ much….

  3. Bob Shannon

    If the U.S is to have any chance at emerging from the financial nightmare staring at us it will require bold leadership. Unfortunately we have a Congressman that wouldn’t even cut subsidies to Amtrak ,one of the legendary examples of how our tax dollars are squandered.

    One can examine any member of Congress who has been there for over a decade and determine for themselves if that member displays any of the leadership qualities necessary and to date Wittman has displayed none of that.
    Why else would he avoid coming up here to King William and face his constituents to answer specifically what spending he advocates for spending cuts.

    He is better than the “other guy”….won’t count for much when the inevitable consequences of this mounting debt hits the fan. Republicans claim ( every election cycle ) to be the party of smaller government but as Rush Limbaugh has stated very clearly,”they simply want a turn at running it”. Voters lulled into a mind set of ….we gotta win, never seem to understand this isn’t a football game. What have we won when the spending and debt keep piling up. You can not claim you love your children or care about your grandchildren’s future and ignore the results. Wittman needs to go.

    Bob Shannon


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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